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What Happens in Vegas

Terrible Rom-Com
This movie is a terrible rom-com. It's 100% predictable like most other rom-coms but unlike those other movies in this genre it does not make up for it with great performances or great writing/jokes. There's not a single laugh to be had here and the hammy, awful performances by the two leads are maddeningly pathetic, especially Kutcher. I hate this movie.


Great Comedy Series
This show is very underrated. I didn't even watch it until recently but it's a great comedy that actually has a bit of an edge to it. Ted Danson of Cheers fame plays Dr. Becker, who has kind of a negative attitude. He and his staff and patients, and family/friends, are all good characters with good actors playing them, with some well written stories and jokes to go with it. Worth checking out for sure, too bad it doesn't have more fans out there, but it did somehow last several years.

The Package

OK Penis Joke Movie
This movie is basically just an hour and a half long dick joke. A group of friends have to get their friend's severed penis to the hospital before it it too late to attach it. The penis jokes ensue and that's pretty much it. I'm not saying that's bad, it's just that kind of a movie, so if you like penis jokes and are feeling goofy or whatever this movie is not a bad waste of an hour and a half.

Once Upon a Time

Hard to Watch
I'm watching this right now on Netflix and trying to soldier through but this show is super hard to get through. It's a very boring and banal show to watch, like it was written for children with very low ability to pay attention. The stories are simplistic and childish with really bad/cheap graphics. The writing is terrible. The acting is not great either but I don't blame the actors given the terrible characters and dialog they've been given. And it goes on like this for seven seasons? I an heading into season three and doubt I'll finish it unless it gets a lot better very soon.


Family Fun!
This is a simple but very fun story the kids loved. A small yeti believes that the mysterious creatures of "humans" may actually exist and sets out to find proof that these Small Feet really are out there somewhere. Lots of good family friendly jokes and touching without being too sappy. Not a bad kids movie at all.

Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle

Weak Tea
This show has weak roasters reading weak jokes at each other. Most of the jokes are ones you already heard or can see coming a mile away. Jeff Ross seems like he is just cashing in here or maybe he is just getting old and running out of good jokes. I don't recognize hardly any of these comedians and pretty much none of them are funny, most of them just use swearing and sex as a crutch to try to be "shocking" but fail. Too bad because roasts used to be great.

The Vacant Lot

Short Lived but Fun and Unique
This was a very unique and fun sketch comedy show that only lasted one short season on CBC. The sketch group was somehow related to Kids in the Hall, I think a couple of them were brothers or something, and they had some funny music videos and good sketches. It was similar to Kids in the Hall but not quite as funny and didn't make the same impact so this show just did not last. Too bad because it was a good show!

Silent But Deadly

Boring and Deadly
This movie is a terrible low budget horror film with some of the worst writing and acting I've ever seen. It's really annoying watching these amateur actors ham act their way through this ridiculous, stupid but somehow completely uninteresting or even funny film.

Naked Josh

Not Bad
I did not like this show very much to be honest but it was mostly harmless. The actor did an OK job with this character. The jokes were usually predictable and of the basic and bathroom/sex variety but what do you expect of a show with this title? Giving it a 5 because it deserves a somewhat higher rating than it has here.

Michael: Every Day

This show was pretty good at first. Felt like it maybe got canceled too soon before it could really find the right groove. When it came back it just was not good at all. I'm not sure if it is still on the air or not. The psychologist character is the best part of the show. Decent writing and story.

Bill & Son's Towing

Love It
I love it. This short web series was a lot of fun and funny with some good guest actors on it. A Good Canadian comedy.


Below Average
This show was not very funny or interesting. Sub standard writing and acting, it just was not very good.

Martin Mystery

This was a decent show for kids. And unlike what the other reviewer seemed to be worried about, no it's not too scary for kids of this age. Just some nice stories and some fun and funny parts for the kids to enjoy. Great website too if it's still up! Lots of games that make you think, etc.

