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Mary Tyler Moore: He's All Yours
Episode 13, Season 1

Previous reviewers prepared me well for this dud!
This episode is indeed creepy,the young nephew of Lou Grant,"Allen Stevens" gets a job at the TV station as a trainee or apprentice. He is a real jerk and not a decent or subtle man when alone with the ladies. Perhaps even worse is the way he handles things at work after spending some time with Mary the night before. This work behavior involved crude jokes and implications of what supposedly happened between he and Mary the previous evening. What really happened was Allen was pushy,Mary was reserved,as she gently turned the boorish young man down. Instead of simply saying nothing,this goofy guy changes things around the next day and makes a point of telling tall tales. This jerk doesn't realize how much everyone loves Mary,and what an ass he is making of himself by trying to cast Mary in a bad light to some of her best work-friends.

Public Defender: The Do-Gooder
Episode 6, Season 2

Way out,over the top entertainment!
This is a ludicrously over-wrought,over-acted,comically dramatic episode that delivers laughs throughout the episode. In a class of its own,this is some bizarre and vintage Hollywood pathos!

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.805
Episode 805, Season 1

Don't get a kiss on the cheek from annoying little 'David/Jameson'!
Somehow little David/Jameson has developed a sudden penchant for kissing folks on the cheek-which seems to have a dramatic and immediate effect on those kissed ! Charity Trask is acting like the nutty 'Pansy Faye',scaring the vile Rev Trask. David kisses several people,and all are acting weird. David kissed Evan Hanley on the cheek,and later Evan goes into a dream-trance and fills out some legal papers. Later he presents them to Rev Trask to sign. Trask assumes he is signing a paper to get the Collins family declared mentally incompetent,which Trask and Hanley had recently discussed. It turns out that Hanley had Trask sign a confession for killing his wife! Trask puts the paper in the fire as Hanley wanders out and yells 'you cannot burn murder! You cannot drown or hide murder!' Complicated and intense episode.

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.800
Episode 800, Season 1

The surest way to find a use for something is to throw it out !
That damn hand! It has been nothing but trouble for everyone so far. Magda finally gets up her nerve and takes an axe to the hand and tosses the pieces into a roaring fireplace. Somehow,the hand reassembles itself and chases Magda off. Aristede and Victor want the hand,which is nowhere to be seen. Quentin and Victor get into a tussle and one of Victor's gloved hands falls off,as it is wooden ! Apparently the hand belongs to Victor,who is actually 'Count Petofi' !?!

Mary Tyler Moore: Support Your Local Mother
Episode 6, Season 1

The apple does fall close to the tree !
We get a front- row seat for some rather selfish family dysfunction from the Morgansterns,Rhoda and her Mom 'Ida'. (The Quicker-picker-upper paper-towel lady🌞) Somehow the Morgansterns cannot,will not work through their family problems privately, instead they wind-up dragging Mary into their dysfunctional dramatics. Basically,Rhoda's mom 'Ida' comes to town for some reason or another,and appears in a chair right outside Mary's hallway door.(Rhoda lives in the same building) Mary figures that Ida accidentally came to the wrong apartment or she is waiting for Rhoda to get home. Mary invites Ida into the house until Rhoda gets home,and Mary ends up getting stuck with Ida much longer than expected or is reasonable. On top of this,Mary is playing the defacto referee/diplomat/ middleman between Ida and Rhoda! This is the basic plot of the episode. I cannot help but feel that Mary was 'tag-teamed' by the selfish Mother/Daughter Morganstern family. Probably the worst part of this - is the inescapable idea that absolutely nothing has been learned by Mary from this unneeded and unwanted 'spin cycle'! This vile intrusion into Mary's quiet life was met with no resistance,as Mary simply was not expecting this,she had no experience,no preparation,she had never had any need to deal with people and situations like this before now ! The Morgansterns have now established a bad precedent,which could become a bad pattern. Mary may need to talk rough and mean,and hurt a few 'feelings' if she is to break-free of these psychic-vampires! I'm on Mary's side! Go Mary !

