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Ted Lasso

Love it!
Ted Lasso is the most likable character I've ever seen on screen. The whole cast has a fantastic dynamic that is so fun to watch and there are some great quotable lines and dialogs that are hilarious, but have so much heart!

Cobra Kai

This is the show I never knew I needed
I stand and applaud the actors, writers, directors, producers, and everyone else who had a hand in the project. It is so well thought out and put together. I never thought I would feel so bad for Johnny and cheer him on, yet here we are!

The Kissing Booth

Please don't take this movie seriously
I really hope there aren't any young girls who watch this movie and think: 1. That's how I need to act in order to get a guy 2. That's how a typical high school is for everyone (stereotypes and all) 3. Getting drunk and stripping has only good consequences 4. If a guy gets handsy, there will always be someone to save me 5. Sneaking around and lying about a relationship means that it's true love 6. Bad boy players who ride motorcycles make the perfect boyfriends 7. If I have sex with someone, we'll fall in love.

It was a cute movie with okay acting and the main characters had good chemistry, but everything just conveniently kept falling into place and I felt like it was written by a 12 year old girl who fantasizes about what high school and dating is going to be like.


"Unrealistic" everyone says...
This show is full of unrealistic drama... which is exactly what television is. I don't know what everyone is expecting. How about some of these "realistic" shows: Greys Anatomy Suits Breaking Bad Scandal House of Cards Dexter

All very unrealistic and over the top about certain careers, but still can be entertaining. It's definitely not perfect, and can be cheesy at times, but I'm not going to give it a bad review because it's too unrealistic.

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