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Stomp the Yard

Yes, it really is a bad movie.
The only reason I saw this movie is because I was at a sleepover birthday party, everyone else wanted to watch it, and I was in the minority. I expected it to be bad, and it was. First of all, whoever wrote the script has absolutely no talent. It's almost as if the screenwriter took every cliché he or she could think of and put them into a movie: it has a young man from the inner city trying to prove himself to rich people, it has a pivotal murder of a close family member (in the inner city, of course), a Romeo-and-Juliet-type romance between the inner city guy and a (gasp!) rich girl...all of these have been in numerous movies, and I'm sick of seeing them again and again. Also, not surprisingly, I COULD SEE ALMOST EVERY MOMENT OF THE MOVIE COMING. I think it's safe to say that there are few movies out there more predictable than this one. The dialogue was also yet another clichéd aspect of the movie. I mean, seriously, how many times have we heard words to the effect of "We're a team!" "I have to live my own life, Daddy!"? Lots, I'm sure. And lastly, the movie resorts to cheap tricks, like putting the main character's love interest in lots of unnecessarily revealing clothing, hoping to distract you from the fact that everything else is fairly uninteresting.

What stops me from giving this movie a 1 is the cinematography and the dancing, the only likable parts of the movie, as far as I'm concerned. But trust me, there are much, much better dance movies out there.

Disco Pigs

My all-time favorite movie
I happened upon this little-known Irish movie quite spontaneously. Being a fan of Cillian Murphy, I was looking at every film in his filmography (on IMDb, of course!) and as soon as I read the summary for this one, there was no going back. O.K., I have to admit, Cillian Murphy's good looks played a pretty big part, but the storyline is what really sealed the deal. I had never heard anything quite like it. However, this movie is not exactly available at your local American video store, so I went some months without actually seeing it. Then, I discovered the lovely world of YouTube and found some clips from the movie on there. I'm pleased to say what I saw more than exceeded my expectations. I must have watched each of those clips at least 10 times. Finally, in recent months, I was able to see the entire movie via Netflix. Ever since then, it has taken its rightful place as my favorite movie, and it probably will stay that way for a long while. It is by far the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. The way the relationship is depicted between the two characters is so beautiful that you almost forget it's an unhealthy relationship and that they inflict misfortune among quite a number of people. I also thought the movie's treatment of when Pig and Runt start to grow apart was also well-depicted. It was just a very well-shot movie. I also thought Cillian Murphy and Elaine Cassidy's acting was spectacular. Not to mention the makers of this film did a good job of making me feel the intensity and desperation Pig feels when he feels like he's losing the only person he's ever cared about. Simply heartbreaking.

I do recommend watching this with subtitles, as the Irish accents are terribly thick. But really, once you see this film, the subtitles won't matter at all.

Super Size Me

A rare, well-done documentary
I usually think documentaries are boring, but this one is different. First of all, you have to love the premise. Second of all, you have to admire Morgan Spurlock for his ambition. How many other people would have the guts to take that on? Obesity is a problem in this country that I think is being taken way too lightly. I'm not going to discriminate against someone because they're overweight, but they obviously have a serious issue that they need to take care of right away, whether they realize it or not. I also liked how he focused on childhood obesity. That is probably the most disturbing aspect of obesity, and shame on the parents for letting their children get that way. A little more than a week ago, I was in Ruby Tuesday with my father and I saw an already overweight girl, about eight or nine years old, eating a humongous ice cream all by herself AND a milkshake. I felt like taking her mom by the shoulders and saying, "You are slowly killing your daughter!" Which is true. Hopefully, this documentary is a wake-up call for many a person. Also, I share the view that McDonald's is a greedy enterprise that doesn't care how fat you get as long as you keep bringing in the dollars. I would be surprised if any company such as Burger King or Wendy's didn't share the same view. Now, I do enjoy the occasional fast food, but I'm not obese and the bulk of McDonald's money. The salads don't really help because they taste horrible (at least, according to my mother). My point is, not only is this documentary subtly powerful, it also doesn't lull you to sleep.

