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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: For Gedda
Episode 17, Season 8

this episode
Responding to Bud W's comments (serious spoilers) I believe that I would tend to agree with you if this were not a season ender. A lot of the actors will be either leaving or preparing for exits soon, so this stirs most of them up.

The one character most affected (to talk around the spoiler) may reappear as writers can do anything from a long thread which explains the scene was a hallucination that the character had ( he is in a paranoid state of mind with the problems he is having, maybe this is just a twist to launch into him being around and in the loony bin for a while).

So don't write anyone off unless you read the actor exited. I have not seen anything on that.

I agree with the comments totally though about evidence handling. This is the "top" CSI show of the franchise so to be so sloppy simply does not fit with this show or cast in a good way, in the manner it was done in this show. I suspect editing, but you never know, maybe they were in a rush because of the layoff from the strike and simply had to make due.

I hope they get the show on track in the creative way they have been doing it when it comes back next season.

Law & Order: Monster
Episode 24, Season 8

Lenny and wife bury daughter Katherine, McCoy goes to disciplinary committee
This episode contains the McCoy character's trip to the Disciplinary committee at which Jamie may have testified against him. In a later episode, Jamie is referred for violating privilege and McCoy shows up to support her on her visit.

Near the end, is the funeral of Lennie's daughter.

Lennie's daughter had a long history of problems with drugs and is murdered for her part in a deal gone bad in which she participated to earn better treatment for her own problems.

The service is Jewish, though I believe in another episode it comes out that Lennie was raised Catholic. I'll leave it for someone with knowledge of such issues and of this character to add to that, as I don't wish to mess up my description of what is going on.

Columbo: Ransom for a Dead Man
Episode 0, Season 1

Shooting in this episode
I enjoyed this episode for many of the reasons previously mentioned. I noticed something else about this, which may or may not be spoiler, but I'll mark as such, that Leslie shoots her husband w/o leaving any signs of the murder in the house.

I know that the current trend of CSI and forensics may have some viewers who are used to the newer more real type shows noting that there is not much attention payed. Also the earlier mentioned visual effects take place when the shooting occurs. I think the shooting visuals were inserted to highlight the surprise of Paul (husband) at the murder, rather than to gloss over this fact.

However it is a bit of a stretch that there was no cleanup shown to be necessary, and that a woman of Lee Grant's size can do all of that herself.

It is good that the story can be told more on the other elements of the story than having to pay attention to such things.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Weeping Willow
Episode 10, Season 6

The Willow character is an opportunist
The Willow character is not supposed to have committed any crime despite manipulating the situation for her profit. This is a fictional story with the point to make that people do manipulate situations like this to happen and dance off into the sunset for personal profit. It would not be possible to put in all the levels of story here in a one hour show and make it a reasonable story, so they took some shortcuts.

This is no more unreasonable for the writers to do than to have the typical geek tell them what location the van is located, and have the two detectives run to the location for the bust. I am more put off on those sorts of things in the CSI and L&O episodes than fake a fake rabbi.

October Sky

This is an excellent movie
There is a bit of trivia which should be pointed out about a scene early in the movie where Homer watches the attempt of December 6, 1957 (at least that was the video used on the TV he was watching) which showed the Vangard launch attempt, which failed.

He is next shown reading or dictating a letter to Dr. Von Braun offering condolences about the failure.

Von Braun was at Marshall space flight center in Huntsville working for the Army. The Vanguard project was by the early Nasa team which was at what soon became Goddard Space flight center.

The army rushed the Jupiter-C, which was essentially a US made V2 technology, but worked to launch a satellite in response to Russia's success with Sputnik.

This error may have actually been made by Homer, because of the notoriety of Von Braun, but his team didn't have their attempt fail. In fact the underlying Redstone was flying from 52 and was the first US man rated booster, used for Shepard's sub orbital flight, as well as Grissom's.

This is why this sort of movie is so good, as it hopefully will inspire people to read up and spot these bits of trivia, and in the process see what has been done, and be inspired to do more.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Grumbling Grandfather
Episode 27, Season 4

Early Episode with David Gideon Character (Young Lawyer) accused of Murder
*** SPOILER ***

Episode is the story of a family with a grandfather, J. J. Gideon (Otto Kruger) who has some sort of a family business, and a grandson, David Gideon (Karl Held) whose Uncle Lucius has committed suicide three months before.

The grandson has been seeing an ex secretary Dorine Hopkins ( Patricia Barry ) and is concerned that she is now rejecting his attention after almost being caught by grandpa. She also was carrying on with an Uncle Lucius, who is also dead, and is suspected of causing a lot of trouble for the Gideon family by the grandfather.

Unknown to David, she is married to a useless guy, Tony Montgomery, who owes a lot of money to gambling interests, and who has blackmailed Grandfather Gideon with a collections of photos of Dorine, and the dead son. all of this unknown to David.

Grandfather is having the company audited by Lawrence Comminger (Gavin MacLeod) to see how much damage has been done to the Gideon company

Tony is murdered, and David is suspected of the killing due to having gone to Tony's house to confront him over $10,000 given by Dorene. He is hit by an enforcer, Si Farrell (Phil Arthur) who was trying to collect the 10,000.

Case is prosecuted by Hamilton Burger (William Talman). Also appearing are Barbara Hale, William Hopper, Lee Miller (Sgt. Brice). Ray Collins did not appear, and may have been ailing at the time. Another actor had some credited lines (John Close). This may have been before Wesley Lau was appearing regularly to fill in for Ray Collins, who eventually passed away, but was still credited.

Actual culprits turns out to be Comminger and Hopkins , who have found and is trying to abscond with the $100,000 that was embezzled and thought by Grandfather to be have been lost by Lucius Gideon. Apparently she took the money, and with help from Comminger was trying to get away with the crime, and ended up having to murder her husband, to keep things quiet.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Blind Man's Bluff
Episode 19, Season 4

plot summary (spoiler)
This episode involves a man who plots to be blind when a burglary takes place so he has an alibi.

The theft is of a jewel collection that it in a store accessible in a store in an adjoining building. He practices walking the course to the store while still sighted, and when

he has an eye operation and is blind, uses this to steal the jewels.

He is the victim as he is observed by someone he did not expect when he

enters and opens the safe to take the jewels. the killer follows him

silently back to his penthouse, and when is caught stealing the jewels

from the original thief is killed.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

jimmy kimmel live
Jimmy Kimmel Live is a different type of late night talk show. Jimmy is a very creative person who has created a lot of shows, and is going for a different audience than the usual. He is going for the person who likes to see talk show guests, but also has a mix of live musical entertainment, the Jimmy Kimmel concert series, as well as ongoing members of the show doing various gags.

I think he is an excellent interviewer of his guests, and will make them look good on his show, as well as going for questions you won't hear others ask. His show edges more to the sort of show you always see at the later hour (which it occupies now), but may be on earlier in the future against the other two big late night shows.

The skits which are a part of the show include Cousin Sid and Uncle Frank are a fun to see, and some guests doing things you'd never expect them to do either.

I hope he has long running success on ABC and does well in the future.

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