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Highly unusual little chiller.
I cannot believe the extremely low marks on IMDb. Surely this is a mistake. A highly intelligent film that had more than a few scares to boot. The acting was well above average as was the story too. Try to check it out. Considering the dross that seems to be sadly and continually served up in recent, so called horror films, it was refreshing to see a film that didn't insult the viewers intelligence. In some ways it reminded me of It Follows. It would appear that Indie chillers are the only films these days that are proving to throw done fresh ideas into the horror genre. So please give it a try and hopefully we can see more from the writer and director in the future. Highly recommended.

The Walking Dead

The best pilot for a TV show in years
What an opening 10 minutes for a TV show. Superb make up effects, top drawer acting. and interesting characters. Good to see UK actor Andrew Lincoln back on TV as he has been in some of UK TV's best dramas (After Life, This Life and Teachers). I liked the pace of the show. It was surprisingly gory too, which added to the realistic atmosphere of the pilot. The climax and in my opinion the best scene in the film really takes you by surprise and was quite nerve racking. I noticed that James Cameron's old collaborator Gale Ann Hurd was also involved with the show too. I should have guessed it would be a quality production with Frank Darabont at the helm directing it. I just hope the series keeps up the quality of the pilot.

The Thaw

A decent little chiller
After reading some of the comments on this movie, I was more than pleasantly surprised at how good this smart little bug feature was A definite step up from the usual B movie sci-fi horror crap that's been out in the cinemas this year. There were decent squirm effects and gore and a nice touch of tongue in cheek humour too. The cinematography was cool and eerie and the brooding atmosphere had echoes of The Thing and Near Dark (although it's nothing like The Thing) I thought the acting and direction were assured. I Liked the twist at the end too. Don't listen to some of the other reviewers on this forum as I doubt that they have actually seen the film.

Dorothy Mills

more movies like this please!!!
Sorry to disagree with some remarks of this movie being slow(?). I liked the pace of it and it gave you time to really understand the different characters and their secrets and lies. it added much needed depth to the story, something that is lacking in many Hollywood films.

I found that the film was always interesting, mysterious and in some scenes quite chilling. It is, by far one of the most refreshing films of the year. The acting was superb.

Another criticism that I found was uncalled for was the nit picking about the Dutch actress Carise's accent. Did you not notice her character's surname it's actually Dutch (Doh!)she is meant to have lived in Ireland for a while and therefore picked up the Irish accent I live in Glasgow,Scotland and in my city there are hundreds that have come to work in here from various cities of Europe and other parts of the world and there is one I know who is a German psychiatrist who has picked up a slight accent from staying here for a few years.

If you want to nit pick what about big Terminator Arnie's accent - it never changed in all his movies, how do you explain a German accented robot from the future?... Given that Carise's first language is Dutch I really admired that she managed to get the accent at all.

The Dark Hours

wake up Hollywood and learn
This is what I want from a thriller - an intelligent and thought proving thrill ride of a movie - with a nod to Fight Club etc. This should be re-released asap. I found the acting convincing and the photography was brilliant. I loved the way it kept twisting and turning - you were always left guessing what was going to happen next. Both the writing,direction and claustrophobic atmosphere were first rate and if Hitchcock were alive today he would give this his firm seal of approval. I am fed up with movies that use manipulative and violent scare tactics to shock an audience these days (okay the finger scene was OTT - but justified). This has been the best low budget movie I have seen since Blair witch. Tarantino should have a look and learn.

Æon Flux

A visual feast.
At last a film that takes cinematic sci-fi back to it's roots. OTT clothes/ stylish sets & a storyline with pace. The direction/editing & cinematography were both confident and cool. It had a very European feel to it too, which was a refreshing change from the normal pathetic attempts at true sci-fi from Hollywood (no films mentioned). Ms Theron and the rest of the cast/crew have done the impossible, they managed to make a good film adaptation that is better than the anime cartoon series it was based on. Anyone who enjoys cool science fiction and has a sense of humour should really enjoy this movie. I think there should be a sequel. To compare this movie to the horrendous Catwoman is outrageous and i'm dubious whether they have actually seen this movie.

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