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Annoying sometimes
My granddaughter likes this show (she's only 11 months). Sometimes I watch it with her. I find it a little annoying. There's too much giggling. That gets old after awhile. But, hey, it's a kid show! What do we old folks know anyway about what kids like? Maybe if you're little it won't bother you so much. But, as your child grows, they may find it annoying also. Rosie especially bothers me. Rosie wants this...Rosie wants that...wahhh! Shut that kid up please! The parents seem to be like just whatever. Just correct them for once, for Heaven's sake. And the one review about it being racist or whatever is totally wrong, though. Let the little kids enjoy it. We're grown-ups. We don't have to watch it. Quit complaining! I just put up with it. As I said, my granddaughter likes it. I don't have to.

Bionic Woman

I disagree with some of the comments made of The Bionic Woman. It's better then the original, which I enjoyed! The acting and the special effects were fantastic. I believed the people who criticized this show were watching something other then The Bionic Woman. Of course there's the old "how does it compare to the original" and all that crap. It surpasses the original. I hope it has a long run and Michelle Ryan becomes a household name and a big U.S. star Michelle Ryan is a great actress and carries the show! And having Katee sachoff as a possible recurring role doesn't hurt either. This show has potential and I predict will be a big hit. Matter of fact, it did rather well with over 14 million viewers. take that, you critics! role

Flash Gordon

I Like it
I disagree with the negative comments about Flash Gordon. I love this show. Granted, the pilot episode was so-so; but, in recent weeks, I found it entertaining and enjoyable. No, it's not as good as Dr. Who or battlestar gallatica, or SG1, or Stargate Atlantis; but, it's great entertainment. It's the same thing commentors made about painkiller Jane and how terrible it was. I totally disagreed with those people also and I'm hooked on both shows. I remember the insults about Stargate Atlante's when it first was aired. How wrong these people were about it also! apparently, the people who commented on Flash Gordon wasn't watching the same show as I was. Or perhaps, they only saw the pilot and judged it on that. I hope it's around for a long time. Great show Sci-fi! Keep it on!

Painkiller Jane

Love it!
PKJ is a great show. Though the pilot was bad, it's gotten extremely better. I'm really wondering if the people giving it a bad review are watching the same show. Granted, if the acting and writing would've stayed the same as the pilot, I would've said the same thing about PKJ. But, as the characters developed and the acting got better and we've gotten to know these characters, it's turned completely around. I look forward to this show every week. Kritanna Lokken has completely gotten into her character and is doing a great job. People probably saw the pilot and thought the rest of the episodes weren't worth watching. I wasn't impressed with the pilot; but, thought it had to get better. And, it did!

It fits well with the rest of the SCI-FI programs. I hope it has a very long run! PKJ deserves it!

Creature Comforts

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes!
I wasn't going to watch this show. But, I'm glad I did. The critics of this just don't get it! It's one of the funniest and most entertaining thing on T.V at the present moment! Though, when the interviews were done with common folks they probably seemed useless; but, put them in the mouth of animals and insects, and it's a laugh riot. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. The pig with the babies suckling and her mother is priceless. The husband and wife birds talking about health problems, and the male bird taking a crap after the wife said she was constipated completely broke me up! Creature Comforts is the most imaginative show I've ever seen in awhile! Hopefully, it will be back next summer when this run is over.

The ½ Hour News Hour

Loved it
One of the funniest parody shows on T.V. It's what SNL used to be! I know the lefties won't like it because it makes fun of them! I guess the lefties only like shows that make fun of the right. I love it when Rush plays the president. Wouldn't that be great? Ann Coulter as VP? Now, that had to drive the libs nuts. With some of the comments I've read, it did! I bet if they made fun of republicans or the religious right or republicans, they'd love it! Rush and Coulter played their parts with deadpan humor. I've seen the first two episodes of the new season. They were great! And, oh no, Rush played the president again! Anyway, I'm hoping the fantastic writing will keep up and they won't go soft like SNL have. Now, there's a show that's gone downhill! Way to go Fox News for having such an exciting and very funny show!

The Dresden Files

Love this series
I really enjoyed this series. It's got humor and action and the characters are great. I've read some reviews that people compared it to the books. I've never read any; but may sometime. But, you can't judge a series just because it doesn't jive with the books. These people expected too much I guess. Even if I read the books, I'd judge the series on what I see; not, expect! It reminds me of the original Night Stalker. Dresden is cool and laid back. Bob is fantastic. I enjoy his character more then the others. And Valerie Cruz, well, what more can you ask for? Really! I make it a point to either watch or record. To those who didn't like the show, you must have been watching another show! This series is up there with any Battlestar Gallactica, SG1, Stargate Atlantis, or any other series on Sci-Fi. It's a great lead in to Battlestar Gallactica! Hopefully, it has a long run. Give it a chance.

