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Samadhi: Part 2 - It's Not What You Think

It is a 10 out of 10 yet a 0 out of 0
Truly a film which is not just inspirational but transformative if adhered to yet paradoxically disregarded.

Well done all around. An impossible topic made clear to any westerner of any religion or lack thereof.

6 Balloons

For a low budget show a nice fresh look on addiction
The film showed me a reality which I have never seen. It was a fusion of darkness with memories of the past which evoke happiness. Overall well done, with some definite room for improvement.

I enjoyed watching our main character struggle with her own addiction which keeps her "drowning" just like a drug addict.

Pro/Con: Some really great shots w/ the camera, but not enough story telling through the camera.

Pro: The chapters of the boat narration kept me interested in what the moral was.

Con: There were times when it was so mundane to watch I wanted to stop watching.

Pro: It showed a terrific literal drowning during a very real scene. I don't know that I've seen something edited like this. It was different and it played well.

Con: The pacing of the film was too even and I think this is why many viewers will find this film "boring". The colors / contrast wasn't helping tell the story either. With better pacing this may have only needed to be a 45 minute film and would have kept the audience to feel more empathy for the main characters.

Pro: Acting by the main two actors was superb, three if you include the little girl.

Con: I don't think the director knew what her main characters would eat for breakfast. And if she did, she didn't convey it to the audience, AKA - if we dove a little deeper with the characters we could have felt more connection.

The Babysitter

Best Unexpected Comedy Horror Thriller
I thought this was going to be one of those awful movies you cringe at because of the terrible cheesiness and awful directing. It was quite the opposite.

The lighting was playful and dramatic, the directing/camera was on point, the pop up text was as good as Scott Pilgrim, and the acting was terrific. The story left the audience with plenty of ah ha moments that didn't take themselves too seriously, but walked the delicate balance of humor and thriller.

Samara Weaving was perfect for this role, it's too bad Netflix didn't put her on the cover. She's the quintessential dream girl for all boys.

I'm glad films like this get made. It's film's like this that allow the rest of the independent film world to keep on doing their thing and maybe get a nice sized budget like this one.

Master of None

Best for Binge Watching
If you enjoyed Parks and Rec, the Office, and 500 Days of Summer, watch this show.

At first I thought this show was going to be just another Netflix things I watched one or two episodes of and then moved on. Then I got hooked. I finished the whole season in just a few days. I liked how short the episodes were. It felt like they cut the fluff and gave the audience the concentrated good stuff.

I almost turned it off after the first episode or two since I wasn't sure if the casting was just bad actors, or if it was on purpose. I'm still unsure, but the season certainly got better as it went along. Props to the production team and film crew who made creative shots and edit.

Great backstories mixed with a brutal dose of comedy makes for a super entertaining show which seems more like real life than fantasy. I felt like so many clever things were done and I could relate so much with Dev, the main character, in his quest for enjoying life yet overcoming first world problems.

All in all, Aziz Ansari is brilliant, engaging, and hilarious.

He deserves high praise for letting the world have glimpse into what a fun yet very real life he lives. Can't wait for more.

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