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My Life

Every minute counts.
One of the best movies I've ever seen.

A deep look at the idea of early death, forgiveness, and miracles. Lots of humor and a wonderful cast. The story about Bob's illness is not for everyone and it could be painful for some people to see. Still, it is handled with such good taste and hope that this movie will give you some thinking to do.

Keaton's amazing and Kidman's great.

You'll cry with this one.

But you'll feel good for that.

One of the most underrated movies ever.

Maybe future generations will discover it.

An American Werewolf in London

It's not a comedy!
John Landis directed this at the early 80's. It was a screenplay he wrote when he was only 19 years old. The story is about 2 north American tourists that get attacked by a werewolf during their tour in England. One of them will become the most vicious and unforgettable werewolf ever.

With stunning FX's (the guy behind this won an Oscar for this job), Landis gives us a terrifying story with a lot of comedy, romance, adventure, and friendship. And of course, gore. Some scenes were so explicit they even shock today.

Yes, the plot has a lot of holes, and some things happen way too fast, and some explanations seem forced but this is a movie that is pure fun and even today is pretty enjoyable and wild.

David Naughton and the beautiful Jenny Agutter star in this picture and remember: It's not a comedy!

But it's still funny as hell!

The Last Boy Scout

"Touch me again and I kill you..."
It's been 14 years since Tony Scott's The Last Boyscout was released and it was not a major hit at the box office.

Too bad.

Still, this guilty pleasure is one of funniest action movies ever made. The movie starts with the rocky (and cheesy) theme "Friday Night is A Great Night For Football" sung by Bill Medley. You can't top that way to begin a movie.

But then Scott surprises us again. the opening sequence, where a football player is going to use any way possible to score a touchdown, is breath taking too. Enter Joe Hallenback (Willis) and Jimmy Dix (Wayans) two fallen heroes. One, a detective, the other an ex pro of the Stallion's league. The mob is there too, gamble, money, bets, a murdered young girl and big explosions. All of this wrapped up in a great story, which I won't spoil. This film is one of Tarantino's favorites. It's full of one liners and classic scenes. Violent and graphic. "Touch me again and I kill you..." says Willis' character to one of the gangsters. You should see the result. Written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) you've got a guarantee you're going to have a great time. Taylor Negron is great as Milo, the villain, a young and beautiful Halle Berry is Kory a girl that knows too much, the sexy Chelsea Field is Hallenback's wife and Danielle Harris is her daughter a great characters that nearly steals the show.

This is not an "art" movie. It's pure entertainment, an excellent flick. Is anything better than that?

Amor mío

The best show in years!
Following the spirit of United States' "Friends", "Mad About You" and even "Keen Eddie", Argentinian producer Cris Morena and his daughter Romina Yan produce the best show in Argentina's TV in 2005. Morena is the producer also of the worst shows in the media like "Chiquititas", "Verano del 98", "Rebelde Way", among others. These shows were very successful but their content was quite awful.

This is a turn of the tide, because this show is very funny, has a great cast and an amazing script. The story is about Abril (Romina Yan) and Marcos (Damian Desanto), stepbrothers that seem to be in love sometimes and sometimes hate each other. Abril's mother (Maria Valenzuela) is in love with The Colonel (Arturo Bonin) Marcos' father who is married to another woman. Each episode is about Abril and Marcos' relationship but the events around them is what makes this program tick. From Aliens visiting Earth, to Marcos' burning everything around him while he tries to give up cigarettes. From an evil plant that makes everybody around act weird to Abril's adventures trying to win a cooking contest. Everything is possible in "Amor Mio". Romina Yan is not only beautiful but a great actress. She is probably at her best in this show and she seems to be enjoying herself doing it. Damian Desanto is perfect for playing Yan's antagonist/lover in one of his most funny performances to date. Jorgelina Aruzzi, Pasta Dioguardi, Ernesto Claudio, Chela Cardala y Gastón Ricaud complete the cast (Aruzzi and Ricaud are the funniest) of this sitcom made in Argentina. Very recommended!!!

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