Surrender, Dorothy

My wife and I started to watch this movie with anticipation. It looked warm and touching. It started out well; but, soon became boring and frankly idiotic after a while. It got so bad that we turned it off The movie was poorly acted and honesty, we couldn't really understand or wanted to understand what exactly why or how the hell they could put up with this woman! You lost sympathy for her after she was rude and acting wackos singing and cleaning. I would have had her committed. And, of course, like most movies and T.V series made in Hollywood we have to throw it a token "gay" character! This movie was boring. I was expecting more from Diane Keaton!


The wait was worth it!
I've read other comments about Serenity! I can't add anymore then what's already been said. I was a big fan of Firefly. Fox, in it's infinite wisdom decided to cancel the show. IDIOTS! Anyway, when I heard that it was being made into a movie, I couldn't wait. So, what happens when it's finally released? Well, our local theater didn't eve show it. The closest was over 75 miles away! So, then, after not getting to see the movie; I waited impatiently for the DVD. Then, the very day it was released, it sold out at every video store! After waiting for more then a week, my constant going back and forth to every video store paid off. My goodness, what a fantastic movie. The wait was well worth it! Thank you Joss Whedon for not giving up on this fantastic, wonder, glorious,magnificent show. Thanks to SCI-Fi for showing reruns of Firefly and bringing the magic back to T.V, even in reruns! The movie didn't disappoint! Not enough good things can be written to explain this movie! Please, let's see a sequel or two or three. Or, maybe, just maybe the series will return to television. But, not FOX, please. I'm surprised they've kept 24! That's another great show I thought would be canceled by the nitwits! Anyway, let's keep the franchise going! Please?


I've read almost all comments on Firefly. So, there's really much more I could add. This show was brilliant and shame on Fox canceling it without giving it a chance. But now the Sci-fi channel is showing all the episodes. Of course I, like almost everyone is looking forward to Serenity. Thanks to Joss Whedon for not letting this show die! I've seen the trailer for the movie. OH MY GOD! If the movie is as good as the trailer, Whedon has gotten himself a hit! I'm sure it is ! It can't be anything but! Why Fox canceled it is beyond me. I wrote a nasty letter to them. Notice how Fox keeps worn-out shows like That 70's Show on the air for like almost 7 years now. It kind of wore out it's welcome after 4 years! But, they kept it. Firefly didn't even get a chance. Well, hopefully Firefly will be a big hit on Sci-Fi and Serenity will spawn many sequels. You never know, maybe, just maybe Firefly will make a comeback on T.V. PLEASE!

Hope & Faith

God awful
This is probably the worst sitcom I've ever seen! Family Matters was better then this tripe! And, it really stunk! Even "My Mother the Car" was better then this! Not only is the acting bad; but, the writing. I heard how bad it was from others; but, had to see it for myself. So, I watched one episode. It had to with an aunt dying and Hope and Faith getting the wrong funeral and all. But, anyway, about a few minutes into the episode, I found myself ready to change the channel. I thought it possibly couldn't get any worse. IT DID! What sophomoric idiot writes this stuff? I could do better after a six pack of beer for Heaven's sake! Hell, my nephew who is only 2 years old could write better! How this crap staying on the air I don't know. Don't waste your time even if there's nothing else on T.V. Has this been renewed?


Ho Hum
God, what a boring movie. It's definitely a chick flick. I could hardly stay awake while watching it. My wife wanted to see it! So, like a good hubby, I rented it. I was never so bored in my life! Ther were no redeeming anything in this movie. Nothing! The sweet orchestrated music, the barely a whisper dialogue, and the story itself. Maybe I just dislike this type of movie. I don't know. Maybe it's the fact I can't stand Susan Saran or Ed Harris. No, that's not it. I just hated this movie. Ho HUM. Wake me up when it's over. Well, if you ever have trouble sleeping, plug it in and watch it. You'll be sleeping in no time!

Green Acres

Eddie Albert
I just read today that Eddie Albert just died. I remember him fondly as Oliver Wendell Douglas. believe it or not, he was 99 years old. His son said he was born in 1906, not 1908 as stated. What a great show Green acres was. From Arnold the Pig to Mr. Haney and Ralph and Malph, and Mr. Ziffel and Hank Kimble., and let's not forget Eb. Then, we had the cross overs from Petticoat Junction every now and then. No matter how much zaniness was going on, Oliver Douglas always kept a straight face through it all. I've read other comments about the show and all mostly agree it was a classic! I remember watching it as a kid. I really didn't understand the humor at that time. Now watching the reruns on TV Land, I laugh my rear-end off, no matter how many times I've seen the same shows again. Eddie Albert said Green Acres made him a very rich man. He enjoyed playing Oliver the most. He really didn't mind being identified as Oliver Wendell Douglas! He went on to make another great show called Switch and many movies and TV. But, Green Acres will be what he's most remembered! And, there's nothing wrong with that at all.

