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Wonderful Cast
This is a great behind the scenes look at a rich successful evangelical family. I love the cast for this series. Even though Black History month is over, I find it a crying shame that these wonderful actors are not more well known, as most of their counterparts are, even in lessor series. I for one enjoy seeing these fine actors in an ensemble such as this and hope for its continued success.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
It seems to be taking a long time to get the story out in this series....the main event covered in the extra long first season, when Spence's parents add another part of the puzzle, Hanna's mother too is linked as is Spence's sister, but not exactly how or who killed Alison... We don't yet know about Aria's parents story and it seems at the moment that they don't have anything to do with Alison's death, but it's going so slowly the answer may come at the end of the series, season 7.... Love the girls fashion, and the complex issues taken up by the other two girls-Aria and Emily, aren't really involved with the Alison death issue, but kudos for including the main issues that affect young people today.


This is a Typical case of law enforcement lack of sensitivity
"Unbelievable" is a typical case of what happens when male detectives are sent to investigate rape case(s). The fact that the police put Marie, a rape victim through multiple gruelling interrogation sessions, traumatizing her even further, puts this victim on trial before investigating the actual rapist. In the next scene, the investigating officer is a female detective, handling that rape victim in a totally different way, telling the victim what would happen at every stage of the initial investigation, putting most of the decisions in the victims hands, supporting the victim every moment, taking the facts, never making judgement doing her best to take her statements. As a society there should be procedures in place to handle these horrible rape and sexual assault cases so that all traumatized victims are supported, rather than putting them through grilling interrogations, making the victim defensive, confused and feeling guilt as if it were her/his fault that this happened, or that their behaviour caused it to happen in some way. Unfortunately, there aren't enough female detectives to take in these type of cases, so women are judged by male detectives as liars or the case is put down as a vindictive female rage after a breakup. We must do better.

The Parting Glass

Memories of a beloved Sister
This movie is so very intimate, each member of the family had memories of their sister, some very pointed toward the stress and anguish their beloved sister was experiencing. Each member of her family remembers moments they shared with their sister and the funny often hilarious family moments they all had together with their departed mother. Memories of a dear sister unexpectedly died, their emotions run high, when each of them remembers past conversations with her; each recognize belatedly the turmoil she was in, and realize that they missed the signs of her extreme distress. The cast is well chosen for their depiction of a family dynamic, have the expertise to show how the family members would handle the surprises they find along the way, very believable.

Men in Black

Terrific aliens for the time!
Men in Black is a great movie for it's time, I'm writing this during a Men in Black one, two and three marathon on pay TV. It's a Saturday afternoon just before Christmas. My question is why Rosario Dawson wasn't on the list of people who played roles in the movie. She was in several scenes, and had many lines. She hasn't listed MIB (what's it goes by now) on her list of movies she's been in. Was it a mutual decision or oversight on Will Smiths part?

Breakable You

Breakable You is unforgettable
There is more to this movie than meets the the title suggests the question is what does it take to break you? In this complex world and all of the obligations each of us takes on whether it be a play that doesn't belong to you-the head of the Weller's and taking your best friends hit play- with emotional depth that you could never have written because you're a narcissist--but you pretend that you wrote it only to be caught out by your ex-wife; or the fact that as the daughter of the Wellers, you're in a period of time of continual change, you're just finishing your thesis about morality, you broke up with one man and then take up with a man that's emotionally unattainable, (like your father) but no matter, you delve into that relationship, make him wake up, but then find out that not only he is an actor, (grew up with a father in the show business and the uncertainty that comes with that) but now you're having a girl baby that will be beset with any number of the same problems you lived through, so you're on the point of breaking; or the mother who is so angry with her ex-husband that she has an affair with his brother, the ex husband the narcissist has made a name for himself as play write but was marginally successful, you had to shoulder the financial load, angry that you were never emotionally satisfied in that relationship, but you had your work, your daughter, your own psychiatrist then you had to start all over at 58... The Wellers are complex group especially in today's fast paced world when emotional health is often forgotten or left by the wayside, until it's impossible to continue without it.

Flickan som lekte med elden

Girl who Played with Fire
I read the entire series after the first movie was released, I found that having read the second book before watching the second movie was instrumental to understanding what is going on, why it's so important for Lisbeth to deal with her long lost father (and half brother) while trying to clear her name- which opens the whole story up as to who her father is and why the Swedish government are protecting him. All comes clear in the third installment, when Steig Larson tells the entire story of who Lisbeth Salander is, why she was put into an insane asylum and why she was treated as a danger to herself and others...all to protect her father, and his relationship with the Swedish government.