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.795
Episode 795, Season 1

Well,Quentin,I have some good news and some bad news for you...
The good news,Quentin? Your face is restored ! The bad news? You are being put on the chopping-block,your neck against an axe-pendulum! Unless,of course,you come up with the 'magic hand',Quentin! So if your head does get chopped-off,at least your face will be presentable! The problem is,everybody wants the 'magic hand'! The cute young gypsy girl,'Jalinka',comes to reposess the 'magic hand'. She does indeed get it from Barnabas,but our favorite vampire has a few tricks up his sleeve ! Awesome.

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.793
Episode 793, Season 1

That damn hand !
Disfigured Quentin gets an offer to marry Angelique,then the 'magic hand' chokes Quentin,all this happens shortly after a mysterious stranger named 'Aristede' from England appears.

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.791
Episode 791, Season 1

Judith is getting bulldozed ! Where the hell is Edward?
The creepy Trask,the diabolical Evan Hanley,with help from wishy-washy Magda,finally drive poor Judith over the edge with their fake-ghost games! While the poor lady is all shaken-up,they press her to sign papers commiting herself to the nut house and turning everything over to Trask ! She is in no shape to sign anything,these people are really taking advantage of this poor lady! Quentin,part-time wherewolf,has broken out of jail but his face is disfigured from the 'magic hand'! The same face disfigurement problem recently affected Evan and it went away,so Quentin goes to Evan to get the hand and hopefully fix his face! He confronts Evan,who denies having the hand. Quentin has no time for games,and he clobbers Evan and finds the hand in the desk. No sooner does he find the hand,and a stranger appears and takes it from him! Busy times at Collinwood !

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.790
Episode 790, Season 1

Where is Roger/Edward when he is needed?
Poor 'Judith Collins'! This woman has had a mighty rocky road by any measure. The creepy and vile Trask has bamboozled the understandably-confused Judith,big time! Now,as if that isn't enough,the rotten Trask wants to push poor Judith over the edge ASAP. She signed a will and the estate goes to the youngest son if she dies after the son is 21 y/o;if she dies first,and the kid isn't 21 yet (wink wink),Trask inherits everything! (Somehow Trask married Judith,moved in,and got the will changed in like 2 days!) Trask and Evan are using a pseudo-ghost of Minerva Trask to scare Judith,Magda gets blackmailed into helping Trask,Judith is in deep water indeed ! Wow what a ride !

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.787
Episode 787, Season 1

Magda !
A terribly disfigured Evan Hanley runs off with the 'magic hand' while Magda is distracted. The wolfman has been caught in a bear trap and is in county jail. Magda goes out to find the magic hand after Barnabas asks her where the hell it is. Barnabas is mad as can be,somehow they've lost the magic hand AND Evan Hanley,both. What a wild ride!🌞

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.786
Episode 786, Season 1

Another great episode ,the show has absolutely rocked lately !
The last 20+ episodes have been truly awesome! It is fast-paced,busy,and jam-packed with several extremely consequential events happening all at once-everything is seemingly coming to a head all at once! Creative and quite entertaining!

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.783
Episode 783, Season 1

Annoyingly chatty (but sweet) Nora is briefly rendered speechless!
Denise Nickerson plays the sweet little girl with the shrill voice and a million questions,who is actually rendered speechless for the first time when she walks in on Barnabas giving 'Charity Trask' a neck-bite ! The poor girl looks absolutely terrified ! Magda is carrying around a severed hand that she is trying to get Barnabas to believe is magic,and she even talks to this hand.(Talk to the Hand!) {The jokes are endless. Eg. "The hand was moonlighting before the hand's hamburger-helper gig,a gig that the hand was very lucky to get after losing fingers in that punch-press safety film he did after Dark Shadows ended..} As if this weren't enough,bats are flying around biting people,it is a nutty episode! Quite imaginative and enjoyable,the last 15 or 20 episodes have absolutely rocked in my opinion!


