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Shifshuf Naim

just cool ..
I've seen this movies long time ago at German ZDF channel. Now I own the English/Russian dubbed version. I think that the third entry of "Eis am Stiel" is JUST COOL ! ! ! I miss that hardcore comedies of all time. Nobody shoot such a movies at the present time .. The score is nice - plenty of 60's tunes (Chuck Berry and Elvis the King) and it match perfectly on plot. Of course we can see Sybille Rauch with her BIG BOOTS too ; ) A couple of years ago I read on Polish newspaper that it's really hard to find "Lemon Popsicle" release on DVD. I don't know if it's true ??? However, this flick contain strong portion of nasty behavior, naked teenage beauties and really funny gigs. But the plot is more complicated - we have summer love story with a broken heart and so on .. If you share the same sense of humor I also recommend you "Lemon Popsicle" part shoot at the Army, and two first parts of PORKY's .. Almost 90 minutes of pure entertainment :) Enjoy it!

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