Mean Girls

This movie is awesome
In a world where girls constantly backstabbing each other is a serious and often dark subject, this dark comedy pokes fun at it. The jokes in this teen movie often make people of all ages laugh. All the actors were good at their parts except Lindsay Lohan, who I think is a horrible actress. In my opinion, Rachel McAdams, who played the ultimate bitch Regina George, was the most convincing and this is the one that brought her to national attention. I saw her in "Red-Eye" and she wasn't as good, but that doesn't matter in this review. It's probably the last teen movie so far that's made me laugh this hard. Other recent ones aren't funny at all and have flopped horribly, yet producers keep making them. Probably the reason that the box office isn't doing so well lately is because producers have underestimated Americans and feel that people will buy overpriced tickets and food just to see a movie with a huge star in it. However, Americans aren't so obsessed with celebrities that we would spend vast amounts of money on crappy movies with Cameron Diaz in them. America is hungry for quality movies, and we don't give a damn if the number one box office star is in them. This movie from last year delivers.

The Stepford Wives

Definitely not as bad as everyone says it is
I really don't understand why everyone thought this movie was horrible. What was wrong with it? It had a good plot, no one was horrible at their part, and it was funny. It was also artfully done and everything in it was beautiful. In my opinion, it's underrated. Whoever played the gay guy was great and Bette Midler did a great job, too. I thought those two were the funniest. Sure, there really was no need for a remake, but the makers did a great job, anyway? I like how they made the remake into a comedy, instead of a horror film like the original. However, I thought the ending was weak and corny. Overall, this movie does not live up to its reputation as a grave mistake. It's one of the few black comedies that I thought was hilarious and doesn't manage to come across as too bizarre for viewing. While the original one satirized women stereotypes in a rather dark way, this one poked fun at it. A thoroughly underrated must-see.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Bad movie
Jim Carrey is very funny, but this movie was a complete failure to me. It was just a bizarre, poorly-written kiddie movie, which are among the worst kinds of movies. I'm surprise it did as well as it did. I thought it was pretty bad. There were almost no funny jokes, the Grinch was way too bizarre (the kid version of him was too sadistic also), and when those elements weren't being presented, it was filled with corniness often found in bad kiddie movies. The way the Grinch was written was what ruined the whole movie for me. He was just too bizarre and too sadistic. I'm sure Jim Carrey did what he could with it, but "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is one story that shouldn't have been made into a full-length, non-animated movie. I thought it should've stayed an animated, 1950s TV movie. This was an attempt at "improving" a beloved tale that failed miserably. No one should have to watch this bad flick.

Nothing But Trouble

Simply horrible
I felt like I was being tortured when I saw this movie. Didn't the makers of this film know that fantasy-comedies almost never work? None of the actors and jokes that they uttered were funny in the slightest and it was too bizarre to be called tastefully artsy. The two obese baby-like men were the worst. They were simply unnecessary, not to mention too disgusting-looking to watch. Dan Akroyd usually writes some pretty funny stuff, but this was a failure for him. I swear, I can't remember one funny joke. I never thought Chevy Chase was that funny and he certainly isn't in this stinker of movie. I felt like Demi Moore was simply THERE: a pretty mannequin who never says anything worth listening to. In fact, the entire ensemble felt like props. It was a movie that proved Chevy Chase, John Candy, and Dan Akroyd's careers were failing. Also, the part where the really old man eats the grotesque and so-horrible-it's-inedible hot dog left me feeling sick for days. It still makes me feel sick when I think about it. This movie is one of the worst I've ever seen. It should never have been made.

The Breakfast Club

Best of the '80s teen flicks
I love this movie. It's a teen movie but it's not sugar-coated. It's realistic and a little bit gritty with memorable characters. You have all your stereotypical high school characters (the popular girl, the geek, the jock, the bad boy, and the weird girl), but you eventually find out that there's more to them than their labels. The popular girl's parents are bitterly divorced and her mother's an alcoholic, the geek is under enormous pressure to get good grades from his parents, the bad boy has an abusive and neglectful father and (expectantly) does badly at school, the jock is under enormous pressure to be tough and do good at sports from his father, and the weird girl's parents ignore her. They see that all have similar problems and are more alike than they first thought. They come out of the school building more open-minded. A miracle has just occurred: five high school kids who normally wouldn't give each other the time of day have become friends. This movie is unusual in that has a powerful message that teens can relate to. It's a reminder of a lost era when teen movies had substance and weren't presented as a stereotypical product of the teen movie machine, horrible scripts and all. I hope someday that era can be brought back.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Better than the book, but still not that good...
I think most of America, at least, has seen this movie. It's considered a classic in our society and a rite of passage for every American kid. I obviously have seen this movie but I thought it was only just OK. I thought the book was worse but the movie is far from great. The scenes with the Wonka-obsessed adults I thought were presented in a way that was hard for children to understand. I felt like I was watching an adult movie. I have to say this for the book: it did a better job in that department. If anything, this movie wasn't a very good adaptation. Plus, I thought it was a little out-of-character when Wonka blew up at Charlie and his grandpa. That was another element I thought was too grown-up. However, this movie has its winning points. I'm glad that unlike the book, the kids brought one parent each instead of both of them. That makes for less crowding. I also like how they added in Slugworth and his everlasting gobstopper test. All in all, this is just an OK movie. Its atmosphere was just a little too bizarre for my taste. It's still better than the book and mildly enjoyable to watch.