Goofy,uneven,but enjoyable nevertheless
This is a cheap and silly,self-indulgent gem. As far as there being a plausible story here,that is up to the viewer to decide,but to me much of it seems off-balanced and odd,stilted,forced,etc ...nobody behaves like some of these folks do,it simply doesn't ring true or hold itself together. BUT If you simply watch this film for entertainment,and don't give it more thought than it needs,you will indeed enjoy yourself and have several good laughs ! Great rainy-day curiosity.

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.777
Episode 777, Season 1

Righteous Timmy vs Trask the turd !
Trask threatens to drop the hammer on our boy Timmy over the death of Minerva Trask and as a bonus puts the Rachel Drummond murder (Judith actually shot her) on Timmy too! Timmy throws it all back into Judith's lap,and reminds everyone that they will all be up the creek if they don't all stick together and put the whole mess on a third party. A hasty sort of understanding is reached and everyone prepares for the police grilling.

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.776
Episode 776, Season 1

No time to waste !
A wild begining,'Judith' (Lady that played Liz) is wandering around with a silver pistol,shooting 'Rachel Drummond' (Lady that played Maggie Evans) ! Trask tries to cast Barnabas in a bad light to 'Edward Collins' (Man that played Roger). Judith then goes to see Edward,gun in hand,she babbles some gibberish and passes out! Eventually Judith is awoken/given a dream message by her vampire pal and she makes a beeline towards vampy. Edward follows her and catches her as she is about to open vampy's coffin. A struggle ensues,Edward gets Judith out of the way as gently as he can. The coffin opens,another struggle starts! What will happen ?! Busy eventful episode that is quite entertaining and amusing.

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.774
Episode 774, Season 1

Things have definitely picked up lately !
This is a decent episode.Right before this, Evan tricked Tim into deep-sixing the sour wife of the vile 'Reverend' Trask, and then Evan turned on a dime and blamed it on Tim! Tim was set-up,big time. Timmy quickly goes on the lam,hiding here and there,with Trask following not far behind! While this is going on,people are being bit by vampires,and then the bite-ees subsequently bite others,it is a busy tangle of competing agendas,which makes for some over-the-top acting,but also endless humor! There are so many surreal,bizarre,off-kilter situations,most on are purpose but many are unintended,it is a busy and a fantastic show,a true one of a kind ! 9/10 solid

So You Want a Television Set

Interesting time capsule blends with timeless humor
I doubt that anyone that didn't witness it firsthand can really imagine what a huge social phenomenon television was in it's early days. Having a TV,any TV at all was a BIG deal! If you had a color TV,you could accidentally become a neighborhood celebrity! Think about that a minute. The wife of Joe McDoakes buys a TV and next thing you know,the whole neighborhood is using the McDoakes' living room as a 'community TV room'! The uninvited guests start requesting refreshments and Joe quite wisely claims that the fridge and cupboards are bare. His wife doesn't catch the hint but instead she corrects Joe and announces that there is a fridge full of beer and a bunch of snacks! Obviously this is not a sustainable situation,eventually something has to give,right? Interesting and rarely-seen view of the bad side of being "The first kid on your block..."

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.760
Episode 760, Season 1

Edward's arrogance may be costly!
Barnabas,rocking the awesome 'sawtooth bangs',has only 1 simple but important request of Edward. Edward somehow manages to forget this request when his ex-wife shows up a short while later. This puts everything into a tailspin. What will happen ? Good episode!

Muscle Tussle

Comical riff on 'beach politics'...
This is a simple and funny short cartoon. There are a lot of small touches and nuance that may not get your attention with only one viewing. Today we have the ability to rewind and watch things over and over,and it amazes me how much more I notice upon subsequent viewings that I never notice on the first viewing. This holds equally true for these delightful, short+silly cartoons,as well as for epic movies. This is a sweetly benign and humorous little gem I say!

