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Young Rock

Nice and Chilled.
Its just a fun show to watch about one of the best entertainers the world has ever seen. I mean the guy succeeds in everything he does. Hes a pure example of hard work.

Being by NBC and it has not had any political messages rammed down my throat...yet. Am only on episode 4.


Why is no one talking about this!?!?
This was a great film. Has been on my watch list for a while and I am so glad i got round to watching it.

If you like John Wick, then youll love this.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Despite the reviews, i gave it a go
People were saying Rock didn't fit the role...i disagree. I think he did it really well. Was sceptical at first because he's usually in a comedic role but i like it.

The series isn't the same without Tobin Bells voice but it still worked.

If you enjoyed the franchise before this then i highly recommend it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Good Ones
Episode 1, Season 8

I'm less than 5 minutes in...
Less than 5 minutes in and i am writing this review.

Thank god this is the last season. Ever since NBC took over, this show has just gone downhill... funny that. Politics is in everything i watch now.

Everything will soon be unwatchable.


You wont regret it!
This is one of my favourite series ever. It has it all. Every episode, something is happening and it is always brilliant!

Im sad it ended after 4 series but i know they have to end some time. You will not regret committing yourself to this. Only 10 eps per season so its not dragged out forever.

Your Honor

Very intense!
Im alwaya sceptical about starting a new series because the US are known to do twenty odd series with a midway pause between each one and i can't be bothered with that.

This is a very good series. I binged it over a few days. I highly recommend it because its only 10 episodes long. All really good actors/actresses.

The Walking Dead: Find Me
Episode 18, Season 10

In a nutshell, Daryl says actual sentences and also gets laid.

Very very boring episode.


Excellent Film. But...
It is an excellent film. I love the amazing cast it has. All are amazing actors/actresses. The whole film is so fun to watch but i have 2 maybe controversial points.

1. Mark Strong with hair is weird. He looks so much better with out it and playing a hard man, he looks better without hair. Lucky Man.

2. Tom Wilkinson as a gangster boss thing does not work. Hes an amazing actor but as a gangster boss, hes about as intimidating as a labrador puppy. Just doesnt seem right.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Excellent Show!
Seriously, i recommend this! Its not often where you watch a show and you like every character. Each one has their own funny unique personality and make you laugh a lot. If by the end of season 1, you do not like it...then you wont like it after that.

After Life

Just Brilliant
Ricky is truly a gift. Hes amazingly talented in so many ways. He can write, direct and act!

This series (1&2) are just brilliant. Please watch this and enjoy.

Again, Ricky is a gift to Britain!

After Life

Just Brilliant
Ricky is truly a gift. Hes amazingly talented in so many ways. He can write, direct and act!

This series (1&2) are just brilliant. Please watch this and enjoy.

Again, Ricky is a gift to Britain!

Bonded by Blood

I dont understand
Why do they make so many films on this incident. Especially when rise of the foot soldiet was made 3 years prior, with almost all the same cast.

If you want to watch a decent film on this murder, then watch Rise of the Foot Soldier. This one is just a tame version with a lot less information and depth.

Resident Evil 3

Good Game...But....(In depth)
Res 2 was an amazing remake. Because it was the first of the remakes on current consoles.

Res 3 remake was also a good looking game. I recommend buying it if youre a long time fan. I enjoyed it very much and they did put more efforts in to cut scenes on this one.

But i think with all the confirmations prior to its release, it has peeved off a lot of people.

The whole game is tiny. They have taken too many shortcuts on this. More than Res 2. After completing the game i felt like it was half heartedly made. Its been in production for 3 years so i do not get the excuse to cut out a bunch of stuff from the game. I.e. puzzles, there is one. Certain segments of the game are not in it. Quite important parts too. The fact that these REmakes are made to be able to do speed runs and encourage it frustrates me. Why is this a thing? Who cares how quick you can be...absolutely irrelevant. Just means the developers have purposely made the game to be short. Yes your first run through will be longish because youre nervous but after that, it can be done withing 2 hrs and thats not exactly rushing it.

I have been a Res fan since the beginning. But overall, i dont think there is any coming back from this. Yes its pretty to look at, but can you really say that this is a great Res Game? I cant.

The Gentlemen

Ritchie does it again.
Great film. All the memories of Snatch and Lock Stock come rolling back.

All the actors (Actors is a gender neutral term for all you triggered idiots) in this do a brilliant job. Not a big fan of McConaughey usually but he does an amazing job in this. Colin Farrell is great in this and he also has that pikey fighter twang to him. Very funny guy.

