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Ghost in the Shell

very disappointed
I really wish they would have made this movie through an independent studio.

First the casting is all wrong. It's not the whole white wash thing, it's the Scarlett Johansson as a scifi actor thing. It's like watching the female version of keano Reeves. She simply can't act. Putting Pilou Asbæk next to her was twice the punishment! The whole Hollywood type casting thing drags down movies.

Second was the storyline and the writing. It was seriously lacking. A. you knew what was coming before it ever came. B. trying to hide the lack of good dialog behind action scenes only goes so far. This whole movie lacked any substantial dialog at all. They were throwing scenes in the movie that were frankly pointless because they couldn't write anything meaningful. Even the last battle scene was just lame. They wrote so poorly they even left cliff hangers in segments where there should have been action.

I wouldn't spend a dime to go see this movie and I'm glad I watched it online because of that.

110 million and this is the garbage they threw out. it wasn't even 1/2 as good as Lucy, not that Lucy was some epicly great movie. I can only hope the blade runner remake isn't this epicly bad.

A Cure for Wellness

people should stop calling this movie weird
This movie is well shot, well acted and has great production value. The problem with it is the script has so many bad clichés. There are a million plot holes. There is really no original story in this whole movie. Is it watchable yes. It will actually keep your attention oddly enough. But not because it's some great movie. When I watched the movie, it was with the feeling of, I've seen this before I'm kind of bored but lets see where it goes. You could actually put the whole script together through old twilight zone and outer limits episodes plots. I have read a lot of people say this movie is "weird." I'm not really sure where they get that description. I think one person labeled it and it stuck. The movie itself is not "weird." My guess is most the reviewers using that term are young. This movie is no weirder than any other dark thriller movie. Some aspects of it are a lot like the girl with the dragon tattoo. It has some sexual content that most people simply don't know how to handle so it's just deemed "weird." If you think this movie is weird you most likely haven't seen a real weird movie like The Lobster or Clockwork orange. Needless to say this movie ranks very low to not at all on my weird meter and frankly is the worst description of it after having watched it.

It's suppose to be a creepy suspenseful thriller. It kind of fails at that. You could tell they were going for some kind of girl with a dragon tattoo thing. They did kind of land that. in the end it's a 7/10. It's OK to watch, nothing I would go pay to see. Glad I didn't


What do you get when you add the stars of Peaky Blinder and The fall to a kick ass script about a true story of a world war 2 assassination....One brilliant movie! I had seen the preview for this movie and was totally interested. For once I was not disappointed. This is one of my favorite movies of the year so far. The story is interesting, the characters are well acted and the production and special effects are on point. When you watch this movie you simply will not see flaws. It is a perfect example of when everything goes right and the audience walks out pleased. I could not be happier to see these two actors do well. They have proved to be solid in TV shows and in smaller roles in other movies. This is the first time I had seen either in a lead role and they commanded the screen. The script was well paced and there wasn't one moment of filler time in this movie. There is no doubt I will end up watching this movie again showing it to others.


What a poor incorrect view of society
There is no doubt the money for this so called "film" was thrown in from some individual like George Soros who is more hell bent on crashing a country for his own economic gain than anyone with a real perspective on reality.

Let me make this point very clear as the film does not. It is dangerous to try to call the imprisonment of criminals "racist" or "dangerous" The one sided lens of this film is just glaring. As someone from Chicago I read the Chicago Trubine frequently. The story and the plea from law enforcement is always the same. Repeat offender....unable to keep them in prison....back out on the street committing more crime. It is a very false narrative to view things in the legs that the prison is only out there to "make money." If that were the case I assure you there would be more as there is a supply of them so large they are releasing them back out onto the streets to continue to commit violent acts. They don't need to lock up people simply for "race" to fill the prisons. Furthermore, the largest subset of people effected by their release are other Black people. Who are frequently the victim of their violent criminals. This so called "director" seems to want to scream and shout racism and greed with no realistic view to the reality of the world we live in. By far and away the courts try to keep people for minor offenses out of jails, as their are so many violent criminals they simply don't have the space. This fact is completely left out of the discussion. Furthermore, he refuses to recognize that blacks by a wide margin commit the vast majority of violent crime in this country. Which explains the higher incarceration rate. You can hand me 1 million excuses, but in the end, the criminal chooses his act. Other people choose differently, aka not to live like a criminal and to respect other people. This maybe the worst 1 sided total BS documentary I have ever seen. It has absolutely no redeeming qualities to it. It is devoid of any intelligent discussion, thought provoking questions, and frankly any even remotely reasonable conclusions. I have seen tin foil hate space alien conspiracy theory documentaries that had more credibility than this. 1/10 only because I can't rank it any lower. The people who made this film are not part of any solution they are indeed part of the problem. They will end up teaching more people that it's the "racist" "corrupt" world that makes them criminals instead of focusing on helping them make the right choices in life. Even former gang members will tell you they needed to make better choices in life and failed to do so, which is why they ended up in prison. Propaganda like this will only lead to further imprisonment of black youth who will continue to believe lies instead of understanding their choices. I hope they can sleep well with the money they hope to collect on this truly is blood money.


