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Nobody's Fool

My Rating : 7/10

Paul Newman, the blue-eyed devil goes to work on this emotional, loving story of his failure as a parent and his reconciliation with never wanting to grow up and how it has shaped everyone around him.

It's a nice drama with surprises which you would be hopeful of anticipating akin to a sweet suspense of how the movie will turn out given the issues.

It's a cute movie, look for it.


Honest, painful yet so much fun!
My Rating : 8/10

Krzysztof Kieslowski named 'Kes' as one of the films that affected him most as a cinema-goer and so I had to take the plunge and I wasn't disappointed. It's a laughter-riot steeped in oodles of tragedy. Equal parts primitive and intelligent, 'Kes' is full of life and the atmosphere of the film is very upbeat and practical.

While I do not like to see the main character in such conflicting situations at such a young age, it is a straight-up, rough around the edges look at the reality of his life. Utterly relatable and a very well-made film too.

Small, significant and sublime. Clicks tongue.


To make a film is to connect living beings through looking.
My Rating : 6/10

Employing subjects of violence and gore, 'Thar' is profanely sublime. The subliminally slow and suspenseful plot makes for a rather interesting movie.

I won't go into the usual filmic critique as it's value is lost thus. The only souvenir is the harshness of crime and the coldness of the protagonist's tears.

Ok for a one-time viewing or multiple, your call.

Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy

Kanye West on the top of the world.
My Rating : 10/10 ♠ jeen-yuhs ♠

Kanye West - however distorted his public image maybe, no stranger to controversy (all thanks to the media!) - here in 'jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy' we see a humble man struggling for his dreams, a regular guy whose creativity shook the world of hip-hop, out with the money, women, drugs and in with faith, God, life and everything good in it.

All the fame, controversy, money, shoes, flashing lights mean nothing - seeing Kanye with his mother happy and absolutely having the best time of his life is what life is all about, that's the authentic world of this young boy making his mama proud and always drawing his inspiration from her love and positive encouragement to pursue his dreams.

It shows the real Kanye, the old Kanye, the remarkable beat-making Kanye, the faithful philosopher Kanye (the name means 'the only one', after all) with his trademark singular mindset of living and appreciating life inspite of the knocks it throws at you.

This is Yeezy unfiltered, living it up with grace, faith and his signature overconfidence and arrogance that we all love!

'The giant looks in the mirror and sees nothing'.

Saint Maud

Spiritual violence of the highest order.
My Rating : 7/10

Is it a master-masterpiece? Oh well, I don't know since that term gets thrown around a lot.

It takes a lot to make a female-oriented religious movie. The storyline and interior drama of the protagonist is a bit violent in nature hence it's aptly put down in the Horror category. For those who have watched Priest movies like Paul Schrader's First Reformed or Ingmar Bergman's classic 'Winter Light' you're in for a treat, this is far more extreme.

It's loud, repulsive and if you like your art visceral, watch Saint Maud.

Raising Arizona

Funny and oddball comedy done really well.
My Rating : 8/10.

Just watched it the other day and loved it.

Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter are super cute, Joel Coen and team have done a fine job.

The humour is non-stop, the tragedy is undoubtedly comic in nature. Must-see.

Love Hostel

Anti-climactic and utterly forgettable.
My Rating : 2/10.

Why are movies like this even made? There's nothing going for this movie, while it is directed well in some parts the storyline is nothing unique and totally bland.

Lacks substance and while the actors have done their job for their pay check, the writers have absolutely missed the mark on this and just filled it with a one-dimensional villain shooting everyone and everything in sight.

Very disappointing.

Gangubai Kathiawadi

Risky subject by SLB, Alia delivers as usual.
My Rating : 6/10.

'Gangubai Kathiawadi' is Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next after the much lauded 'Padmaavat'. Much like the quaint cinema world he is known for, this is no different in that regard. The story is however very sad and depressive overall.

Alia Bhatt is at her best and no doubt gives an outstanding performance however the movie has lots of melodrama and dialoguebaazi - if that's your thing.

OK for a one-time viewing.

Rocket Boys

Rocket Boys is ambitious, inspiring and moving!
My Rating : 7/10.

This is perhaps the best way this story could have been told about the journey of India's 1947 independence struggle through to the launch of the first nuclear and space program helmed by India's architects for scientific progress Dr. Homi J Bhabha and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.

Rocket Boys is a gripping narrative about the rise and rise of their scientific research, the ignition of Apsara, India's first nuclear reactor and the launch of her first indigenous rocket to space, in the backdrop of the 1962 Indo-China war, and beyond.

The inter-drama of the different struggles of the different factions of politics, science and history is legendary and the performances of the entire cast is exceptional! Also, after Scam 1992, Achint Thakkar has again created a theme that we can't skip - absolutely addictive!

A proud moment. Highest recommendation from this viewer.

A Thursday

Beautifully shot thriller; Engaging and Daring!
My Rating : 7/10

Bollywood doesn't make very many of these and the few they do make fall short somewhere or other. 'A Thursday' however delivers from the start and gets to work!

Yami Gautam and Atul Kulkarni do a brilliant job and hopefully do more of this type of genre, the characters really suit them here.

Simple storyline executed beautifully with the Mumbai rains as a backdrop. Recommended.

The Great Indian Murder

Engaging albeit a bit amateurish in its execution.
My Rating : 7/10

A lot of polarising viewpoints on this web series, some have enjoyed it while others have hated its slow paced and confused storytelling. I enjoyed it for the most part, mainly because of the choice of the actors.

The storyline is good, the execution is a bit off at times and feels a bit non-sensical and only there to fill up the time.

Overall, it's engaging enough to watch and would like to see the second part be more tight and hopefully ends on a high note.