Dirty Dancing

A great and fun movie
I totally loved this movie! It had everything you could want in a light-hearted movie: romance, great songs, and dancing. It's a movie for all ages, even though it has the appearance of a teen movie. Almost all the songs are memorable and the romance between Baby and Johnny is heart-warming. I thought Jennifer Grey gave a somewhat flat performance as Baby but Patrick Swayze did a good job as Johnny. My favorite song appears only briefly, during the scene when Baby and Johnny are coming home from their first dance appearance and the car radio is on. The song is "Some Kind of Wonderful" by the Drifters. This became one of my favorite songs and it no doubt made a mark on my memory. My favorite scene is when Baby and Johnny are playing around in the dance studio, just before the grandson of the owner of Kellerman's comes in. This movie had a great plot line and beautiful scenery. This movie is as great as everyone says it is.

Tin Men

Pretty darn bad...
I just plain didn't like this movie. I didn't think any of the jokes were funny and it was boring. Who wants to watch a movie about TIN salesmen? I don't think Richard Dreyfuss or Danny DeVito are that funny. Plus, it was weird when Danny DeVito's wife had an affair with Richard Dreyfuss. I can't imagine Richard Dreyfuss having a romance in ANY movie. I'm sure plenty of people will disagree with me on this one, but I thought this was an awful movie. Bad comedies are the worst kinds of movies, the kind no one wants to watch. This is one of them. People who watch this movie are wasting their time. No doubt Richard Dreyfuss is a good actor, as we have seen from his Oscar for "The Goodbye Girl". I also enjoyed him in "Jaws". I just don't think comedy or romance is his vocation. As for Danny DeVito: he plays the same role each time and is good at those kinds of roles, but he's missing humor.


A fun movie to watch (and sing along to...)
The songs are great and the plot is classic. Those two qualities alone make "Grease" a memorable movie. My favorite song is "Grease is the Word", played during the opening credits. It's the 1950s but more musical! Sure it has its clichés, but somehow this movie is anything but corny. If you haven't seen this movie, PLEASE go out and see it! However, this movie is not perfect. There are two things wrong with it. First of all, I hate it when Sandy goes from a perfectly nice, sweet girl to a raunchier (and less classy) Marilyn Monroe. What was wrong with her previous nice girl persona? Did the writers feel that there was something WRONG with nice girls? That there should be less nice girls than raunchier (and less classy) Marilyn Monroes? I think it should be the other way around. It also didn't quite fit into the storyline. Second of all, what was with the car flying into the sky into the end? That didn't fit into the movie at all! Since when did it become a magical, Herbie-like flying car? I think it was the writers' desperate attempt to put something "magical" and "romantic" into the movie. That's the one (very) corny part in the movie, as well as hopelessly out-of-place. This movie is good, but it would've been better if there had been better writers.

Stand by Me

Great flick
I saw this movie a few years ago and I instantly thought it was great. It's a memorable story (adapted from an unusual literary venture for Stephen King) about four 12-year-old boys in 1959 who go in search of a dead body. Everything about this movie was memorable: the script, the acting, and most of all, the four boys. All of them had distinct personalities and backgrounds and didn't blend into each other like so many other movies like this. My favorite character was Chris Chambers, who was not only cute but a "bad boy" with a heart of gold (also the breakout role for River Phoenix). This is a must-see for anyone who likes a good movie. The only problem I had with this movie was that I found it unrealistic. The 12-year-old boys in the movies cussed every two words, smoked cigarettes regularly, and talked admiringly in detail about some girl's boobs. I found this unusual even for 1959. I was 12 once, and most of the boys I knew rarely cussed, never smoked anything, and were just a smidge too far from puberty to talk about a girl's boobs in detail. However, these small qualities are redeemed. This is a great movie from the great Stephen King.