1st episode and hooked
HBO has been putting out a lot of bad content lately, don't get me started on the True Detectives season 2. So I went into this one skeptical of what I would get as HBO really has been hit or miss with TV series. This first episode starts out with a twist and seems to really roll out smoothly from there. The acting is top notch with actors playing roles well suited for them. While the general concept itself has been done before, I can not recall it being done in such a graphic way. It reminds me of a very twisted Humans show on the BBC if you are familiar with it. Being on HBO has let the show be much darker and frankly creepier than what you get on the BBC, however I did have a sense that they were holding back on some of it. While the writing of the show was well above average I was left with a sense that they were not allowed to really show you how twisted their thought was for this series as they didn't want to turn people off with it being too demented. Although in some sense you almost wish they would have gone for it. As usual being on HBO the production level was out of this world. Unlike a lot of series that have a hard time getting good production value due to budget constraints West World looks top notch. You never have a sense they are skimping on the budget. The characters are interesting and well thought out and the world created will get your scifi mind running. The 1st episode definitely got the show on my Sunday viewing list. The show is going head to head with Humans in it's concept and I was a fan of Humans not just for the concept but the story alone with it. West World has the advantage of an adult rating but can they develop a greater story, that will decide this shows fate. But as of now, it's worth the watch.

The Infiltrator

enough to hold your interest but nothing memorable
I had been waiting to watch this movie for some time so when I finally did I was really stoked to check it out. Bryan Cranston in the movie definitely peaked my interest as he did a really great job in Breaking Bad. Let me start by saying I thought the production value of this movie was excellent. The retro vibe in the movie really helps sell it and in some sense is almost comical. Those huge 80s cell phones, the awkward 80s clothes, it really helps sell this movie and create a nice vibe. However past that there really seems to be something missing from this movie. The first part of it starts out rather well. For the most part in the beginning of the movie the acting is done well and the story seems to move along at a decent pace. However toward the last 1/3 of the move it really seems like we are simply going through motions from A to B to C. And while they are able to sell some thing to the viewer in the movie, a good deal of what they were hoping for seems to be lacking. They really try to sell this idea that the main characters get caught up and attached vibe in the last 1/3 of the movie. However neither the script nor the acting really pulls that off. You never really have this sense that he is sucked in and almost guilty for being an agent. They try hard to sell it in the script but the emotional attachment simply wasn't there. There is a line at the end of the movie that really makes the failure stand out as one character says "none of your real friends went to jail today" But at no time was there any real belief that any sort of real relationship developed. Which leaves the viewer with the reality that the whole movie is just a string of scenes from A to Z but no dynamic or character development. There are two kinds of scenes in a movie. The 1st kind moves the movie forward. The second kind tells us something important about a character. There is plenty of the 1st kind in this movie. The second kind really seems to be lacking. For that reason I gave the movie a 7/10. It's an interesting story and going from point A to point Z will keep you entertained. But after watching it you will realize nothing really memorable happened in the movie and that it was just kind of a bland movie.

