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My favorite movie
I love this movie, It has all the stuff you can Imagine, magic, imagination, and talking snow man! :D I freaking love this movie. I am sorry for the caps but I LOVE THIS MOVIE! 10/10 If they make a Frozen 2 I'll give it a 10 because I just love frozen. If anyone gives this movie a bad review, they've obviously never saw the movie, and Just jealous that they can't raise 1.3 billion bucks in Box Office. And How To Train your Dragon 2 thinks that their abomination of a movie is better than frozen, I'd like to see them raise a billion bucks in their Box Office, Obviously the characters in the movie sound lame anyway. go frozen!

I Didn't Do It

Very Boring, and Repetitive
I watched the first episode I thought it was going to be okay.... but sadly it failed I know it's going to be repetitive They mess up, they try to hide it, and they're grounded.... I just can't stand to watch more even though it was only 1 episode, they need to stop making sit-coms and focus on cartoons mostly all of their real life shows really sucks balls. And plus their title for their show doesn't even make any sense! "I didn't do it" Disney is waaaay over downhill, their only good shows are Gravity Falls,and Wander Over Yonder

Wander Over Yonder

It's okay
This show is just fine they can do better it's not bad as the other shows but I've found some interest in this show it's somewhat funny my favorite character is Lord Hater he's evil and every time he does or finds something that will make him ruler of the galaxy Wander always gets in the way. It is not my favorite show but it is kind of good I gave it a 7/10 because its really colorful,it has a fine plot and it's a little bit funny Disney is improving all they need to do is cancel Fish hooks,Jessie,and Austin & Ally then their good to go I really like this show I hope Disney doesn't go downhill again.

7/10 very creative and the people who created it wasn't on crack.

Girl Vs. Monster

This movie is enjoyable they should make more movies why do you people hate it? Come on! It's one of the best movies I ever saw My favorite part was when Deimata as that girl went on stage and started singing strangely, that is what you call a movie obviously you people have no good taste in movies whoever criticized the movie it's better than any horror movie and I hated them movies called scary movies 1,2,3,4,and 5 I actually watched a few of them on T.V and I wasn't scared! plus Deimata was really scary looking when the first preview came out last year I was optimistic about it and think it was going to be great I was right It was great it should be the Highest rated movie on Disney channel all the other movies as of the 2010's were HORRIBLE! but I liked the camp rock movies,I really hated teen beach movie,High school musical was good but it wasn't great,Olivia Holt does a good job acting and singing not like actors in other movies compared to her so what are you complaining about?

Phineas and Ferb

Please cancel this crap
So I have watched P&F since I was in 4th grade when year 2009 came it starting sucking so I stopped watching it so much and started watching other shows and comparing them with P&F ever since Gravity falls came out it sucked even more because they make Gravity falls better than P&F because it actually has colorfulness,a plot that makes sense,no crazy nor stupid ideas,no singing at everything they do,goodly drawn characters,and the awesomeness Phineas and ferb has Stupid and wacky ideas,singing at everything they do what's next their going to sing about going to the bathroom?,badly drawn characters Phineas's head looks like Doritos cool ranch chips,and Ferb's head is shaped like a rectangle WTF?,Candace's head is shaped like a basketball (an ugly one),the plot sucks butt, P&F brings back the boring in cartoons. PS don't watch this show go watch at least MTV or Spongebob.

Uncle Grandpa

Disgusting and a Disgrace
This show is the worst show I ever seen when I saw the first commercial of that show I was like "WTF is Cartoon Network thinking?" Uncle Grandpa is a poor example for younger kids they teach kids how to be idiots don't watch this show it will lower your I.Q I never saw the series before but I knew it would suck the characters voices are annoying,the plot doesn't make sense,it lacks vivid detail,and the characters are badly drawn and why would you put a real tiger in the show? stupid! why can't they draw a tiger not put a real picture of a tiger from Google?

Bottom line the show sucks and I hope it gets canceled real soon because most shows only last 1 year or a few months.

Dog with a Blog

Whoa! this show is improving
I HATED this show but yesterday I watched the premiere of season 2 and it actually made me laugh a little I wish all those shows would improve then they would get a lot more viewers and also I found a little improving in Disney too it made me want to watch all day long thanks DWAB and your vote has increased 6, and your officially off "my worst TV shows ever" list I'm starting to admire G. Hanellius I'm going to scream of joy YES! thank you Dog with a Blog congrats for getting of my list I wish JESSIE can improve and it's #1 still on my "my worst TV shows ever" list If they did then I will get it off my list and start watching it.

Good Luck Charlie

I'm glad its ending next year
It's almost over and I can't wait i'm sick of good luck Charlie plus they need to cancel Jessie,Austin and ally,and Dog with a blog and get actors that have major talent not because their pretty Disney needs to know what their viewers and Fans what they want for a TV show if I was running Disney channel I'd cancel the series TODAY! it just needs to go right now heres 5 reasons why I hate good luck Charlie

1.) Teddy video cams video diaries WTF is that? and at the end of an ep. it always end with the came catchphrase Good luck Charlie i literally want to throw the TV out the window

2.) ever since Charlie learned to talk she has been really Annoying,and irritating the baby isn't cute at all Disney why did you make Mia a Disney star?

3.)The plot is trash

4.)A lot of people thinks its great but they really don't know whats really good television quality

5.)It isn't cute or funny

So far i give it a 3 now go eat your cookie.

Gravity Falls

Best ever!
I certainly love this show! its only one of the Disney shows i would watch i love the characters a lot! the plot actually makes sense than the other Disney shows i bet Walt would be proud every time it comes on it makes me smile

1.Dipper is cool,good-looking,funny and fun even though everyone else in the show doesn't think so

2.Mabel is weird,has a vibrant sweater thing in every episode,very fun,and kinda foolish

3.Stan is Cheap,and old he is kinda like Mr.Krabs but funnier,i do like old people like that but without being criminals or that cheap

I give it a 10 good job Alex Hirsh!

Austin & Ally

Disney... just cancel the show
I hate this show! the characters are boring the songs in every episode sucks it made me cry when i saw the first commercial i thought it would be pretty good its not! 1.Austin is immature,he cant write a good song,he's an idiot like Dez.

2.Ally is boring,she talks about stupid things,OOH! i hate her!

3.Trish is lazy,she gets fired every job she works like... what the hell? who gets fired 30 times or 31 times a month?!

4.Dez is a freak,he is lacking in intelligence,he dresses like a complete FOOL!,i hate it when he screams its too pitchy

The actors don't even look like they can play the roles i mean Ross Lynch as Austin? Ross seems pretty smart to be playing a dumba$$,immature little boy! I have no comment for Laura and Calum Worthy as Dez? no,no,no,no,no,no Calum seems grown up to be acting like a dumba$$ that dresses like a clown! Raini as Trish? Raini is too nice to be playing a evil,scary,and lazy girl in the first place! so i give it a 2

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