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Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

This movie is GARBAGE
It takes a LOT for me to say this about a Horror Movie. You're talking to a guy who gave Leprechaun in Space a 7 or 8 rating. This movie OFFENDS me as a fan of the Puppet Master series. You take a great character like Andre Toulon who fought and killed Nazis to BEING one? The Puppets themselves have no personality whatsoever and are pretty much mindless killing machines. This is absolutely nothing like the originals. Plus, there are multiple versions of each Puppet? Not to mention I can take a lot, but when a puppet jumps inside a pregnant woman, rips through her stomach and carries away a fetus, even in HORROR, that's too far. I wasted 13 dollars on this. 3 dollars would have been a waste on this. Fangoria basically took ever Puppet Master fan and pissed on them.

The Boy

Comes to life in the last 30 minutes
I was originally going to give this movie a seven out of ten rating, but the ending of the movie boosted it up a star for me. the first hour is basically just a typical creepy movie that leaves you wondering what the heck is going on and it build up the relationship between Great and the grocery delivery man Malcom. Now, during the last thirty minutes right about the time Greta's ex-boyfriend shows up, the pace and suspense really picks up and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I also want to add without spoiling it, that it had a great twist that I did not see coming. Overall, this was a very enjoyable movie, better than the last couple of Horror flicks I have watched. Even if you're not a die hard Horror fan, I don't think you will be wasting your time by giving this a watch.

Koneko monogatari

Precious overload
Admittedly I am a bit biased since pugs are my favorite dogs in the world. This movie will make you lose count of how many times you go Awwww! Besides the puppy and the kitten as the stars you have a whole Menagerie of other animals from Bears to Hedgehogs and a lot of other baby animals as well. This is a movie you can enjoy at any age which makes it a perfect family film. As the title of this review says, it is a precious overload. It made me take my own pug and huger her extra tight. I highly recommend this to ages 3 to 100. You won't be disappointed with this story of two separated friend trying to find each other in the big world outside of the farm.

Northern Lights

Not a bad movie
After I read the book Northern Lights, it ended up being one of the best books I had ever read, so naturally I had to see the movie. Now I knew going in, there was no way for the movie to be as good as the book. There was way too much detail in 600 plus pages to fit into an hour and a half. Leanne Rhimes isn't even close to looking like how i had Megan pictured, but she does the role well. All the other characters were cast very well in my opinion. I've seen a lot worse book adaptations before. They followed the story very well and as I said before, there was just a lot of detail that had to be watered down. Worth watching,just as it usually always is. The book was better.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Boy I wish they had stopped here.
Some spoilers:Halloween H20 is one the best in the series IMO. Of course the first two are by far the best, but I would give this one the Bronze medal. I marked this for spoilers just in case, but 'll try to keep it minimum. Very clever idea to have Laurie to have faked her death to still be alive. This is a classic case of someone being forced to face their fears which she has to, to protect her son. My favorite part of the movie is when she has finally had enough and locks herself inside with the school with Michael. She takes an ax and literally walks through the whole property screaming his name. as I said, I wish they had stopped here.

Silent Hill

Well done for a video game based movie.
Some things were changed from the game, but they made it work. This movie did an EXCELLENT job of capturing the creepy Silent Hill atmosphere. Changing the main character from a Father to a Mother might seem big, but I liked it. Rhada Michelle was great in this and so was Sean Bean (Plus he lived!)LOL. It was very faithful to the horrific creatures you saw in the game and I believe you have to have played the game to truly appreciate it. I've loved this movie from the first time I saw it.Some of the plot from the game was changed, but that's understandable to make it work. Much better in my opinion than the Resident Evil movies where the main character never appeared in a game.

I Can Do Bad All by Myself

You're joking right???
The fact that this movie has 3.8 out of ten stars is laughable. That would indicate that many people gave this 1 star meaning it is the worst they have ever seen. I mean Slasher films with 9 sequels have higher ratings than this! I guess people hate moralistic stories. People say that it is too "Preachy?" This wasn't Tyler Perry's first movie and anyone who watched it knew what they were getting into. I think people purposely watch movies they KNOW they will hate in order to bash them. Very good movie, it gets your emotions going and has a great message. Madea is as hilarious as ever. Worth the watch. Maybe not the greatest movie you will ever see, but that can be said of a lot of movies.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

All time favorite
I can't believe the overall rating of this movie is so low. You have to be a die-hard Friday the 13th fan to appreciate it I guess. Tina is my favorite heroine ever! Her mind powers gave her an edge with Jason and this was the first appearance of Kane Hodder as Jason. What's not to love? Plus this in my personal opinion is the best depiction of Jason under the mask. It's just one of my all time favorites. I take this over American beauty any day! I liked the story and it had the whacky cast of a variety of characters. Any movie with Jason Voorhees in it is good, but this one is above the rest. Die hard horror fans should love this movie.

Crimes of Passion

Ending flushed the movie down the toilet.
This movie was full of action and I stayed up until 3 in the morning to see the end unfortunately it all went down the drain. In the end every interesting character is dead while the whiny and annoying Ex-wife walks away free with all of the money. Like any good book, if the ending stinks then it wasn't worth reading in the first place. Yes she is supposed to be a victim in all of this, but I could not find any way to feel sorry for her. She only came across as needy and impossible to please. Don't get me wrong, great movie with plenty of action and plot twists, but the ending ruins it for me. I would have been happy if at least Jonathan Higgins had lived and just went to prison. The way it went just totally turned me off.

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