War Dogs

This years we wish we were Goodfellas
Let me start by saying I'm not sure why they have tried to label this movie a comedy. It really isn't funny nor does it seem like a comedy in any way shape or form. Like much of Hill's earlier work, it's just not funny. It's another Hill movie where he is type caste into the roll where he is some sort of sleazy bad guy doing anything for money. Not sure why he keeps getting those rolls as frankly, he's not every good in them. There are drugs, they drop the F bomb a whole ton because you know those things are "cool" and are what make a movie, and there of course there is the back drop of a story about guns. If you can't tell i'm being sarcastic there. The whole movie is shot in the same style and manner as GoodFella's was, much like wolf of wall st tried to copy (but came up short) and they are obviously trying to capture into that style of movie. To be honest the movie idea is interesting in the sense that it goes into the story of these two guys running guns based off a true story. But it really falls short in that you can see right through the movie as being another type caste movie of that type. There is nothing ground breaking in this movie and frankly the casting simply isn't that good. Hill frankly just isn't capable of really pulling off these characters (I'm kind of shocked people are still putting him in movies), and his co-star is really a sub par actor not capable of really playing the other side of the role. There are a lot of reasons why this movie seems to sink. The bad acting is one of them, but the main reason really seems to be on the script. We have seen this story before.....many times before. It's old and worn. They added nothing really new to it, and frankly didn't do it nearly as good as the ones that really stand out that were done before it. There really is a lot missing here in order to really make this a must see movie. I don't know if the story itself is just not that interesting to actually be put on film or that they couldn't do anything creative with it. What I do know is that none of the characters stood out and make me think that will be an epicly remembered character or story line. It's something to watch if you are bored but if you are looking for a good movie, this simply isn't it. In a summer full of really disappointing and bad movies this is another one to throw into the trash can.


was this written by a 3rd grader
This movie was awful. The story was so bad it's comical. Radcliffe stumbles through every hard point in the whole movie, while he is magically loved by everyone for no reason. This movie is a wanna be point break with a really poor story line.

While it starts out with a nice concept and rolls out with promise by half way into the movie you are just left with bad clichés and poorly written dialog and script. The movie lacks any real tension, any climax, any action and any reason to root for the "good guy" It is bland and has the feel like it was written by a 3rd grader as none of it connects in any interesting way. You are left with a movie that hopes to get people in for shock value and an actors name. My suggestion is don't waste a single dime on this movie. There are better ones to go see.

Suicide Squad

don't waste your money
This movie is painful to watch. DC comics has no idea what it is doing. This was their answer to deadpool and it simply sucks. Harley Quinn is the only character in here that is even remotely entertaining. Jared Leto is the worst joker I have ever seen. He is terrible. His lines are terrible, his acting is terrible, it's an embarrassment to even associate the joker with him. Will Smith flops in another movie. His ego has seriously blown his head up way to big. He simply puts no effort into roles now. He just mails it in. I was expecting a whole lot more from this movie. It's the most pathetic group of "bad guys" I have ever seen. This whole movie should have been shelved day one. The script was awful, most of the casting was awful, most of the acting was awful, and the directing was horrible. DC is just having a very hard time in putting anything together. First Batman vs Superman was an epic failure now this. They both suffer from the same problems too. How can you not learn from your mistakes. I would suggest everyone else does and not waste their money on this movie


It sucks you in but takes you nowhere.
This is a movie that will grab your attention. You will develop interest in the characters and the story that they are in. However, the movie doesn't take you anywhere and that seems to be the glaring problem. All movies need an arc. Stories are suppose to have some sort of end. While the beginning and even middle of this story draw you in and end falls flat. While the acting in the movie is above average and while production value is very good the obvious whole is too much to look past. What we are left with is the script that simply has no idea where it is going. This is why this movie is rated as 6/10 on the site.

We get an interest in these characters and their story but it doesn't actually have any interesting story to tell you about them. The whole movie is simply a waiting for the climax that never comes. As if they pieced together scenes to generate interest but then take it nowhere.

