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The Challenge

Unbelievably bad
While not expecting much from this movie and mainly watching it to see the Kyoto International Conference Center, it was in fact a whole lot worse than expected: An embarrassing 80s' American fantasy version of Japan full of the worst cliches and stereotypes in the manner of Karate Kid, etc. Two stars for the architectural setting though.

Inside the Chinese Closet

Brief comment
While I found it worth the time watching this documentary, I agree with Gordon-11's criticism. An additional, if minor, shortcoming is the choice of country music as background music in a documentary with this theme and setting.

Ryu san

Patchwork of cliches
This movie is nothing but a long string of cliches, gangster movie cliches, feel-good movie cliches, etc. This may sound interesting, but as the movie isn't doing anything with these cliches other than - most likely unintentionally - being made up of them, it's not.

Baibai bôizu

Very good documentary
This is a very good documentary. The one star ratings are most likely from people who haven't watched it.

Taeksi woonjunsa

Emotional effect
The focus of this movie is on emotional effect rather than on the Gwangju Uprising, the event it is supposed to be about.

Don't Blink - Robert Frank

Partly ruined by the music
Worth seeing, if you have any interest in Robert Frank, but partly ruined by the meaningless fragments of music added merely as decoration.

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