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Doctor Strange

This is one of those movies of the year which I had been looking forward to for a long time. Marvel's Doctor Strange was strange yet unique on many levels. Cumberbatch's performance as strange was everything we could have expected from him. The movie is visually captivating in all ways. I can easily see it winning the Oscar award for Best Visual Effects this year. It could have a shot on the cinematography category too. This multi-realm fantasy film sits comfortably in the top echelon of MCU movies thanks to its ambitious concept and dazzling set pieces, the mind- bending parallel dimensions.the multiple plains of existence with jaw-dropping splendor, the Inception-esque world-shifting of the dark dimension is awe inspiring and the action sequences have been well-written! Something no one would love to miss.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Exceeded my expectations!
Star Wars: The Force awakens is the latest installment of the Star Wars series. I must say that when I heard,there's a new Star Wars movie coming, I was kinda thinking that it won't get good at all bit I was proved wrong but this film. J.J Abrams did a good job

The film had good pace throughout and I didn't get bored for even a second. The film had a good set of characters. They were really interesting to watch. The young starlet Daisy Ridley also played a good part in making this film good. The sound effects were lovable too. Everyone must give it a watch. Nor the best film of the year but still amongst the great ones.

The Imitation Game

A "Game" that can't be missed
Masterfully told and encompassing an emotional complexity, Tyldum's film is both engrossing and disturbing. It has genius aspirations in which it wants to exist in the cinematic world. It's an impeccable thriller, taut and brilliant, exploring the horrors of war along with the choices that doom mankind for all eternity. Tyldum is methodical and precise in which he decides to unravel the story, Turing is one of the fallen heroes of our history and his story stands as one of the most tragic. Screenwriter Moore crafts a murky, dark, yet totally enjoyable spy film that stands taller than any James Bond film ever released. Benedict Cumberbatch continues to climb the ladder as one of the best actors working today. After impressive performances August: Osage County, 12 Years a Slave, and TV's "Sherlock," this is the role that will make him a bonafide movie star. There's a quote at the beginning of the movie: "are you paying attention?". Throughout the movie, that's what I did. It's all that I could do because the story and the acting kept my eyes glued to the screen and I couldn't take them away. It's emotional, it's exciting and it is truly heartbreaking in some moments. It was a very comedic movie, too. There were some scenes that had me in fits of laughter and that's what makes it a beautiful script; despite the movie being based on the darkest days of World War 2, they added comedy into it which brought the movie alive. This is one of the most entertaining biopics ever made.

American Sniper

Gross and Bizarre ...
American Sniper is a film made particularly for 8 year old kids who have no knowledge about anything. Make no mistake. This film is not about recording history. It's about making money. The film is a hideous attempt at making a war film. Clint Eastwood made this film in order to gain attention of some stupid people. It is unnecessary to get into the merits of a film so completely devoid of truth. The Iraq war was waged for the financial gain of the oil, gas, and defense, industries. Iraq had no WMD, was not a threat to this country, and did not become a democracy. This lie of a film was made for the same bloody money that the war was waged for. That country had nothing to do with 9/11.

The film makes a hero out of a person who savagely killed hundreds of innocent people including women and children. Nowadays, if you kill innocent people, everyone will label you as a "Hero" and if you die protecting your land when some jokers try to invade your country, you'll be labeled as "Terrorists". This is a pathetic world we're living in. If you've power, you can invade anyone's country, kill anyone who is not of your country and steal other's resources. The film's approach is to display every Iraqi man, woman and even child as intent on murdering "good" American troops and therefore deserving of their fate, both at the end of Kyle's rifle and under the boot of American troops generally. To sum it all, this film is just a stupid propaganda.


A magnificent journey through time and space
Interstellar is not anything like Hollywood' s mainstream blockbusters. It is something ambitious and glorious. This film is a perfect example the of modern-day filmmaking. Christopher Nolan's direction in this film is quite superb. This film is about a larger than life story. A story about the struggle of human beings. The film is quite motivating and inspiring. The film is based on a retired NASA pilot who is now a farmer. This farmer takes a journey to save humanity. The score of Interstellar is amazing in every way possible. It gives life to this film. The effects of this film were perfect. The cinematography was top-notch . Matthew McConaughey have one of the best performances of this decade. Jessica Chastain also gave an excellent performance.

Overall, it's one of the most ambitious and most curious films made in the recent years.

Serbuan maut 2: Berandal

A Must-See Action Movie !
Raid 2 is a great action film. It's better than most of the action films that are released nowadays. Gareth Evans is a mastermind when it comes to directing an action film. He knows everything there is to know about action films and about directing them. The action choreography was one of the best I have ever seen. The fighting moves were extraordinary. The Cinematography was utter beauty. I think it was good enough to get an Oscar nod but it's not gonna happen. The fight scenes were off the hook. They were quite enjoyable and I don't think they could have been better. It's a must-see flick . One should watch this film if he/she loves action films.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Greatest X-Men Film Of All Time
Wow. Simply a legendary film. Bryan singer proved that he is one of the best directors living.

Hugh Jackman as good as always. Wolverine was great. McAvoy , Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence were way beyond phenomenal.

Quicksilver ( Evan Peters) was the coolest guy in the film. A couple of great funny scenes. A list of tense, action packed and suspenseful scenes.

The score was good. The effects were amazing and the writing was superbly done.

A must see. If I were you, I would watch it as quickly as possible.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Phenomenal. The Best Marvel Thriller Of All Time.
This movie was phenomenal and exceptional in every way. The story was quite convincing and superbly written.

Mr Samuel l Jackson gave a solid performance. Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Mackie gave superb performances while Chris Evans was the main Star of the show but Scarlett Johansson ruled the film.

This movie had nearly everything that a thriller should have. This time, Marvel reduced comedy and it was a bold step to make.They made the film a bit much realistic

The action sequences were spectacular . Anthony and Joe Russo did a real good job

. Intensely dramatic, full of suspense and a breathtaking film. Without any doubt the greatest film of the first 4 months of the year.

The Dark Knight

It is my favorite movie of the last decade as it was a great thriller . Great acting and the best directing.
The greatest movie of the last decade. The movie contains more suspense than any other comic based movie. The cast is great. Outstanding actors . The performance of Heath ledger is enough for describing the brilliance of the movie. Christopher Nolan gives a dark, simple and exquisite thriller. It has a very great ratio of emotion, sadness, suspense, heroism, darkness and thrill. The music of the movie is outstanding . Christian bale gives the greatest leading performance of his career . Wally did a great job. I have seen very few movies which are so much emotional and thrilling . I liked it a lot. The movie did not lack anything . It was a magical movie and I was very much thrilled to see it .Mind blowing movie, a movie which is perhaps better than most of the movies. One of the greatest action movies of all time. I can easily say that it was the best DC comic movie ever made . I am totally blown away. " Best of the best ". Everyone should watch it.

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