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Judge Hardy and Son

Louis B Mayer
Took a special interest in the Hardy Family Series. Someone once said Andy Hardy's boyhood is the one Mayer wanted, Mayer was a Republican and the highest paid man in America when this film came out which is surprising as all the Andy Hardy movies are oozing with New Deal era political correctness. This one is one of the better Andy Hardy films, You can see why they were do popular to Depression era audiences. The films were full of warm humor and philosophies that were PC at the time.

Putins kys

Sad Commentary on Modern Russia
I recall all the idealism and hope for a better future during the late 80s and early 90s. The Russian people gambled everything and they were cruelly double-crossed by the people who now own and run the country. When Putin came to power in 1999 despite his KGB background he struck me as a sensible man who only wanted his nation to reach his potential. Much of Masha's generation reminds me of mine who came of age during the Reagan years. Growing up in the 70s we saw an America that was plagued with economic problems, Soviet expansionism seemed everywhere and the decade ended with the fall of the Shah of Iran and the humiliating hostage crisis. As a teen I saw the Reagan Republicans in a way similar I think many young Russians saw Putin in the 2000s. The difference, of course, is stark. Reagan is was not Putin nor vice versa. I applaud this brave young woman for taking the stand she has, no doubt many more young Russians will follow the question is what will be the detonating event that brings down the Putin System.

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