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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Ok action in a so-so story frosted with anti-US/Pro Chinese propaganda
The title says it all. The action was decent. CGI wasn't too bad. The dialog was goofy. I think the creators had the pandemic in mind when making this, except it's all America's fault.

The Blacklist: Konets
Episode 22, Season 8

I'm calling it....Red is Keene's "mother."
Keene's mother is really not, after all. (episode 21) Keene's daughter calling Reddington "Pinkie." Keene's mother had to hide, and some big medical procedure to do it. And it's unknown (again) who really assumed the real Reddington's identity.

Yes, in today's woke world, Keene's Mom transitioned into a man.


30 minutes of decent material stretched out to 90, ending in..."huh?"
The first half of the movie is nothing but bump-scares and a house that gurgles like it ate some bad oysters. Apparently the mom is...changing....for lack of a better word. Evil spirit? Alien? Who knows. But take this premise, skip ahead exactly 60 minutes and you might actually like it a little. Maybe.

I May Destroy You

Bloody vile and disgusting. Literally
Period sex? No problem! Guy: Do I just pull it (bloody tampon) out? (pulls it out, examines it, sets it aside) Guy: What's this on the bed? Girl: Oh, that's a blood clot Guy: Oh, ok. (proceeds to pick it up and play with it.)

What in the holy h3ll is this garbage? Someone please explain to me how this contributes to the scene.


The "hero" deputy going rogue to try and create a sanctuary city....need I say more?
The very first scene....literally 30 seconds in...and the actor I used to like is playing the deputy getting reprimanded for warning "the undocumented" about a looming ICE raid, then goes on a rant straight out of Ocasio-Coretz's script.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock Season 2 JUST GOT WOKE!!
15 minutes in and the town has been overrun with Somali-hating white supremacists! Where did they come from? Why are they here? We can only watch, wait and cry that another watchable show has just jumped the shark.


Really bad. Really. And the positive 10/10 reviews of a horrible show are fake
Especially the reviewer slamming "all the haters" as "homophobic morons," and hating on "white guys." The problem is it was literally the THIRD review and posted well before any negative reviews (meaning the real ones) were left. "They" obviously anticipated negative reviews, and for good reason.

As long as you know this going in, you won't be disappointed because your expectations will already rock-bottom.

Stargate Origins: Catherine

Remember when the sluggish, plus-sized Britney Spears was making her "comeback?"
...and her "dancing" was mostly just standing in the same spot, turning left and right? If you really tried, you could pretend she was dancing and you'd have enjoyed the show.

Well, Stargate Origins: Catherine is exactly the same. If you pretend the Stargate series and movies never existed and pretended Catherine's actions are even remotely realistic (go Feminism!), and pretend the "acting" and script is any good, then you might like it.

Robin Hood

In this "artistic interpretation" Robin Hood is invented by a Black Muslim guy....
If it weren't for him and his guidance, keeping Sir Robin in check, Robin would've just gone home and cried in his porridge for the rest of whatever....a sad, lonely old man. After 20 minutes, I took it as a comedy, which is the only way I tolerated it. The action was kind of ok, though, too.

Roswell, New Mexico

Seethed in radical leftist propaganda
Persecution by ICE and the locals, "they want to deport you" scare tactics and even a hate crime.....all within the first 8 minutes of the FIRST episode. How could it possibly get any better?


Based on a true story! Well, the first 5 minutes are.....
...the rest of the movie is not. That said, I still liked it well enough.

The woman-beats-up-multiple-men with her hands tied behind her back....were at least almost plausible. The rest was ok, even a little tense at times.

10 of the last 17 minutes is a total chick flick material, so there's something for everyone!

One Dollar

The series started with a mildly interesting first episode, but as the rest of the cast slowly got their airtime, my hopes started to dwindle.
The story/back story of most characters is not at all believable. For example, the feminine male police chief is not at all "interesting," the bad guy/good guy that seems like he is on the verge of stress-crying (is he doing that on purpose?) every time things don't go right. Then you have the obligatory KKK/white supremacists (the staple of most shows these days) that aren't very convincing. And they don't have to be, they just have to be present to remind everyone that "they" are out there. Then there is a first-grade teacher in her 60s, teaching all of her life, who swats a hyperactive kid in the rear, one she has taught for at least a year, after she gets frustrated that he won't sit down and listen. First time in her career and she is so disturbed that she talks about retiring. But, the kid is black so we must now talk about "unconscious bias." (This same kid that ran up and hugged her earlier in the episode and got a warm welcome from the father.) I'm thinking, if she swatted him because she is unconsciously racist, wouldn't she have been swatting kids her whole career? Or, is this really the first black and/or hyperactive child she's come across? Come on man.

