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Black Cat

Pretty-good anime:)
I heard of this anime from a friend who had watched it when she was young. She said that i may enjoy watching it, so lent it to me. When i read over the back of the anime i was greeted with a strong back-line. The anime sounded like my kind of genre, so i started to watch it. The 1st 5 minutes of the anime was a little blurring, not very eye-catching. However as i continued to watch it, i got more tied in. The characters in the anime, were like that, of any other anime, not very eye-catching. The plot was balanced. I believe that i thoroughly enjoyed this anime, but i wouldn't recommend it. I believe a strong seven can be rewarded.


A movie, that i would be proud of!
Why i rated this 10/10? Well for starters, i was an extra in this film!!! I had to work so hard in this film, every scene was so detailed, i had to walk back and forth and back and forth. When i finished acting in the film, we had to wait for it to be published. I enjoyed the idea of the wait. When i watched this film, i really recalled how amazing Shetland really is, as i to live here in Shetland. The landscape used was good, i recognized the places easily. The acting in the movie is of a good standard. I saw myself a lot!!!! Yeah! I would definitely watch this crime drama, as its beautifully acted out and the plot is attractive!

Gekijô-ban Naruto Shippûden: Hi no ishi wo tsugu mono

Pretty Decent movie!
Being a huge fan of Naruto, i can never sound negative with it. I believe that this movie was interesting and matched the quality of the previous movies. I loved how Kakashi was a major point in this movie, him being one of my favorite characters. The area, that the movie took place in was very nice, Masashi Kishimoto has used the landscape to its effectiveness. This movie i believe, receives a strong 8. I enjoyed the joke at the end of the anime, ha-ha! I have watched this movie twice, as i believe i enjoyed it the 1st time i watched it. I would recommend this movie. Great work! Amazing movie! However i would have given it a rating of 9 if Masashi had made Tsunade fight a little, as she doesn't do any in the freaking movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

Congratulations to Masashi!
Before watching this film, i knew it would be amazingly successful and was. For the 1st 5 minutes i was caught up in the action, as the series does, every episode you watch. It is amazing how Masashi can come up with thousands of ideas, that work so well. One of the way he did so was how he changed Hinata's personality, to such a change, that you would want to avoid her, ha-ha!. Along with this the way he changed Kakashi and Gai's personality's were so funny, that i couldn't avoid laughing so loud, the neighbors wanted to find out what i was watching!The only thing i would have provided Masashi could have changed, would have been the way he showed off Shikamaru's personality. I would have expected him to create a more fluent , character, maybe he could have made Shikamaru extremely hyper, however in the film he fluked it, this being a major fluke.

I believe that the next film shall be as successful as this one was.

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