If you liked Snatch, youll definitely like this. High recommend

Bad Boys for Life

It is BadBoys. But it isnt.
Fun film to watch. But if you have seen the other 2, you will not get the same vibe. Bay did not direct this one soi imagine thats why. Watch it for yourself and see what i mean

The Neighborhood

The stars dont matter just yet!
This is a typical western series post 2017. I find it comical but thats because i dont do this identity politics crap and i dont get offended at anything. But if this is where tv shows are heading then i dont think its acceptable. (Keeping my language clean for the PC internet)

Serioulsy though, this is a show that somehow makes the white person feel like they are racist, but its actually the opposite. I was 7 mins into the first episode, and i mean 7 mins, and its actually racist towards white people.... this crap with white being racist is getting ridiculous now. Its clearly OK to be racist against white people is what this show portrays. Please watch for yourselves.


This film has everything. Writing this review in 2019 and this is still the best British film to this day!

If you haven't seen it then i highly recommend this to anyone no matter what your taste in film is because this film has it all!

The Walking Dead: The World Before
Episode 8, Season 10

The worst mid season finale...
This is the first time i am not excited about February. This show has gone downhill so fast and it has only 2 of the main cast left. I even would go to the point of saying i couldnt care less if they get killed off too. I feel no attachment to any character any more.

What a mess this has become.

Rambo: Last Blood

Home alone...
This is literally an adult home alone film.

Its a 90 minute film and no joke, nothing actually happens until the 70th minute. Even then youre waiting a few more minutes.

Not saying this is bad film but really dont get your hopes up. If you want to skip to the 70th minute then it might be exciting.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

I miss the 80s/90s
I was born in 88. I do miss the horrors of the 80s and 90s. This film is just garbage.

I know they tried something new ish but its just so boring. These type of Horror films are suppose to be filled with death and gore. The death scenes are very bland and lazy.

Its like it tries to be a horror film whilst catering to the wet lettuce people who will find it scary and want a safe space to scream about how offensive it was for some reason.

I have lost hope for any horror film that makes it to cinema these days

The Walking Dead: Bonds
Episode 6, Season 10

I read someones review saying its their favourite episode of the show???? I have never read anything so ridiculous. This person clearly hasnt seen any other episode or theyre actually braindead.

This episode again was just 'blah'. Like ive said in previous reviews, this is my favourite series ever. Watched since the beginning. But lately i have just been watching out of curiosity. Like most people i know.

I just think most fans are waiting for the Grimes movies because this show is losing its audience in quick time. Nothing happens at all in any episode. Just a bunch of moany people moaning at each other like its hollyoaks or the US equivalent.

Even Daryl and Carols characters are becoming dull. Negan is keeping it alive a little but its sad thats all it has going for it

I imagine the mid season finale will leave a stupid cliffhanger which would be fine if it had anything good leading up to it. Every season so far i have watched the first 8 episodes before the mid season premiere has come out but i can guara f tee i will not be watching this absolute trash before ep 9 comes out in Feb. I would rather watch grey's anatomy on vhs.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Not as bad as i thought.
T1 and T2 are my all time favourite films. This is better than Salvation and Genisys.

Its not amazing but it is an interesting film. I really hope they dont make another one. I do hate the new age crap where CGI plays key in the whole film and that the new age terminator can literally do anything by jumping around like a futuristic monkey or turn himself into a bloody pencil if he wanted to.

He can literally turn into 2 different people but somehow struggles to kill one person. The whole idea is ridiculous but they somehow make it work....just!

Worth a watch if youre a T1 or T2 fan but dont get your hopes up. Just try to enjoy

The Walking Dead: Silence the Whisperers
Episode 4, Season 10

Whats going on....
Ive been a huuuge fan from the start. But if this series carries on to be this garbage, i can guarantee it wont last a season beyond 11. It really is a soap. The main thing that made me mad is one of the women was having a little solk because her GF made a call to back.off from the zombies. Wtf is this? You cant think of anything else to fill screen time so you have someone solking? If they are alive now after so long after the outbreak, why are grown adults acting like kids? Also the Doc with his flashbacks? How long you going to milk that cow for? Jesus! Get a grip

47 Meters Down: Uncaged

Someone actually gave this a 9 out of 10. Some actual human. What the actual F!

I have lost any hope for reviews on this site. I no longer have any trust in any review for any film. 9 out of 10.... i am actually shocked that some braindead idiot did that. Im guessing the same person is pro 10000000 genders and pro batwoman. Shocking

The Rookie

Great series.
Short and sweet.

Its a great series and just really fun to watch. Im just over half way through the series and im really impressed. It differs from the rest of the cop programmes. This is much better

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