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War Room

Great movie!!!
If you're going thru a struggle or struggles in your life and you feel you've exhausted all options, and yourself, you're most likely missing this one. This movie shines a light on how to fight! How to let God fight for you. How when you're in the struggle you start ignoring how your actions are affecting others in you life.

It had just enough humor to allow people to laugh at themselves.

Reminded me of what my prayer life use to be and how I need to get alone, get quiet and meet with Jesus.

I recommend this movie to believers and non-believers. You might learn something.

Roll Bounce

It's all relative...
If you didn't go to the skating rink every weekend (Friday and Saturday), like we did in the 70s and 80s, you probably won't relate as well to these characters. This movie reminded us of all the Ffun, skating routines, disagreements (we had with "crosstown"), skate-offs, etc., we use to have along with the great music we enjoyed. It was a lighter time then, with way less violence. Kids could go places like the skating rink, dropped off by whoever and get picked up when the rink closed. Kept us out of trouble. So the negative reviews must be from a younger group of people who didn't have the chance to experience those good times. The movie was fun.

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