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An Unbelievable Mess
This movie is terrible on every level you can think of. Conceptually, Direction... Writing, Acting, Production Value... Sound Quality, Audio Recording Quality... every single thing about this video is terrible and completely ineptly done. Whoever made this should be forced to sell his camera and just give up.

The Cavalier's Dream

Primitive But Interesting
This is a very early and very primitive short film. It's only about a minute long and you can tell it's from another time. Interesting story though, for what it is, and worth watching as a curiosity. Porter's first film as a director.

Good Morning World

This show was tragically bad. Two guys play all the roles and they have really bad orange spray on tans as if that is the height of comedy or something. Not the worst Comedy Network show but this was pretty tragic.

Chris Isaak: Wicked Game

Great Song, Great Video
This is one of my favorite songs ever and this was a really good music video. I'm surprised how controversial it was at the time as it is not really all that sexy or revealing.

Gutter Ball Alley

Silly And Wacky
This is just a silly, wacky and immature show. If you don't want to see that just don't watch it but don't watch it and expect more than a fat guy in a diaper and yelling idiots and stupid gags and stunts. The host was pretty bad but whatever this is just a deliberately dumb game show.

The JR DIGS Show

Not Very Good
This show was not very good but it looks like it was self made by just a few people so at least they tried and succeeded in getting their show on TV so hats off for that.


A Classic
This was a classic series. Marilyn was great and every episode I ever watched was good and entertaining.

Girls Will Be Girls

Truly Terrible
This has got to be one of the very worst television shows I've ever seen in my entire life. I shudder just to think of it.

Chilly Beach: The World Is Hot Enough

Funny Special
This was a funny animated special. I thought the series Chilly Beach was pretty cute and this special is maybe the best work they ever did. A good story, some solid jokes, and we like the voice acting here.

Rockpoint P.D.

Loved It!
Very funny series with some great acting, I miss this show a lot and still don't get why it was canceled.


Hit Or Miss
This was a pretty hit or miss sketch comedy show so it was better than a lot of other Canadian sketch comedy series but still often disappointing with some sketches that were just off the rails or didn't have enough funny to them. The acting could have been better.

O Canada

Depends On The Shorts
This type of show is always hit or miss as the content is created by a number of various people, so depending on what shorts they showed in each episode it could either be great or awful. Lots of good stuff to see though, and the junk shorts aren't too hard to sit through because they are short enough and there are always better ones right around the corner.

The Cat Came Back

This is a classic Canadian animated short. They take the song "The Cat Came Back" and put animation to it, so that a man is trying to just get rid of his cat but it keeps coming back, even after it dies... it turns out the man simply cannot escape the cat at all, even in death. Very cute, very funny, and a song that everybody loves. Oscar nominated to boot!


Loved It!
This was a great French-Canadian comedy series. Simple and not the best production value but great characters and actors and most importantly it was actually funny, which most Canadian comedy series definitely are not!

Michael: Every Day

I Don't Like It
I found this show to be incredibly boring with unlikable characters. The psychiatrist is a decent actor at least but Michael is not a good actor and also just a terrible character to try to root for or care about. The stories were poorly written and unfunny. Just nothing I can recommend about this show at all.

Ace Lightning

Great Young Adult Show
This is a great show for teens. It has some really fun moments and the animation and action are well done. It is very funny at times and I can say from experience young teens (especially boys) love this one.


This was a cute French-Canadian show about four friends who meet up, talk about their issues, and so on. The acting was good and even though there wasn't much to this show it was a decent and easy show to watch and keep caught up on.

Filth City

Weak Effort
This is a very low budget independent movie with the sole purpose of piggybacking off of the Rob Ford crack scandal and making fun of him. It was probably rushed into production at the time and you can tell based on the incredibly weak script and poor production values. It's not worth watching unless you're really into the whole Rob Ford drama, I am and still wasn't that interested in this. It's kind of boring and very weak. The guy playing Ford is decent but the rest of the actors are very weak.

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein

An All Time Canadian TV Classic
The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was an all time Canadian TV classic. The actors on the show, especially Billy Van, were lovable and so incredibly talented. Kids and adults universally loved the show which was so well done and incredibly creative. Even Vincent Price is in this and does a great job as the creepy narrator. A lot of the jokes don't quite hold up over the years but at the time this was about as good as any kids show could be.

How to Be Indie

I Liked It
I liked this show a lot, I thought the acting was much better than on most kids shows and the writing unlike most kids shows did not make we cringe or want to vomit :)


The Kids Loved This One
Supernoobs is a very off the wall and interesting show, but all that really matters is what the kids thought of it and they loved it.

Train 48

What Were They Even Thinking?
This show was a complete train wreck (pun intended). I don't know what they were even thinking when they made this. Several actors from the most iffy form of comedy in the world, improv, were put on an urban Toronto train every morning to get to work etc, and they would have stories and improvise through their dialogue and situations. It was unsurprisingly never good or funny, and also failed at being compelling or dramatic. Just a full hour of complete boredom and failure every day. I give it 2 instead of 1 because they obviously had a budget of about fifty cents a day to work with and the actors clearly had no scripts or anything so it must have been a difficult job. Especially when they had to know going to work every day that they were associated with such a cheap and amateur piece of televised garbage.

Game On

Our Kids Liked It
Can't speak for everyone else obviously but I know our kids enjoyed this show and it seemed pretty harmless to us.

Three Moons Over Milford

Quirky But Unfunny Mess
This show sure was quirky but that doesn't mean it was good and it certainly wasn't funny or well done.

Four in the Morning

An Interesting Curiosity
Say what you want about this show and I know a lot of people didn't like it, in fact I'm still not sure whether I liked or just tolerated it as an interesting TV oddity, but you can't deny that at least this show was trying to do something different. It may not have worked out but thank you CBC for at least trying to do something risky and different instead of the usual garbage you churn out!

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