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Le chiavi di casa

This was the first Italian film that I have seen, and as a film student I was prepared for the worst, but I was proved wrong.

This film is like an emotional roller-coaster, one minute your laughing at Paolo's sarcasm and the next your crying at Gianni's hardship.

My favourite part of the film, is when the pair are writing the letter to Paolo's pen pal - the whole "period" fiasco had the entire cinema in stitches!

The end of this film is left open ended, so you leave the cinema wondering about the father-son relationship and if they will remain as close as they had become throughout the film.

I would definitely recommend this film, as it is directed and shot beautifully and the actors are simply great.

Children of My Heart

This film touches you like many films cant do anymore, it was a classic right from the start.

I couldn't believe at first that a teacher would fall in love with her pupil and I was almost shocked but with her innocence and the way she wanted to make sure that everyone was happy was adoring and the snow scene will stay in my heart forever.

I am not usually a bossy person but I order everyone to watch it...because you wont regret it in fact you will want to watch it again and again and again!!!

This film should be remembered forever and they should show it more on television and amazon should sell it!!


Hex is not at all similar to Buffy or charmed except for the basic narrative of it containing the supernatural! And I don't understand how people can compare them when they have nothing in common! Although Hex seemed to conclude in the most strangest of ways each week, I thought that it was a very brave production for Sky One to broadcast, because their target audience wasn't a guarantee.

This production was not only entertaining but educational too, not because any of us are likely to have the child of a demon, but because it explores the precautions we must take everyday and also historical issues are raised.

Hex may not continue for many more series but I hope the second and perhaps the third are just as exciting as the first.

I must congratulate those who worked on Hex in the feature and the publicity because I felt that everything was done successfully.


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