Naked News

Not Sexy or News
This show is something to check out once for ten seconds or so just to see what the gag is and verify there is nothing more to it than that. At that is all this is, poorly written news pieces read poorly by kind of OK looking women while they take off all their clothes. None of them is very good as a host or interviews with people and the reading is wooden and boring. Worst of all it fails as any type of news source but also as a source of humor because none of the jokes are funny or delivered well either and usually there is no joke at all, just news pieces taken from other news sources that they read while stripping with zero excitement or sexiness at all. Also the news is very old that they read because they clearly just grab it from other online sources and it's not like they do big live news breaks or anything so it's all very old.

So not at all good for news, not at all good for comedy, not at all good for sexiness. This show has no point at all. Who actually watches this for more than a few seconds when the novelty wears off that quickly? Sad guys who like these attainable "regular girl" looking ladies who they think would go out with them? Like the sad dudes at the strip bars they probably find these girls in? I just don't get it.

Still Standing

A Nothing Show
A Newfoundland comedian visits small towns in Canada, talks to some people there and then does a performance for them doing jokes about them. So basically it is half an hour of the guy talking to people and making jokes, then doing a show where he does the same jokes talking about the same things we've already seen. Mostly dad jokes too. Nothing else happens and the show has no point at all.

The Beachcombers

Canadian Classic
This show is dated but it's still a Canadian classic. And who would have believed it would have stayed on anywhere near as long as it did? It's like Coronation Street but just about these people gathering wood on beaches and the adventures they fall into. Crazy.


I Hated It
It's a rapid fire peppering of insults by two rednecks at other rednecks who come onto their property, which would be fine if the insults and jokes were funny but they are not. Maybe two out of every twenty is worth hearing but the rest are stupid insults you've heard before or at least very close versions of the same jokes, if you've ever played pick up hockey or even just hung out to drink beer with the guys after work. This show's not very original and not funny at all in my opinion. Maybe you're supposed to be high when you watch it or something? But if that's the case then every show is funny.

Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park

Pathetic & Unwatchable
The Trailer Park Boys have gotten pretty lame over the years but when they break away from their main series they've made some truly awful stuff. Swearnet, Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun Hour, every TPB live special they have ever done. Now this, TPB: OOTP. I don't want to see them out of the park. Well I did but only until I saw this show. The quality is below zero. They don't even care how bad it is. Terrible production value and it is as if they don't even have a script. Nothing interesting or funny happens. This show is completely unwatchable.

18 to Life

Typically Bad
This was a typically bad Canadian TV comedy filled with bad jokes and lots of bad writing and acting and it just has a cheap look to it like they didn't have enough money or simply didn't care enough to make it a good show.

The Wayne and Shuster Hour

Wayne and Shuster are legends of Canadian comedy TV. Today the show is very dated with skits that are very long and it's hard to understand some of the jokes or what they are joking about. Mostly it is old school 1950s comedy with dad jokes and dinner theater acting.

The Wayne & Shuster Show

These guys are legendary and you can still see them online and on TV in reruns and specials. The comedy is very dated and long though with the old black and white style comedy.

Twitch City

Voter 420
I'm voter # 420 man... yeah 420 man!... let's fire up some doobs and get reeeeal hiiiiiigh man.

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop is an awesome comedy. Eddie Murphy is the most funny he's ever been in this movie, and the supporting cast is great too, with Judge Reinhold etc. Lots of great comedy and good action too. Great story. Fun stuff! Pretty much a perfect cop comedy.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Funny but Not as Funny as the First.
Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls (1995) is a funny movie but it is not as funny (or is it as good) as the first movie, the original and classic wacky comedy movie Ace Venture - Pet Detective. The first movie of course was the huge break out role for Jim Carrey that made him a bankable grade A star in Hollywood.

The second movie is still funny with some really good scenes (I am thinking of the great scene where Jim Carrey comes out of the special robotic rhino that he was hiding in to watch the bad guys without being seen) but it never is as funny or as consistent as the first/original Ace Ventura.

Definitely worth seeing but don't expect the same laughs from the first movie.

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