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What's Eating Gilbert Grape

A fantastic portrayal or reality
This is is a film of pure and simple reality. I first saw it when I was around the age of 8 and I didn't remember the film so well, but I did remember how much it moved me. It made me, as a young child cry and feel so much empathy for these character, especially Gilbert.

There was so much truth to the story that it makes it impossible for the audience to not feel the overwhelming emotion, that we know Gilbert, feels deep inside of him. Depps intended gentle performance allows for the film not become about one person, but the world in which that one person lives. It is not a love story focused on love, bot rather a life story focused on life.

It is such an amazing experience, and to watch it now I still maintain such an appreciation for its rawness.

Im Juli

In July, a beautifully crafted movie
I have no hesitation in telling you that at the age of 17, when I first saw this movie, I felt it was one of the best films I have ever seen. And now a year later I still feel completely the same way. I saw it again this week and I was terrified that it wouldn't be the same, to me as it was when I first saw it. I felt that knowing the outcome, would mean it would have lost its spark. But it hadn't and I love it even more than ever.

The tale is filled with charismatic characters who make it impossible for the audience to dislike them. It is a film of reality which feels like an unbelievable fantasy. I recommend the film to anyone who wants film to make them feel something. It is so beautiful

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