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Suicide Squad

A fun flick
I'm gonna start this review by saying that Robbie was good,some corny lines,but she was still good,Leto is good for the amount of screen time he got,definitely will be a great Joker if he gets more screen time the next time he appears,and if you have to know,he's not better than Jack or Heath,but i liked his performance,some choppy editing,the Batman cameo was amazing,i loved Croc as well,but the best performance is by Will Smith as Deadshot and Joel Kinnamann as Rick Flag,they absolutely killed it,the villain was weak,Amanda Waller is a boss,the mid credits scene is also very cool,the movie had me on the edge of my seat,while not a amazing film,it's still very good,i think that this'll be the first DCEU movie that will get good reviews,and also the soundtrack is great.


A great Fantasy flick
I didn't have any expectations for this film,and it completely blew me away!Visuals were stunning,acting really surprised me,action was incredible.I really can't wait for the sequel cause the ending set it up really well.Magic was also pretty damn cool.Orgrim was a ferocious bad ass.It was a damn fine film,best of the 2016 dare i say.Bring on more,and it finally broke the video game movie curse!Go see it,you won't regret it!10 out of 10 for me!I think that it will have a good reception from audiences and critics.Warcraft fans will love it.Direction was amazing,one of the best motion capture for a film i've seen,i really hope it does well in the box office and review department cause it was really amazing!


Fantastic after all these years
Eerie,suspenseful,soundtrack is fantastic,movie was made 38 years ago!The movie still sends chills down my spine,really fantastic,if you're a horror fan,you'll love it,if you want a creepy horror flick,you'll love it,if you think it's boring,go watch mindless action flicks!Overall a 10 out of 10,Michael Myers is menacing,great acting,great story,and it makes you feel like it can happen to you too!It kick started a craze back in 70s and 80s and none of those movies can even compare to Halloween 1978,maybe Halloween II,but that is it!Ending is really surprising,and it proves that no one is safe no matter how much you think you are in your house!

Halloween II

A great continuation of the Original
Spoilers!The movie's opening itself is well made,opening sequence is fantastic,Michael again is menacing enough and proves that you can have a good balance in a slasher flick,is it better than The Original?No,but it's really close,soundtrack is fantastic and eerie,it's a shame critics didn't see it the way i did,sure it had more gore than it needed to,but it's still a great sequel and gets a 10 out of 10 from me,i can watch it and never get bored,props to Rick and Carpentner for making a great sequel!If they made Part 3 with Michael and finished it as a trilogy it would of been much better!Recommended,really great,you won't regret it,it's really great fun!

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