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Girl in the Spiders Web
This is a nicely put together thriller, Hollywood style. Claire Foy is adequate in this role, but much better when she played in First Man, as the first wife of Neil Armstrong. Noomi Rapace is the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander is legendary. No other actor has come close to showing the depth of the character that Rapace did when playing the role of Lisbeth and her hatred of all things "establishment", her father, all of his gang, the psychiatrists and the police, and the Swedish government for the treatment she endured while under their care, not one other actor has shown the depth of that hatred. Lisbeth Salander is a very complex character and needs the best possible actor to emote her feelings on screen. Next chapter get Noomi Rapace to return as Lisbeth Salander

Burn Country

Burn County
Imagine you, a journalist, were kicked out of your country to seek asylum seeker in a land that you know nothing about. What you do know has been told to you by an American journalist that you became friendly with from your time as war correspondent in your own country, Afghanistan. Now, you are staying with your journalist friend's mother, who happens to be a sheriff in Burn County, everything is new, you speak English, but you aren't aware of customs or mores in you new country, folks you meet are friendly but strange, but you go on a ride along with the sheriff, while she breaks up a family disturbance between husband and his wife, you watch, then pull the husband back when he goes for the wife while she is screaming at him. The fight ends, you go back to your new home. Next day you are out and the husband happens upon you, picks you up, you become new friends. Still, as a newcomer, you know nobody, really, not even the mother of your friend. Many of these instances you happen to be privy to, makes no sense to you, it's not anything you have run into in your own country, but that's totally understandable. This movie is a portrait of what newcomers might see when they come to parts of America. Often what seems to be the usual behavior, and/or business as usual, seems totally bizarre to others. I believe that they told the story beautifully, from the POV of the newcomer and the often confusing manner that some folks in America live.


Entertaining, realistic
Vera Farmigia and Christopher Plummer are award winning actors who draw on their experience with family relationships to make a highly entertaining film. Many adult children have problems with their parents-many of whom are baby boomers-who grew up in the 1960's/1970's a free wheeling time of love, sex, rock n' roll... many of our children don't understand the mindset of our generation, in which as children baby boomers were pushed into a certain mold, even as many of us were individuals-"square pegs" if you like forced into a round hole- drilled into the baby boomer generation by our parents, teachers and employers who all had high expectations, required good manners and social graces; along with knowledge of historical events that had transpired, to make our parents, "The Greatest Generation" proud, and satisfied they had done the best by their children.

The Magicians

Great but terrifying Magical Series!
I read the entire series by Lev Grossman, it's very entertaining, but like Jonathan Strange and Mr Norbert, or Penny Dreadful. This is Not Harry Potter's school, or Narnia! it's very different, just like real magicians, witches, warlocks etc are suppose to be. These protagonists are not going to change the world, but they do find themselves in a very different school. It's the story of what they make of their opportunities as they arise.


Terrifying gut wrenching for every parent out there
This movie is a clear reminder to keep your children close to you at all times! Halle Berry's terrific emoting her panic, and fear while following the kidnappers who had was the most terrifying chase, while fearing for her child's welfare under the hands of the kidnappes... no matter how it seemed to other viewers, who may not have children, so wouldn't know her gut wrenching panic and fear for her kidnapped son...when you are a parent the thought or fear of this happening in this world today is just terrifying.

The Americans

Best representation of the Eighties
I really enjoyed this series because the actors made it seem realistic and unrealistic at the same shocking as it may be to some people to discover that there are illegals living in America spying on our way of life and gathering intelligence for a communist government is a well known secret in intelligence communities. Since the Second World War Soviet Union was a country trying to become a world power, and push its way into beating America in all things, space program, technology, etc. but the way they went about gathering info for their programs was to steal it from America via the spies living illegally in America, and those spies from GRU, KGB, working out of the Soviet embassies. Every thing written about The Soviet Union during the cold war period as told by former residents who lived there and what our intel community gathered, was of a country more interested in showing the world a sophisticated country-space program, opera, ballet, sport all was to be shown as the best, when in reality the country was barely feeding and housing its people. Many families lived in one apartment, grocery stores were often out of food, lines formed everywhere for goods and services we take for granted. Books written by Russian expatriates like Masha Gessen, who has told about the way Russian Government now operates, more like a Autocracy, or dictatorship, confirms that most of the people are barely getting by, except for those who are involved with the government, political party who are treated very well. During the heydays of the Soviet Union, prior to the Summit in 1985 Glasnost, then the dissolution of the Soviet Union, when everyone was considered equal, everyone worked for the good of the country and shared in the ownership of utilities, etc. it was an ideology that many believed in but was in practice very difficult to manage. Their distrust of America started well before the Second World War even though they helped to quell Nazi Germany the Russians did not ever trust the west, even today Putin doesn't trust America, and will do whatever he can to cause chaos in our country.