Dark Shadows: Episode #1.741
Episode 741, Season 1

This whole series is awesome !
It is quite obvious that the cast are enjoying themselves making this show. It looks like the Dark Shadows crew worked 5 days a week on this show,only one episode a day was filmed and the production stayed about a week ahead of the broadcast schedule. Imagine that a minute...The entire crew and cast had to show up in NYC at the CBS building,5 days a week,just to make 25 minutes of film per day? It seems wasteful in a lot of ways,but then again the creators of the show did have undeniably good results,for years! In this episode,Quentin and Barnabas have an honest chat and clear the air somewhat. Solid and interesting episode.

Mary Tyler Moore: Ted's Temptation
Episode 12, Season 7

Ted is hilarious !
This is another great episode! It is very funny. Ted's dilemma is presented in a tactful way,and he handles it just about like we might expect Ted Baxter to handle it.. Because as much of an boor that Ted is,he's a decent and honest guy at heart. Basically,married Ted Baxter is on a weekend trip out of town with his co-workers. Ted's wife is at home. A lovely young lady journalist 'Whitney Lewis' takes a serious shine to Ted Baxter,and pretty much offers herself to married Ted! This woman is a beauty,and Ted is pretty shaken-up after she makes her offer,and her intentions,clear. Something like this doesn't happen often,and Ted is getting older.. On the other hand,Ted knows that he has a one-in-a-million partner in sweet little Georgette. While this is running through his mind,he tries to tell anyone in the group that will listen to him that the young reporter is putting the moves on him! Naturally nobody takes him seriously,as Ted is well-known for his vanity and delusions of grandeur. Eventually,Mary Tyler Moore gets to hear some of a later phonecall between Ted and the beautiful 'Whitney Lewis',and this removes all doubts as to this woman's intentions. Well,somehow we eventually do get to a"showcase showdown" when Ted visits Whitney in her hotel room. Somehow,some way,Ted manages to turn his back and walk away from a very lovely and eager younger woman. Ted is a better man than many other men would have been in this one episode!

The Two Mrs. Carrolls

Nutty old flick !
This is a nifty little creeper that will grow on you. It's not the best film but it is very good indeed. Bogie plays a strong part as a dangerous man. Barbara Stanwycke plays a great part as the woman that is slowly figuring out what a bad spot she is in. Suspenseful,wild ride !

The Rockford Files: Counter Gambit
Episode 16, Season 1

Show starting to hit it's stride
This is a good first-season episode. Why? It is entertaining! The actual mechanics of the story may seem a bit of a stretch,but they are at least possible. The solid cast all work together well throughout the show,and what a busy show it is. At the time this episode was made,the writers, cast,crew and so forth were just getting into a creative and productive groove,amongst some natural early fits and starts. This was episode 16 of 22 in the first season,and first aired on Friday January 24,1975.

The Rifleman: The Executioner
Episode 32, Season 4

Somewhat formulaic,somewhat comical
This is not a very lively episode until the 'showcase showdown' at the end. The guest characters are pretty amusing. The main co-star is Adam Williams,playing 'Ganaway'. Williams was seen in a much earlier Rifleman episode as 'Jake Pardee'. The two thug actors,his partners in crime,are the nutty-looking 'John Davis Chandler' and Michael Pate as 'The Indian'. Both play their parts with a natural ease. The story takes awhile to pick up speed but things start to roll once 'Ganaway' tells his old crimeys ''I gave the money to Lucas McCain "... Not the best,but solid for sure.

Adam-12: Log 115: Gang War
Episode 14, Season 3

Old time religion😉/Watch out for those shady common-law couples
To be honest this is a laugh-out-loud howler of an episode ! I think my favorite part was the (presumably) Mexican priest getting a young Mexican gang-member in a choke-hold/stranglehold ! That alone will make the sourest viewer at least snicker,as it is ridiculous! It only gets sillier from there. What seemed to be a strange,impulsive shoplifting/burglary spree,ending with the culprit disappearing (at the very beginning of the show) is revisited and resolved when Reed and Malloy respond to a seemingly unrelated incident. This is a fittingly surreal and implausable end to a truly oddball episode. See what You think about it!

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