I love the concept, the acting, the production. But this is a script that needed a lot of work before being shot. As the story needs to be more than simply the effects of the disease. We are expecting more from these characters story lines. Stories about nothing tend to be nothing anyone wants to watch. The last thing a movie should do is leave the audience wanting in a bad way at the end. I give it a 7/10 which is more than most rated it. Because there is a fair bit of quality work here. It's not that the movie isn't interesting. It is. It just lets you down after such a good start.


maybe the worst movie of the year
this movie was horrible. There was 1 funny line in the whole movie by Leslie Jones. The rest of it was just horrible. The script was awful, the acting was awful and ripping off the old one is disgraceful. I don't know why people from the original came in to do cameo. I guess it was a pay check. Fact is the story was so bad I was looking at email on my phone after 20 minutes in. They simply didn't know where to go with this cast. They wanted everyone to be the funny one, but yet they simply couldn't pull it together. They totally lost the chemistry and the feel for each character. The "egon" like one was so bad it was hard to even watch her. She was neither nerdy or cool. She surely wasn't funny in desperate attempts to be.

They really didn't need to make this movie. If they are planning a sequel they should just stop now.

The Night Of

this is a worn story
HBO has been struggling with new content as of late. You take away GOT and there isn't a single show on it worth the watch. This is another prime example.

First lets start out with the same old played PC Hollywood formula. There is a white girl. She obviously has to have sex with a minority. There are a couple black dudes who seem like "trouble". They get high. He wakes up and there is a murder....OH the mystery.....

This frankly was awful. I expect so much better from an HBO series. The most interesting character in this are the beat cops who have a couple good lines. But mostly all the characters old and worn.

This 1st episode was long.....too long. 1 hour and 18 minutes for what could have been done in 50 minutes. The extra 28 minutes in length really made the show boring. I was playing with my dog for the last 30 minutes as it just started to really lose interest.

The story was really badly written. This idea that the cops rush an arrest. Don't catch a the bad driver with blood on his hands. Don't pat him down while he's holding a knife....etc... I just had no realistic feel to it. The conversations were not very interesting, and the most important thing of every movie is it lacked drive. Every character is suppose to have an ark, think of GOT and how many characters have ark. That is what makes shows interesting. All characters having angles. But there are tons of characters who have no ark. Causing the show to have no constant drive. This cause the show to end up boring and lacking any real action. They also really limited any sort of suspense in the show.

This show is a 5/10. I know some are trying to give it higher. They are either working on the show or really have no idea what a good show is. The story here is Hollywood drivel with the same old Hollywood character script.

If you are going to make a murder show Please be more original, we have seen this story 1,000x already


AMC chasing the comic books hard.
Yet another AMC title plucked from comic books. Taking another adult dark drama comic and converting it into another Sunday night show. It has a nice deep story line with lots of little odds and ends that make it an interesting watch. The writers have done a good job on molding their material from the comics to a watchable TV series.

After watching the first 6 episodes the show really reminds me a lot of Orphan Black. It comes on pretty strong with a lot of mystery about the plot; that is as long as you aren't getting the backstory somewhere else. To really enjoy it, the best thing you can do is stop reading about it and just go watch it. Just like orphan black they try to add a lot of corky characters in the mix to keep the show interesting. Absolutely love the Irish vampire. The acting is also well above average.

However much like Orphan Black it has some serious story and plot down falls. Which really takes something from the show. You can't sit back and really think about this show to much. Doing so will destroy the show for you as there are simply way to many logical downfalls and utter ridiculous plot lines. You really have to turn your mind off in order to actually enjoy it. The main problem with that is the question of how long can that go on before it gets stale, much like Orphan Black did. Unlike Orphan Black, they at least have some source material to work with and to point the story in a direction past season 1 and 2 to help it prevent falling off the I can't believe we made it this far cliff. The bad part is this show is no breaking bad on the interest level meter due to the serious pit falls. I don't view this show as having "up side" like breaking bad did aka got better after the first 2 seasons. It really has the feeling of a the 1st season is the only one worth watching show.

I am still left with a feeling the AMC is scrambling to find that next breaking bad dark drama. While they may have a hit with the walking dead, it's never really got back up to it's season one greatness. And this show really feels like they are going back to the same well to find another show. Even the narration is the same to the walking dead. My worry for this show is the same sort of season 2 crash TWD had. However I don't think this show will recover from it as the general theme and plot just don't spark the same level of interest.

7/10. It's better than most shows that are out there. But that isn't saying a lot. The acting is good and the premises was good. But the logic in the story line fails the show. Much like a lot of other series that ended up on AMC I don't think this one makes it past year 2 or 3.