The Sting

I thought this movie was quite boring. It was an interesting story and I like the theme music (now made familiar through music played by the neighborhood Good Humor man), but there was not enough action. I found myself sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen but nothing ever did. It wasn't that the plot was weak. It's just that things that happened in the plot were NOT INTERESTING! I don't quite understand why this movie is considered a classic. Maybe it just wasn't my kind of movie. If anything, this movie is for cinema fanatics only. It's too much art and not enough substance. Not for the excitement and intrigue seeker.


A Good Movie
I saw this movie and by the time it ended, I got the rare feeling that my time watching it was not wasted. The music was great, the scenery was beautiful (especially for me, a fan of the Jazz Age), the costumes looked authentic, the characters were well-acted, and the song and dance routines were well-performed. I also thought Queen Latifah was perfect for the part of Mama Morton and did a good job at it, too. Catherine Zeta-Jones wholeheartedly deserved the Oscar she got for this performance. Renee Zellweger was just as good. This movie is the best musical since "Grease", after a long period of whole-hearted efforts but lackluster results. A must-see for all you fans of musicals.

Jack and the Beanstalk

A Disappointment
I don't remember this movie having very many funny jokes other than the occasional quip from the late genius Lou Costello. I thought fantasy was the wrong genre for Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, the color was too bright and cheap-looking (I know, it was 1952), and it felt strange to be seeing a giant man and a giant woman in a movie from the early 1950s. While I wouldn't be so surprised to see those oddities in a modern day movie, it feels weird to be seeing them in a movie from quite a while ago, a little creepy, even. Don't ask me why, it just does. This movie came across as oddly-casted, looked like it was made on a low budget, and somehow gave off a feeling of creepiness instead of the humor we should be feeling. Abbott and Costello fans such as myself need not be missing anything if you've never seen this movie.

The Last Sign

Unwatchably Bad
This was the worst movie I have ever seen. No wonder it was released straight to video. I think everyone would've eventually walked out of the premiere. Almost everything about it was horrible. The acting made it sound like people just reading off the script (other than that, or people were over-acting with their face), the special effects looked like they were made on a Microsoft computer, the script sounded like it was written by an untalented 10-year-old, and the plot was the weakest ever written and made me constantly think, "What the heck is going on?". I wouldn't recommend this movie to my worst enemy. All copies of it should be destroyed!

Tonari no Totoro

Another Stunning Work from Hayao Miyazaki
I first saw this movie when I was very, very young. I loved it then and I love it now. It is like a beautiful painting. The visuals are fantastic, the plot charming, and the "totoros" are adorable (not to mention Mei). Miyazaki has refused to follow in the footsteps of other Japanese film-makers and do those awful anime movies that are, unfortunately, popular among many of my friends. Instead, he has made animated films that look and are captivating. I love how he did the fantasy element in this movie, with the totoros flying and doing magical wonders and Satsuki and Mei looking like they're having the time of their life. My favorite part is when Satsuki and Mei sneak outside to see the totoros and they make the trees grow (and their father has no clue!). The enchanting music during that part was what made it memorable. A must-see for all little kids.

The Phantom of the Opera

My All-Time Favorite Movie
I saw this movie a little over two weeks ago, and I have to say, it was the best movie I have ever seen. From the opening scene with the chandelier being raised and the fabulous music starting (my favorite part, by the way), it captivated me. It was the only perfect movie I have ever seen. The music was so stunning and managed to mesh modern and old-fashioned music without it seeming stupid like country and rap (a.k.a. "crap"). My favorite song is "The Phantom of the Opera". All the actors were brilliant except for Patrick Wilson ("Raoul de Chagny"), who had a good singing voice but wasn't a very good actor in this movie. The set and costumes were by far the most brilliant and eye-catching I have ever seen in a movie. I also love how they made the 1919 scenes in black and white and the rest in fabulous color. The choreography in the "Masquerade" scene was also lovely (that's my second-favorite part). There was more than smoke and mirrors, too. There was a certain enchantment, like you were experiencing something enchanting beyond your dreams. It seemed to take me to another world (and it made me appreciate 19th century French opera). You can't help but watch in awe and wonder, of the music, acting, singing, sets, costumes, cinematography...everything. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius. This movie, I think, is the greatest masterpiece in movie history.

