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Pretty good
Another hit from Dan Schneider. The show is full of quirky random behavior which I find pretty funny. The acting is okay, but not great. Sam Puckett's lazy and juvenile personality is hilarious and entertaining. Carly Shay is kinda meh, but still pretty like-able. Personally, I think Miranda is a pretty decent actress, but I feel she shines best when playing an "evil" character, like Megan from Drake and Josh. Spencer Shay's falling and fire gags were entertaining at first, but became sort of tired as the show went on. Overall, the show is pretty good. Maybe some touch ups on the acting here and there, but should provide entertainment for the whole family.

Dog with a Blog

Disney's hit the bottom of the barrel.
The award for the most uninspired, uncreative and flat out stupid show goes to... This sad excuse for a Disney show. A talking dog? Give me a break. The acting is bad, in fact, the best actor out of the bunch is the dog. The shows idea of "comedy" is basically taking old jokes from other Disney shows and repeating them. The shows attempts at creating a touching moment or a life lesson moment just end up being cheesy and awkward. I assumed kids might enjoy the show, but my 7 year old cousin simply scoffed and asked me to change the channel. I was expecting the worst when I first heard of this show and man oh man, was I right. Disney has scraped the bottom of the barrel so much it broke through and found this show.


Not impressed
If you think you will enjoy Jessie because you enjoyed Debbie Ryan on Suite Life on Deck, think again. I myself was a Suite Life fan and I was very disappointed in Jessie. The show features flat humor, bad acting, an irritating laugh track that plays even when no joke is being told and very bad special effects. The only character that even made me crack a smile was the cynical butler. Zuri Ross is very stereotypical. Emma Ross is funny from time to time, but kinda disrespectful. Luke Ross is' constant hitting on Jessie is supposed to be cute and charming, but comes of as weird, even creepy. The topic of sex has come up many times and was very deeply implied in the episode where Mrs. Kipling lays eggs.

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