X-Men: Apocalypse

the worst of the xmen series yet
The more I learn about film the harder it has been to actually sit down and watch bad movies. There is an exercise called scene analysis. You break down everything that happens in a scene, and it allows you to see why a scene failed and why a scene succeeds. Once you get into the habit of looking at movies this way it become painfully hard to see why movies don't work. This movie starts out fairly well. You are immediately set into the plot. There is no waiting around on the movie. However the movie falls apart from there. The screen is big, it's big for a reason. We go to SEE something. In film it's called exposition. Where you see things or hear things to move a story forward. I read an example of this years ago. That makes total sense and shows why movies fail. When you see a good movie, it never entails two characters talking about the movie or the plot of the movie. That's what the big screen is for, to show us. The constant use of character dialog exposition in this movie is simply painful. No one wants to hear a character say "we have to get the bomb in the bank or it will blow up the whole orphanage next door and none of those kids will ever get to be adopted to a loving home" Instead, we want to see the the bomb in the bank, with the bank next to the orphanage, with some sort of character tie in or an orphan kid with a chance of being adopted. Show us, don't tell us! We came to SEE a moving picture. This kind of poor script writing is all over this xmen movie. It's painful to watch it once someone points it out to you. I must also comment on why they are always kidding bopping these superhero movies. Their audience is greater than 14 year old kids. It's like Hollywood misses that. It reminds me of spiderman constantly being some highschool kid, He was a full grown man and scientist in the comic books!! This in xmen is no difference. The how they aged and history setting part just falls flat as they come in as it reduces the movie to a teeny bopper movie. Lastly the acting in this movie. This might have been the worst one yet. Please for the love of god someone teach sanza stark how to act. She is horrible in this. Is she simply type cast into the same, scared naive role in everything she does? She simply stands out in this movie like a crap stain on a beautiful white rug. She was by far the worst possible person to put in this movie. Not only for the movie, but frankly her career. As the script was never going to sell her as a more dynamic actress. And why is wolverine in this movie. There is no continuation or story line of him that makes any sense. He was already in the other 2 movies that were "retro" but yet he's here again trapped in this thing. Just no concept of continuation in the series or the story lines. The script on this movie is about a 2/10, the acting about a 4/10, the special effects were OK but nothing mind blowing. Some of them actually looked pretty hokey like the brooklyn bridge in New York. 4/10. I feel bad for the x-men series. It has such great potential and possible story lines. But it has been destroyed by Hollywood drivel poor acting, and awful script writing. It needs a real remake. You can't look at movies that got it right like deadpool and then come back to this one and say they are even close to the same level. Save your money, this is a flop.

Hardcore Henry

horribly bad
wow tried to watch this thing, it's awful.

The script might as well be written by a game designer. It's so horrible. This is suppose to be a movie, we expect better writing at this level. The camera work is awful. Can we say way to shaky. Half the shots look like a bad video game replay where the person is looking at the ground and you can't see what the hell is going on. They cut off people's face, who looks at people directly in the chest??? No one.

Just all in all, a really really bad movie. 3 for acting, 3 for script, 3 for camera work while the production quality is decent it simply doesn't make up for the rest.

3/10 don't waste your time.

Under sandet

Like a train wreck, great entertainment but the outcome is horrifying.
This was a very well written and acted movie. The production level was very good and after viewing it, I don't think it was a very expensive movie to film. Yet it might be one of the best films I have seen from 2015. I really liked the story line here. Post WWII with a real feel for the era. You had a very real sense that the anger these people were feeling was real. There are parts in the movie where you just had to think WOW it just got real. From the very beginning they were not going to hold back. You could really feel the emotional message of the movie.

The movie is not for people who like happy endings. This is a very powerful story that sucks you in, and it holds you there in suspense. It's like watching a train wreck. It's great entertainment but the outcome is simply horrifying as you know what is coming down the tracks. It is filled with anger, fear and dread. But also human connection, reflection, and the propensity for humans to know the moral right. There is no way you can look at this movie and say there is a "happy ending". Instead it gives you a real glimpse of the complexities of post WWII mechanics and human character.

There is simply no way to look past the harsh realities of this film. It speaks to who we are and how human beings react. But it also shows that while we may not be innocent, we try to preserve others who we think are.