3 Generations

3 Generations
While the review that is on the IMDb movie page about this movie is rather a persons feeing about the ending of a generation, of this family, that this movie should have explained that, I don't agree. This movie is about change, but also about love....the love you feel for your child, worry about their future, and how your (transgender) child will be accepted and able to cope in a world that is identity centric, and often negative toward LGBTQ? persons. The actors treated this difficult, controversial subject with love toward their now grandson-realistic feelings of confusion, worry, about their own acceptance of Ray, everyone's thoughts about Ray's identity crisis, his worry about acceptance, being able to start his life in a new situation as himself, rather than being known formerly as Ramona, then his change made his life difficult with the others at school, in his neighborhood. This subject was dealt with in a very realistic and loving way.

Rules Don't Apply

Rules Don't Apply
Warren Beatty is and always will be a futurist in the film industry, only on par with Stanley Kubrick, David Lean, in his ideas and performance. This picture is atypical of many of his biopics including Bonnie and Clyde, Bulworth, Bugsy and Shampoo. What is common with all of them is the sense of humor Beatty brings to the project. It is in that light that you must watch this movie, Beatty's take on Howard Hughes, that era in Hollywood, and the mores of the time. Annette Benning, one of Hollywoods most terrific actresses, is not seen nearly enough in this movie. Ms Benning always gives a fantastic performance especially in my favorites American Beauty, and Being Julia. Lily Collins is actually pretty good in this picture. Former pictures featuring Lily was Mortal Instruments, a movie based on best seller by Cassandra Claire. Her performance in the Disney film Mirror Mirror was just typical of most of the young actresses who have worked for Disney. Rules Don't Apply features new talent along with seasoned actors a great mix, which is quite successful here. This movie will be one to watch more than once to capture the brilliance of prose and innuendo.

Deadline: White House

Nicole D Wallace Deadline White House
The show on MSNBC is one of a few Consevative based news politics show on this network. Unless she is confidant about her shows content, Wallace becomes too excitable and shrill when faced with breaking news or a show where she loses control of the subject or her political pundits views. John Heileman seems to be a particular thorn in Wallace' side. Last week of August were hosted by other journalists who made this show far more enjoyable, especially when the host was John Heileman

Steve Kornacky, who was in the 4 pm slot was soon sidelined although he was to be her co-host. Wallace seemed to argue with Kornacky comments or views from the beginning. He has been absent the past couple of months filling in for Chris Matthews Hardball vacation.

Road to Paloma

Road to Paloma
Updated version of Easy Rider, with spirituality, drugs and rock n' roll! Seeing native Americans, Mexicans makes the movie and the road trip these guys are on much more realistic, and interesting, because when you are on the road you meet all types of people. Protagonists here live in the moment, often what real nomads who happen to ride motorcycle do. It's hard for most people who live a conventional way to imagine 'being' rather than doing. Loved the native spirituality in this movie, makes it a great juxtaposition of sentimentality, against the harsh background of a bikers life. That he's not just going for a long motorcycle ride... he's actually working out his grief.


This movie depicts the facts of Amelia Earhart's fantastic life, her flights were nothing short of miraculous, for the times and the equipment available at the time. Not much is known about her private life, even though she had written books, those were about her flying experiences, where she had been and how it felt to fly. I disagree with one review that says that her private life was too matter of fact in the telling throughout the film, rather than making them events in and of themselves. It appears to me that Amelia wasn't forthcoming about her private life at the time, as a result, not much was known about her love life, relationships etc. certainly not enough to put into the film, if they had made it up it would have changed the designation to 'based on facts' not the bio pic it is. Putnam, the writer would or perhaps did write about his love for her, but his relationship with Amelia started out in a businesslike way and ended the same way, despite the reliance they had on each other. What stood out in this film was Amelia's first and only love -flying a plane to somewhere she had never been. The fact that Amelia was the first women to accomplish those personal goals was interesting and novel for that time period. The movie was successful in setting out Amelia's sense of adventure, courage, human spirit to excel and Amelia breaking boundaries by a woman, and in flight.