And the previews for episode four only confirmed the show will soon be doing the same old SJW/PC shuffle many other (now canceled) shows have done. They are getting smarter with the propaganda, though, because at least they waited until the third episode to sneak it in.So-so, ok start instantly eroded by SJW/PC tripe.

Lost in Space

Another potentially good series ruined by bad Sci-Fi and new-wave feminism.
Forget that this is no Lost in Space remake...the Sci-Fi content was mediocre, at best. Who wrote this stuff?

But the worst part is the domineering women with a smattering of weak, unintelligent men who can do nothing right, and who serve only as completely expendable "tools" (were it not for the male/female ratio needed to balance the show), and are used when someone is needed to do the dirty work where they are beat up or killed, and even then they can't do it right. So the demeaning, belittling remarks by the women (and even the children) are justified and readily accepted, by the "men," and without argument. It's just embarrassing. Episode 8 showing the flight "training" of Dad Robinson (who can do nooooo right and who seems aggressively disliked by his whole family for being deployed for several years), and his co-pilot, who was just as flower-like, was particularly sadistic and cringe-worthy. I can only hope that, as an actor, he at least rolled his eyes at the script.

Lump this junk in with Valor and Legends of Tomorrow. What a friggin' waste.


Alternate title: How We Blow the Money We Save From Canceling Your Favorite TV Shows
We are literally drowning in medical dramas, lawyer dramas and 20 flavors of crime comedy/dramas, especially these "civilian with a knack for observation" shows.

It's as if someone decides to open a Mexican restaurant on the same street with 10 other Mexican restaurants, but they think there's will be a smashing success, just because they cook the tortillas differently.

Take the Doogie Houser with autism series. It's interesting just long enough to figure out what it's about, but no way it will last more than a couple of seasons.

I honestly the TV execs don't give a squat about the viewers at all. They are more interested in high, but short-term viewership than taking a chance on a series with a fresh idea that people might actually enjoy.

Why? Because there's always a "new show" that millions will tune into, just to figure out what it's about, so advertisers get their views. When that show fizzles, as we all knew it would, there's two dozen other "hit show ideas" waiting in the wings.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

I'm sick of it.

I'm sick of it.

The Terror

"The Terror" is the name of one of the ships....
...and does not necessarily describe whatever "evil" is out there, though there is some element of paranormal drama...whether real or imagined. I've not read the book, so maybe they embellish the supernatural part. But if that distinction is never made, it will be extremely disappointing. It seems interesting, though. Let's see how it plays out.

Legends of Tomorrow

After three seasons, I'm done.
Tired of watching weak, mealy-mouse men emotionally collapse under pressure, while "strong, powerful women" lead them around by their nose rings.

I have nooooo problems with so many leading female characters (5), but when the male cast consist of 2 panicky pansies, (one with an Ironman-like suit who never uses it) a "soft" guy, who can transform to steel, of all things, (see the irony? no pun intended), but rarely does and a drunk, belching, farting numbskull who plays with fire, how am I supposed to relate to it, much less take it seriously?? It's almost as if it's done on purpose to give the new-wave feminists something to laugh at....because the writing suggests that's who the target audience is.

Season 1 was great. Season 2, the transformation began. Season 3, transformation complete.

I've had enough...I'm out.


If a group of inexperienced, millenial SJW's made an armed forces series....
...this would be it.

I'm not a stickler for depicting *every* scene with 100% military accuracy, but....

-Squad leader knowingly letting the copilot fly the helo while high on painkillers the day after almost crashing into the forest -Secretly shutting off both engines during training, just to see if she could auto-rotate without crashing -CIA operation lead making sexually suggestive, disrespectful remarks to a male solder in front of a group of others, several high ranking. -A politician, and mother of the lead intelligence officer, referring to him in a formal briefing as "my son." -covering each other's multitude of lies and breaches of regulations. -75% emotional drama during missions (90% the rest of the time) rather than at least *trying* to act like an actual military operation. -A woman sprinting 2 miles then immediately doing 100 push-ups, and pops up smiling, like if she just bent over to pick up a $100 bill. -Pilots having a tense, emotional discussion while in the cockpit prepping for take-off, flipping switches and starting engines, without ONE WORD of pre-flight checks, then continuing said discussion during the flight, again, without uttering a single technical/aviation term the whole flight. NOT ONE. (Oh, she did say "tail rotor" once.) -Unrealistic portrayal of the ethnic make-up of characters: A dozen+ minorities in lead/primary roles, 2 white people with more of a side-story and a smattering of other Caucasians who are either an arrogant jerk, a sexual predator, a stereotypical nerdy white person, corrupt/bad guy or token scene-filler who doesn't speak. (I like to see inclusion of *all ethnicities and genders,* but why would you intentionally alienate a potentially large number of viewers by pushing down that group or casting them in a negative light?)

But, if you are ok with a brain-dead, sexually charged drama that happens to be in a military/warfighter backdrop, this show is for you!

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