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Fate: The Winx Saga

Cartoon to TV Show with a Dark Twist
Many asked if there is a book, well this time this series is based on an Italian cartoon called Winx Club and later picked up by Nickelodeon. This year there will also be a book version of Netflix's show called Fate: The Winx Saga: The Fairies' Path. It comes out in February and follows the events of the series while also exploring the characters' backstories further and including additional scenes.

I watched all episodes and the world-building was vedy well done, I have read a lot of Fae and Fairy books and although this first season was just 6 episodes and all based on a school campus, I believe iwe could see more of their world in the future. The special effects where done in a very good way, the characters are interesting and the actor who portray them did a good job, most of them are not very well known and I see their potential for future projects. The storyline kept me entertained for the whole series. I really hope this will be continued amd not cancelled.

The Will

Great adaptation
This book adaptation from Kristen Ashley's book was very well done, the screenplay was written with every important detail, each actor did a fantastic job portraying their characters, definitely showing where Passionflix is taking the next movies, the cinematography was spot on, the direction was great and is a overall a very good movie to watch, Passionflix is getting better with each adaptation, taking more details and doing a better job taking the fan's POVs into account and making the difference in how a book adaptation should be made.

The Naughty List

Original story
I enjoyed this little Christmas original story by Olivia Applegate, I liked the story line and the cast was great to watch, definitely a good quick movie to watch during the holidays.

Dirty Sexy Saint

Good casting and storyline
I like the books, the storyline and characters are great, the casting was good and it portrayed the characters as I imagined them, the sexy scenes where great, one of the top movies by Passionflix.

A Brother's Honor

The adaptation from book was okay
The adaptation from the book was good, however I think the story line was good, the details where there, cinematography and direction where good, however I didn't feel the chemistry and emotions I thought I would from the book descriptions. The story however is one very good to read, yet is good to watch at least once.

The Protector

Bodyguard romance story
The Protector is one of Jodi Ellen Malpas books I really liked, this adaptation was very good, the casting was good and the soundtrack was fantastic. The story brought to screen was in general there, however something was missing for me from the book, the details are there and the hot scenes, it felt a bit rushed, I know is hard to fit a whole book into just minutes on screen, but definitely it's still a movie to pass a good time and a way for you to introduce you to the book.

Wrapped Up In You

A different Christmas story
I liked the story line, the actors where a good combination, this is not based on any book but the story even short it delivered an interesting and refreshing Christmas story to watch.

Mr. 365

The book is a nice Christmas read
I read the book and knew what to expect, this movie made it justice, it was just as the book in the adaptation department, we know not all the book can fit on film so the general and the most important parts where there, it's an enjoyable Christmas movie Hallmark alike but a higher rating.

Dry Spell

Hot little scenes
This is just a couple of hot scenes that tells a very short story and leave you imagining the rest. Even though it is extremely short it delivers a good enjoyable hot time.


Good adaptation
This mini series episodes based on the novel by K Bromberg where very well adapted, definitely it marked everything I usually do to evaluate an adaptation from a book, the casting was fantastic, the screenplay was well written and the performance was what I wanted to see on the screen, Olivia Applegate brought Rylee to life and was simply what I envisioned for that character. Casey got Colton's character as well and their chemistry showed on screen as it did in the book, waiting for the following parts as I truly love the books.

The Matchmaker's Playbook

Really enjoyable
I love the book by Rachel Van Dyken, I definitely love Nick Bateman, this book adaptation was very good done, I laughed and I really enjoy myself, I knew from the book what the story line was about and what to expect, so I agree it delivered what I read on the screen. The actor casting was fantastic, I would love to see the next book in the series adapted, it's one good romantic comedy story.

The Trouble with Mistletoe

Better than Hallmark
This adaptation was good, but it missed some characters from the series that would've made the difference in the movie, the actors where a good cast but definitely needed more, it's better than a Hallmark movie, definitely the rating for this is not what you will watch on that channel, making it better than those, the romance is there and the story in general was good adapted.


The book was not the best the movie was a bit better
Definitely this book is not one of my favorites by Sylvia Day, however I think Passionflix did a good job based on what it had, I liked the casting but the screenplay didn't live up to a better movie because in general the book was not that good to begin with. The adaptation from the book was good, they took the storyline, with the actor portraying how I picture them on the book, hope they take on better a book by Sylvia Day in the future.

Hollywood Dirt

First film by Passionflix
This movie is the first for the new Passionflix platform, they started this company to bring the best adaptations possible from the books to the screen, based on what the fans wants to see with a director that loves book, so yes this is a very good adaptation from the book, I truly enjoyed it more than the book itself and that is difficult for me to achieve. Casting was spot-on and their good work with the director showed up on screen. Keep an eye on Passionflix films.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Hard limit
Trying to come up with a review for the first installment of Fifty Shades is not easy, the adaptation from the book, let's just say it has the general idea, the actors where good cast for their characters, but it seemed a bit rushed, the soundtrack is fantastic though. The book had such an impact around the world that I understand it wouldn't be easy to live up to the hipe, but I think more input from the author would've been helpful, the following movies the screenplay was adapted by her husband and that made a big difference.


Book adaptation that needed a bit more
The Fallen series by Lauren Kate are one of the best YA Fallen Angel series there is, however the movie was not up to the greatness that the books provide. This adaptation was enjoyable, the actors they choose where really good based on their character's descriptions, but something was missed, I hope they make the rest of the series otherwise this movie is laking immensely on the deepness of the story line. It will not make sense at all. I suggest reading the books instead or after you watch this, definitely it didn't do it justice.

Forever My Girl

An inspired movie based on a book
This movie is inspired on the book not an adaptation, that being clarified, I liked some of the difference they made, however the general idea of the book was there, the soundtrack is good, I enjoyed the movie, but being on a series not sure how they can connect in the future with the changes they made, I don't think it will nor the following movies from the other books will be made. As a single book this movie is good and you will enjoy it, the actors did a good job portraying their characters, if you haven't read the book I recommend it, way better than the movie as most books to screen adaptations go.

Gabriel's Inferno: Part One

A perfect book to screen adaptation!
Having read the books and being a fan of them for years, I really wanted the movie to be like the book, as every reader expects every adaptation to be, fortunately this movie was produced by Passionflix with the author Sylvain Reynard completely involved in each step of the project, making this adaptation simply perfect. Every detail in the book is on screen, each phrase is spoken, each song heard and every emotion felt. Simply a great romance story brought to life with each actor portraying their character and nailing it to perfection. Giulio Berruti and Melanie Zanetti did a terrific job, words can't never express how thankful we all are with the whole cast, crew and production, their committed showed and their hard work is reflected on screen. Simply a movie everyone needs to watch and books that will become a classic that every reader should experience.


Good movie adaptation, needs sequels to understand all the story behind it.
After movie is based on the novel After by Anna Todd,. The adaptation is good, the actors where phenomenal. Without giving any spoilers I should say that the book is quite big, making a movie and fit it all in under 2 hour movie is just impossible, so have that in mind. The start of the relationship between Tessa and Hardin might seem a bit rushed, but for a movie it's good. I would've loved more time on screen with other characters, but I know they will be there if a sequel is done. All the important things are there, they had to make some adjustments, but having Anna Todd as a producer and very well involved in the movie making has it's advantages, so I know anything and everything that is needed in the movie to project the core of the story will be there. I really hope we get more movies as the story is worth.

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