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Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story

Wonderfully crafted, executed & presented
Its a must watch web series. Superb acting, amazing music and wonderful cinematography. The plot keeps you engage through out the episodes.So many twists & turns. Loved it and highly recommend it to indian audience.

Avrodh: The Siege Within

Amazing story telling great dialogues
Best web series made on uri attack.. highly recommended

Anandi Gopal

Awe inspiring tale !!!
This movie was always on my wishlist but couldn't see it in theaters. Watched it on my TV with my wife. Movie is fantastic. Actors have done amazing job. I want to specially mention, director has done fantastic job. I loved it and it will always be in my collection of motivational & inspiring movies. A must recommend for all

Batla House

John's best work
Its a must watch movie. You would love JA skills in this project. Its entertaining, informative, great direction, script well written and camera work is at its best. Director has done a really good job in story telling. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Avengers: Endgame

Part of the Journey is End...... and its well ended MCU era...
Stop reading the reviews & go watch it in theaters..... Its worth it

The Story of Maths

Amazing Documentary to store on your personal drive
This is one of amazing docs I have come across. I would encourage people to watch it rather than watching stupid Hollywood movies.


Cuteness OVERLOAD !!!
Lots and lots & Lots of cute babies in the movie. The concept of the movie is very simple. Its hilarious, emotional (at times) and very touchy movie. I would recommend this movie to all age groups right from small kids to adults. Great movie for entire family.

Hope you all will like it.

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