Eerie, dark and a very gripping slow-burn series..!
My Rating : 8/10

Looking for something suspenseful and unusual? 'Human' has you covered. It's an interesting subject and the makers have done a splendid job executing it. The actors are all very much engaging and believable however Shefali Shah stands out delivering one of her career's best performance.

The unusual touches and quirks of the show really make it something different and the various stories are all nicely connected up to the main storyline.

Iconic, 'Human' is a rare web series, absolutely look forward to the next season!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Lively, engaging Marvel movie!
My Rating : 8/10

Extremely well-made, I thoroughly enjoyed 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' and without hesitation would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a funny, engaging Martial arts-inspired Superhero movie.

Loved the chemistry between all actors and the casting is very good!

Cute superhero action movie with some creative fun stuff!

9/11: One Day in America

Best 9/11 Documentary By Far - Heartbreaking, Gut-wrenching and Utterly terrifying...
My Rating : 10/10 ♠ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ♠

Easily the best documentary to showcase what it was like on the ground and inside the towers on that world-changing day. So many other documentaries go over the same stories over and over without anything new, but this series puts the viewer on the ground via camera footage taken that day minute by minute with narration from the survivors who were actually there.

There's so much footage here you've undoubtedly never seen before. It's heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, and utterly terrifying... But it's also history, and it's important that we never forget what happened on that day.

Highest Recommendation.

The Father

My Rating : 8/10

Well, I really loved this film. The way the story is told is refreshing and keeps the viewer guessing - you will know when you watch it!

I'm sure this will touch many hearts, it's a drama which really gives you something to feel.

Go ahead, seek it out!


Outstanding sci-fi body-horror.
My Rating : 8/10

David Cronenberg is the mastermind body-horror director and here with Possessor his son gives it his spin. A very trippy, engaging film; Inception-esque but a lot more simpler in its approach to the subject matter.

Interesting premise and directed and acted brilliantly. Highest Recommendation.

Lat sau san taam

John Woo's Hong Kong actioner is one of his very best no doubt!
My Rating : 7/10

If you're into action films, 'Hard-Boiled' is brimming with it right from the opening scenes. Chow Yun-Fat, toothpick in mouth, a gun in each hand, that's all of the plot you need to know!

Hard-core action classic from the 90s, do not miss!


Touching Sci-fi drama, though lacklustre ultimately.
My Rating : 5/10

Simple premise, it's engaging though there's not much going on here at all. A lot of cheesy emotional scenes - I don't really understand why the movie made into production when there's nothing substantial in the story or the characters.

OK for a one-time viewing, nothing much to add.


Gripping! One of the best serial killer movies.
My Rating : 9/10

I won't go into the plot details, that would be giving away too much. 'Copycat' - inspite of the name is rather original in premise.

The best part about the movie are the actors! They are perfect in their roles and give the movie that additional X-factor.

You cannot go wrong with 'Copycat' if you're into serial killer movies, highest recommendation from this viewer.


Underwhelming, to be honest.
My Rating : 5/10

Take whatever meaning or so-called 'message' from 'The Wailing' - it leaves you with many to think about. For me, I can't seem to enjoy it as much - just felt a bit dull and boring - I wish the movie was more hypnotising and engaging after hearing so much about it everywhere online. It's okay - it's not a 'masterpiece' in my books - yes the last 20 or so minutes are really good to watch as a movie-goer but it doesn't really do much after that initial viewing.

So for me it's 5/10 for 'The Wailing' certainly not an 8 which I was hoping it would be after the hype surrounding it and the glowing reviews it's been showered with.

Would You Rather

A bit too grim and doesn't really do much for me but it's ok for the most part.
My Rating : 5/10

Good acting by all however it's a very bleak storyline and really a hard one to decipher at times - human nature at it's worst I suppose is what it explores.

A bit hopeless overall so I guess it's the reason why it doesn't do much for me - needs just a little happy-something to make it really work.

Nine Dead

Very carefully put together for the desired effect.
My Rating : 7/10

Well, I love thrillers/mystery-dramas and this is a real good one - it's not too complicated but it achieves the director's vision for the audience - leaves you a little frustrated but that's the intention - why do you want a satisfying ending? That's what really makes the movie thought-provoking.

I loved it - if you don't like gory slasher movies this is perfect - very easy to watch - nothing too scary at all.


Underrated. Very surprised at how good it is.
My Rating : 7/10

So I won't give away any spoilers - it's a very good thriller and has some nice twists to keep you engaged.

Well-crafted, thought-provoking mystery. Highly recommended for fans of the genre!


What's with the short vignettes? Makes no sense.
My Rating : 6/10

It's an okay movie except there's some random scenes in the middle which don't have anything to do with the main story - why?? It's pointless.

Tampopo is watchable if you like ramen noodles - though a lot of the scenes didn't really work for me.

On to the next one.


Brilliant cast, progressive storyline, all round feel-good drama!
My Rating : 7/10

It's all in the details - 'Pagglait' is a Bollywood drama/comedy. The plot says - 'Widowed soon after marriage, a young woman grapples with an inability to grieve around quirky relatives and a startling discovery about her late husband.'

It's sharp, subtle and just a beautifully told story which in Bollywood is referred to as 'slice of life' - parts comedy, drama, sadness, bickering - everything is here like a bhel-puri...or should I say pani-puri?

Just let the story unfold, it's engaging and fun - have a Pepsi too while you're at it! Nice work team - Sanya Malhotra, Sayani Gupta, Sheeba Chaddha, Ashutosh Rana, Raghubir Yadav, Jameel Khan, Rajesh Tailang (and everyone else) and let's not forget the Dadi and Arijit Singh's background music and score...Nice one Team Pagglait.

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