Napoleon Dynamite

Hilarious Fun!
A lot of people say this movie stinks and I don't see why. IT'S HILARIOUS!!! Come on people, you have to have laughed at at least one part, like when the farmer shoots the cow and all the kids on the bus scream. Every one of the actors did a superb job, and this film was completely ignored by the Academy. The jokes were classic ("Your mom goes to college", "Tina, you fat lard, come get your dinner")and had you constantly rolling on the floor, laughing. It's classic American humor the whole time through, and it doesn't have the strongest plot in the world, but who really cares? It redeemed itself with the jokes. People who bash this movie for its weak plot can't expect an excellent comedy and an excellent plot. I mean, if I had to choose which one was more important, I would choose excellent comedy. I recommend this movie to anyone!

The Outsiders

Great Movie and Accurate Adaptation
I had to read the book in seventh grade and we also watched the movie. I though both of them were fabulous. Francis Ford Coppola has adapted almost every detail of the book into this movie. I thought the acting was great and the plot was good for teenagers, which is the movie's, as well as the book's, target audience. I was surprised on how many stars were in this movie (seven) and it was much better than I thought it would be. It didn't seem cheesy and small but you felt like you were watching a real film. Even though the Greasers seem to be born into undesirable lives, watching this movie makes you want to go back to 1967 in the Southwest and be a Greaser, too. Fabulous movie and perfect for teenagers.

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

An Animated Masterpiece from Steven Spielberg
People expect no less than brilliant when Steven Spielberg directs a movie, and this movie is no exception. Some movies I love did poorly at the box office but, I'm glad to say, this movie isn't one of them (over nine million dollars, which I don't think was bad for back then). The characters were fun, the animation was clear and not fuzzy, and the music was modern, too, which is unusual for an animated movie. I didn't think Professor Screw Eyes or his "Scary Cirus" was too scary for little kids (the targeted audience for this movie), but I thought what happened to the creepy professor at the end was a little too dark for a kids' movie. Overall, this movie is a fun and enchanting classic that I have loved dearly for years.

A Troll in Central Park

Another Underrated Classic
This is another movie that I saw years and years ago that I still love today. It's that good of a movie (you never get sick of it). The music makes you want to sing along but not in a cheesy, corny kind of way, the animation is grilled to perfection, and the plot is brilliant for toddlers, which we all know have active imaginations. It's also thoroughly underrated (it didn't even make a million dollars at the box office). I don't know why because it's such a great movie. If you have a toddler who's hankering for something to watch that they'll enjoy, I recommend this movie. It may have not been the most successful movie in the world (an understatement), but, in my opinion, it's a stunning classic.

Edward Scissorhands

The Saddest Movie Ever Made
I saw this movie for the first time back in September and oh, God, did it make me cry. By the end, I was practically bawling! It wasn't just the ending but the events leading up to it. If you really want to see it,I recommend bringing lots of tissues because if you cry over things like lovers saying good-bye and stuff, you're going to be crying by the end of this movie. I cried for two days it was so sad! Overall, it was a heartwarming story about a guy who is like a much more friendlier version of Frankenstein. When his creator died, he lived alone in a dark castle until a nice Avon lady took him to live with her family. As well as telling how Edward is at first accepted but then rejected, it also tells of his love for the Avon lady's daughter, Kim, and how she comes to love him. Tim Burton was a genius when it came to this one. The movie was very, very sad, but it didn't make the movie clichéd as it would've been with a happy ending. This is a brilliant movie, but remember...bring lots of tissues!

The Wizard

A Great Kid Movie
I saw this movie for the first time a few years ago and I have loved it ever since! I like the message: you can do whatever you aspire to even if you have a disability like Jimmy's. It was nice seeing the Super Mario Brothers III game, even though it's ancient now, but back then I bet it was like Halo 2 today. My favorite character was Haley because she represented what I would like to be: tough, smart, and sophisticated. My favorite part is, of course, the video game competition. The way they treated it in the movie was like it was the Academy Awards! I know I'll never be that good at video games. My only question is if that video games is seemingly Jimmy's only talent, then what is he going to do when he grows up? You can't exactly be a professional video game player! Oh well, it's still a perfect 10 in my eyes!

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