The Prisoner

I finally found it!
For about a year I've been trying to find the name of this series I used to watch as a young man! Finally, after a year, after watching an old Clint Eastwood movie, I found the name. I remember Patrick McGoohan was the star after watching Escape From Alcatraz. I knew it had something to do with The Village. I actually thought it was The Village at first. This was the most unique program at that time. It was very imaginative and actually made you think. I was 12 at the time and watched it faithfully! I remembered no. 6 and this balloon like thing that seemed to come out of the ground and kill people. I haven't seen the series since it was aired. I read comments where there were only 17 episodes. I thought there were more. It was my favorite series at that time. I'm hoping sometime that someone will either do a remake or the Sci-Fi channel would show the old series. I'd love to see it again. I'm surprise it hasn't been redone. Imagine what special effect could do today. I just hope if it is every redone, it isn't ruined like most remakes are! Anyway, I'd like to thank IMDb for helping me find the name of this series. It's been bugging me for about a year.


Now, they get better when it's too late!
For the past year I've watched Enterprise hoping they would get better and quit being so doom and gloom. I was hoping for them to get back to basics and more of the original Star Trek. Well, finally after a so-so year, they get back more to the original and start getting good again. I get all pumped up about it, and what does UPN do; but, cancel it! Well, that settles it. I have no reason to watch UPN again. Too bad another network or syndication wouldn't pick up Enterprise. If it would continue as it's been this year alone, it could run many more years. The camaraderie's is back and it's getting more humorous. The stories are fantastic. And, we're seeing more of the beginning of the original Trek! The writers are getting imaginative again! Well, hopefully there will be a miracle and Enterprise will be saved, though I doubt it. Too bad! I really hope it's not the end of the Star trek series. I hope Enterprise makes a comeback, some how, some way! Someone please save this series!

Stargate: Atlantis

How dare people put this show down
I've read comments about how bad this spin off is. Are they watching the same series as I? This is not a carbon copy of SG1, or should it be! The story lines are completely different and the characters are fantastic! I love the Wraith! I look forward every week for this show. I just hope and pray that the Sci-Fi channel doesn't cancel it like they've canceled great sci-fi shows in the past! The super line-up on Firdays with Andromeda, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Battle Star gallactica, what more could a sci-fi Junker ask for? If Stargate SG1 ends it's run, this spin-off will take it's place without sacrificing it's quality!

Now and Again

One of my favorite
I couldn't believe that CBS cancelers this show after one season. It was one of the best shows on TV at that time. It really made me angry that CBS cancelers it after it was just getting going. Not only that; but, it ended with a cliff hanger. CBS didn't have the decency to even tell us what happened! For heaven's sake, if you're going to end a show, don't advertise a cliff hanger or allow it to air! Of course, CBS didn't! I was kind of hoping if they end with a cliff hanger, at least have a movie of the week or a special to tell us what happened. Bring back the characters and either have them rescued or whatever! But, no, it just ended and that was it! Hell on the fans of the show! I've seen that happen on a few other shows. If you're going to cancel a show, don't end with a freaking cliff hanger!


One of the best!
This is one of the best shows on TV in a very long time. Just when I've given up on anything new happening on today's T.V., along comes "Lost!" When I saw the premise of the show, I thought, "gee, another show about plane crash and people marooned on an island!" But, to my surprise, I was completely wrong. it hooks you from the beginning! The writing is superb, as expected from JJ Abrams and the characters are fantastic! It's great how they flashback each episode for each main character and it fits with the storyline! Lost has something for everyone one. It's got mystery, intrigue, action, conflict, sexual tension with the characters, and a little bit of the supernatural. What more could one ask for? The writers reveal enough about each character; but, doesn't quite tells us all there is to keep us hooked! I personally like Locke and Kathe. I like Locke because he's like the wise man and you're not quite sure if he's sane or not. I like Kate just because she's Kate! I mean if you had to be stuck on an island, you wouldn't mind being stuck there with Kate! Thanks ABC for giving Lost a chance.

Battlestar Galactica

I've been watching BSG since it began and I must say, it's fantastic. I know a lot of people are whining and complaining it's not like the original. Why should it be?

If they would've tried to copy it, then these people still would've complained it was too much like the original. I like the changes. It seems more grown-up! I'm glad SciFi kept it on the air and gave it a chance. I think they use frak too much; but, other then that, it has surpassed all expectations! I enjoy the religious aspects of the series and all the characters are unforgettable. It's much better then the original! None of that campy stuff! I know the whiners think it blashemy to say this; but, it so true! The writing, the acting, everything about this show is great! It's a classic, right up there with the Star trek franchise! This is the last season. I'll truly miss it. It's one of the best shows on sci-fi since Stargate Sg1 and Stargate Atlantis!

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