1916: The Irish Rebellion

One of my favorite places in the whole world
For all those lovers of Ireland and Irish history. This is a doc done by the BBC. For the days leading up to the 1916 uprising. The video is worth a watch for sure if you don't already know the history. This covers the very beginning of it. The reason I have only given it a 7/10 is it doesn't go further into the story. It seems to end at the end of the uprising and give just a quick glance at how freedom for the Irish state was actually won some 5 years later. While the doc show some interesting older footage and give some historical context they seem to be hung up a lot on meaningless scenes of the ocean and repeating the same phrases and points over and over and over wait I don't know if the Irish horse is dead yet keep beating it again. There was a lot of filler time in this documentary. It could have either been shorter, or actually expanded the ending to give it some real closure than what it actually did. It would also be nice if they really dived into the history of the stories. They seem to just glance them. They could have also put forth effort into bringing in relevant modern connections. For anyone who has ever going to Dublin I would recommend a quick stop at the Post office on McConnel st. There is a museum inside dedicated to Irish independence and covers the story of the buildings role with the people who were inside it. It's 2 euro to get into the museum and probably the most educational 2 euro you will spend in Dublin. You will get your 2 euro worth.


This might be my favorite superhero movie of all time. There is simply no comparison. Let me start by saying how happy I am that they did not let Hollywood ruin this film by giving it a pg 13 rating. They allowed deadpool to be himself. It is witty, funny, and of course action packed with violence. I am kind of ticked they cut the budget on this movie, I can only imagine how much better the original script would have been. Usually when they do superhero movies I look at them with dread. Seeing Ben Aflack as batman makes me think instant bust. When I saw the horrible actor from green lantern staring I thought man they are going to trash another superhero movie. But absolutely nothing could have destroyed this script. It is so well written. The director did a great job in keeping it together and the acting simply did their job which is all they needed to do. I would watch this movie again in a heart beat. Best super hero movie in years maybe decades.

Point Break

I don't know why they tried to use the point break name
obviously this heap of garbage of a movie was an attempt at a money grab on the name of a mildly successful well known Point Break movie. 1st off, like the original the acting was pretty horrible. 2nd, unlike the original the screen play was awful. Things are just pieced together, no real story line of any realistic or logical conclusions. They really tried way to hard in this movie and it flopped. You need more than some extreme sport scenes to make a movie cool. This movie lacked any sort of real character development, any interest to pull the viewer in other than some nicely shot scenes. It's mostly Hollywood drivel. It's a shame they wasted such a huge budget on this movie, although I'm sure the extreme athletes who performed the stunts appreciated the pay check from it. I would skip this movie. Go watch the original it's better written, better acted (that's saying a lot) and a more interesting movie.


Good acting bad writing
I waited till I watched 4 episodes before I gave my opinion of this show. I really like Lewis as an actor. Homeland has gone down hill without him. Band of brothers rocked. But no matter how hard he rocks it as an actor, nothing can save this show from such poor writing. First off, it's very cliché and pseudo edgy. Adding sex into a show doesn't make it interesting when the rest of the script sucks. You simply can't count on it to produce a great show, just ask stars....or at least take your dribble there. There is also way to much filler crap going on that has nothing to do with the story line. It's like they couldn't expand the actual story so you get inconsequential dribble for 30 minutes of a 54 minute show. The cast of this show is fairly good. I'm kind of shocked that they agreed to actually take part in this show with such bad writing. I have nothing bad to say about the acting. It couldn't be acted better. But they simply can't save this show from the terrible writing. The worst part of it for Lewis is he's the main character so he can't get lucky enough to be written out of this flop. You would make better use of your time taking the dog for a walk than watching this crap. Don't have a dog...borrow the neighbors.

The Lobster

Surrealist entertainment.
Not a bad watch, definitely more interesting than some prefab dribble coming out of Hollywood. A very weird surrealist future revolving around couples, love, being single, and the basic premise of finding someone just as screwed up as you. The script and idea were well written, sarcastic with a bit of dry humor. The production quality was very solid. My one and only knock of this movie was "the constant talking like you are a robot." They need to not read straight off the cue cards. Maybe that was their vision I don't know, but it seemed to drag the movie down. It wasn't like that for the whole movie and definitely not all the characters. But for a few it was very odd and made the movie seem like it had poor acting. I will say one thing, this movie was definitely more interesting and a better use of film and budget than the revenant. I would watch it again.

