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Me Myself I

What if?
I really like this movie. Maybe I also related myself a lot with the Pamela but anyway it is brilliant. We already know that the life is all depend our choices. And aren't we all wonder sometimes what would happened if we choose the other path.It really made me thinking over my personal choices and asked myself the question ''what if...?''. And I think it is good to think over again our choices, imagine what would have happened, would i be more happier or miserable. but the beauty is we cannot tell. that is one of the mystery that will remain forever.

So it is not the final goals of your's what makes you happy in your life but it is the journey that takes you there. And it is this journey that makes you who you are.

Daydream Nation

Watch it&Forget
I think it was a nice movie to have fun for couple of hours and then forget about it. If you are looking for a relax time, i can recommend this movie. This is a teen romantic comedy that gives you exactly what you expect. They meet, they fell in love, nothing surprising or shocking but not cheesy. The performances are quite good,and the movie drag you inside but that's it. Don't expect anything revolutionary or inspiring except for having 2 hours fun.

Actually, I realized only after the half of the movie that I saw this movie before. So, yes. I watch this movie twice just because I forgot that I watch it before. Long story short, it is a fun movie just to watch and forget about it until you watch it again.

Drinking Buddies

Realistic but not inspiring
The movie is about two work friends who kind of attracted to each other where they happen to be in a relationship with other people. I kind a like the story mainly because it is realistic. However the performances were poor. Especially the chemistry between the significant others of the main characters was quite shitty. And then, when you don't feel the connection between them, Luke&Jill-Kate&Chirs, it blows away the all the rest. In some point I was wondering why Luke is still with Jill since we don't see any common interest or conversation between them. Even between Luke&Kate, you feel that there is something missing, is it acting, is it chemistry, I cannot tell.

If I think about the take home message of this movie, I can only say that yeah relationships are hard and there will be always someone else who you fit much better. So what you supposed to do? Are you gone jump around from one relationship to other until you find the perfect(!) one, or stuck in the one that you already have and flirt with the other as a friends(!)?

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