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Pepper Ann

Who Is Author, Op_Prime? Pepper Ann vs. Reboot
I beg to differ with the comment given by the author, Op_Prime regarding "Pepper Ann" vs. "Reboot". I have been watching "Pepper Ann" ever since the first episode. I was highly disappointed to find out "Pepper Ann" had been canceled. I have never watched the show "Reboot" but I can tell you this. If "Reboot" was canceled to provide viewers with the entertaining and funny cartoon that is "Pepper Ann", then obviously "Reboot" did not deserve to continue to air. "Pepper Ann" on the other hand, was, is, and always will be loved as well as missed by many. Hardly a "waste of paper". Not even close to "sterotypes". Far from an "insult to teenagers". If anything, this cartoon relates the commonalities of living life as a teenager with being proud of ones' own individuality.

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