The November Man

November Man
In the Trivia section it mentions that this film was released in August, not November as the title suggests. This is a poor trivia comment, not related to the movie's central character Devereau who was the Agency's "November Man" meaning that he "eliminated everything and everyone" in his path leaving a "bleak landscape like November" is in most of North America. No relationship whatsoever to the date the movie was released. I found that this was quite a good version of the usual spy movie, where there is a new spy trying to take over from the older spy, but lacks the skill necessary to take him down.......goes to show that experience wins out over new techniques and young inexperienced agents need to spend time listening watching and thereby learning from the older agents....don't put them out to pasture yet!

Ray Donovan

Fantastic Cast
Although I gave it a 9 there are some episodes that are a 10. I'm not saying that you are all going to agree with me, each character is dealing with terrible and emotional moments recreated by these actors bringing the emotion alive and done beautifully. Not to say at times this series is brutal, a sad testament to our times, but it is acted brilliantly, believable, this incredible group of actors who make this show what it is, dealing with some of the most difficult moments in their character's lives and the fall-out of those horrendous moments. If these things were to happen to anyone you know or to you, how would you deal with it? How could you cope knowing that your childhood was hijacked and you didn't know any better. After all counselors were unheard of during parts of the fifties and sixties, if you had a problem you went to your priest or pastor.....that these characters are carrying on to the best of their ability and making it believable makes this one of the greatest series on cable.

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman

Terrific, Best Cast
This was one movie I thoroughly enjoyed! The cast is terrific, Shia Lebeuf has a real role and plays it well, the grittiest role he has had to date, I think he is capable to do more of these type of movies, forget the Disney, Shia! The other actor I love in this is Melissa Leo, she is excellent in all of the roles I have seen her in, authentic, warm, believable, namely the Fighter, Prisoners, Midred Pierce to name just a few. I also love Evan Rachel Ward, she was devastating in Mildred Pierce, and wonderful in Woody Allens - Whatever Works! So much talent in this movie makes it an intelligent indie movie, sadly one that most of the general public will miss because they are too busy watching the block buster movies that are advertised to death and are terrible in the end, badly written, worse acting, perhaps lots of things blowing up, in other words movies made for an unresisting audience. If more of us were to complain about the quality of movie made in Hollywood, they would have to listen and make a better caliber movies.

Penny Dreadful

Best series
I love this series! Eva Green is.just simply fantastic, the story, rightly, centers around her character, Vanessa Ives, in this second season, she is terrific, just spooky enough to lure you in! That is not to say that the other actors aren't good, they are, and their story lines are great/ gruesome, and totally terrifying, perfect penny dreadful material! Helen McCrory is also noteworthy in this wonderfully spooky series, she plays the wicked witch Madam Kali, oh so well..... Loved the back story of Eva Green's character, shown on season two episode 3, her teacher Joan was the perfect foil for her evil witch sister, Madam Kali, played by Helen McCrory

The Single Moms Club

Single moms club
This is a realistic movie about the inequality of divorce settlement in America. Imagine if your ex husband had the power to put you out of the house for seeing someone else while he is married to someone else, talk about control! In the meantime, because the children of these 5 women were late being picked up and caught defacing the school property or smoking on school property, their mothers (who happen to be all single moms) were made to form a committee for a school fund raiser, otherwise apart from being single mothers, with children going to the same private school, they have nothing in common. It is disheartening the number of sad stories there are about fathers abandoning their first families both financially and morally, leaving their children without a father figure at all!

The Divide

Realistic legal arguments
The role played by Nia Long is probably written with her in mind. The legal actions that need to be investigated in a trial need to be examined more than once to ensure that it is understood by all parties...this could make or break a case, I am glad there is finally a series willing to portray the reexamination of facts in cases that were tried and completed erroneously due to persons of interest or habitual offenders that are named as suspicious by the investigating police officers and an overzealous DA or prosecuting attorney. The relevancy of certain facts are often in dispute by the defending/prosecuting attorneys especially if there is a convenient witness that could corroborate facts that are manipulated or even manufactured depending on who interprets them.

Cat Run

Cat Run/Janet McTeer
Loved the concept of the female "seasoned"assassin played by Janet McTeer! She really made the movie stand out, so matter of fact about her various episodes of murder, she stole the movie! Janet was also terrific in the movie series White Queen, playing Jacquetta Woodville,the mother of the British Plantagenous queen, both of who had serious witch talents. I am very sure there wouldn't be a 2nd Cat Run if it hadn't been for Janet's performance! The story about the hostess/hooker running away with the hard drive has been done before, with quite notable actors, but was not as unique as this story, the characters being slightly out of the ordinary, like Cat's father the pig farmer. The two actors playing the private detectives make it more of a comedy of errors than a serious story!

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