The Revenant

award for what??
There is a lot of talk about how this movie is nominated for awards etc..and while I like Lenoardo in movies, frankly this might be one of his worst. The movie was not very good, in a lot of ways rather boring. The bear scene gets all this rave but frankly, it really wasn't all that. The bear even looked kind of cgi. the story itself was a bit much to swallow. The guy might as well have been in the crucible with the beating he took. Then he makes this magical comeback in a matter of a few days. Tom hardy's character must have been too busy preparing for legend or something because his role simply was not very well done. Furthermore he always sounded like he had marbles in his mouth. with all the hype people tried to give this movie I was expecting much much much better. Maybe with less expectation it would have been more enjoyable. But given all the hype it was a huge let down. I would not pay to see this film, i do not recommend it to people i know. If you want to see tom hardy in a better movie go see Legend. This is not the next inception block buster movie.


spike lee should just stop making films. From the 10 year old name of the film that is so worn Hillary Clinton used it you can already see how bad this movie is going to be. It's not 1980 anymore, Spike lee is simply old and out of touch and frankly not relevant anymore. He brings no edge to his movie, he isn't in touch with the "culture" that he is trying to represent, and frankly is trying desperately hard to connect with that audience. You can tell his connection with "being on the streets" is straight off twitter from his Hollywood home. The guy thinks he's writing great work on the notion of Aristophanes but really just tells a very bad rehash of a story that has been made over and over again. Trying to give it a hip urban theme just falls flat. Not to mention the story is so unbelievable no one in their right mind can sit there and watch it and take it seriously. It might as well have been a B movie. There are no amount of paid reviews that can make this movie look good. It's just garbage through and through. Save your money and wait for a decent movie to come out.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

not even JJ Abrams could have saved us from a commercial script.
If this would have been the original star wars released in the 1970s it would have bombed and no one would know what star wars is today. This is Hollywood garbage at it's finest. From the beginning you can tell it's a bad movie, with the lost storm trooper. Then what is a Hollywood movie with out an interracial black kid and a white girl. Wait of course in the end someone needs to loose a hand!!!! Can I mention how bad the acting was from Han and the Princess. They were frankly too old to be put in this movie to begin with. And while they look like they are 70 years old their "son" looks like he is 19!!!! Are you kidding me? This movie is exactly what a commercially produced Hollywood script looks like. You can not poll a movie script into perfection. You can not use the old Hollywood recipe for making movies, we see right through this garbage. Not to mention the fact that the girl learns the force all on her own there. No she don't need no Obi won or yoda, she's got this! Or the lame attempts at humor through out which suggest that instead of having a more serious tone to the movie like the originals had, it had become nothing more than a pop culture money grab. They have literally ran this movie into the ground. They are frankly running off a name that will be ruined in one generation. As the adults who grew up watching the first series look back on the last 4 we basically cringe. I am glad I got to see the movie for free, as I would have hated to hand over $10 to see this junk. It is simply an attempt to incorporate all the old story into re running the same story with new characters. But it failed, and hard. JJ should have known better than to put his hand on this one. Unlike star trek, this movie series will never be relivable until it is taken out of the hands of the corporate Hollywood machine.

Pawn Sacrifice

In the abyss of 7/10 movies
the first thing I think of when i see a 7/10 movie is I wonder what is really wrong with this movie. A 7/10 is usually what people give a movie if it is basically uninspiring, does not really catch their attention and is simply something they watched once and will never watch again. This movie fits that role. It is the story of bobby Fischer. Told from a perspective that he was completely nuts with mental illness and it revolved around communism. While a historical point that he was indeed stricken by mental illness is very true, pinning it on this Soviet communist paranoia is a bit stretching it. The acting of the movie was OK, the script was fairly well done, but no one is going to be talking about this movie around the water cooler and there are reasons for that. It's a very bland movie. It may possibly catch your attention for a one time watch, but it is simply a one off movie. Good for a DVD night at home, but I wouldn't go standing in line to go see it on the big screen paying tons of money for tickets.

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