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Mortal Kombat

great fun slaright forward film of FLAWLESS VICTORY
I have been waited for reboot for longtime, that's what I really wanted a reboot but cast in my mind didn't come true I thought this would be million dollar film but Mortal Kombat was only $55 million dollar budget film with no famous actors expect for actors I know is Joe Taslim known Raid Redemption, Fast & Furious 6, The Night that Comes for Us is his best role in that film but he is only actor I know is in this movie and actor who play's Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) Wolverine, Twilight Samurai, Sunshine, 47 Ronin many more films he has been in. But rest of actors weren't famous in it and also I wish this reboot

would have got bigger budget, better actors look acting wasn't issue actors weren't issue it's about getting actors right not getting actors for explame Jax was far too small for his role they should got Michael Jai White again because he was in web series Mortal Kombat or Mike Colter as Jax or Terry Crews not Mehcad Brooks his far too small for his role Jax is meant to be huge not small guy with Muscles anyday anytime I would say Michael Jai White would whoop Mehcad Brooks ass anytime, I thought cast was just misplaced including with Sonja Blade (Jessica McNamee) known for The Meg that's it I know from her they should off got another actress for Sonja Blade that is Amy Johnston she is not that famous she is martial artist and a stuntwoman I think she can do all her fights and stunts all herself that would been amazing if you seen Lady Bloodfight, for Kano Josh Lawson is breaking law of his character does do justice he doesn't have metal plate on his face he is far too small, story doesn't tell how he got the laser eye. I wanted cast to be much bigger sadly wasn't. That's little issue with film, but sametime your not here for story your not here for Oscars your here to see fighting, Flawless Victory, Gore, characters I thought characters of how they look with costumes all that looked great I liked look of Sub-Zero with mask all that it looked very well made costumes. Action was slaright forward full on gore and

also villain characters were good looking like for Milena, Shang Tsung, Kabal they looked good didn't look to fake with their costumes I thought that looked good, movie didn't look cheap but what made it look cheap is having actors that is not known expect for actors who Scorpion and Sub-Zero and Sonja that's all I know from them, idk hiring very cheap actors expect those actors I mention that I know. Cast could been better, Cinematography all that looked great, fight scenes perfect shot not original but gore looked great HARDCORE R-RATED looked great for film as always, action was fun to watch I thought this was fun and enjoyable had tons of laugh's, tons of fun in movie your here for fighting, crazy insane gore witch it was fantastic look for film that what made me to like movie I had fun with it could not dislike movie I enjoyed it storyline follows MMA fighter Cole Young (Lewis Tan) known for Den of Thieves, Wu Assassins, Deadpool 2, Into the Badlands. Cole Young is character that wasn't in game but that's idea they toke from Resident Evil Paul W. S Anderson film where he made character Alice Milla Jovovich character that wasn't based on game. That's all idea from movie and Cole Young didn't care for that all I care about is film and other characters and action didn't care for Cole Young I wanted Scorpion to lead instead of Cole Young witch that character didn't do anything for me but his not bad actor but it's just that his character didn't do jack crap for me rest of them did not Cole Young character he lost fight in MMA witch I thought you could off have done something to get out of choke but anyway it's movie Sub-Zero is after Cole Young, as you know Jax (Mehcad Brooks) saves Cole Young tells him what is going on then Cole Young seeks out Earth's greatest champions in order to stand against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe. Threw out entire film was insane gore, great fight scenes full of action it was just a fun movie. Constantly throwing jokes and insults at other characters. Probably one of the funniest, self aware movie characters I've seen but rest of other jokes were not funny they were too over top witch some little jokes didn't make sense for movie.

There are also weird editing jumps in the movie, one moment you're looking at characters interacting and in the next you're looking at something completely different. The movie suffers from a few of these, but see what happens if you get a director that never ever made movie Simon McQuoid given director first foray into the world of movie making, and they should got a different director Maybe Paul WS Anderson who made original film or Chad Stahelski or Gareth Evans someone knows Mortal Kombat very well who made previous amazing action films not having someone who hasn't made a single movie or who hasn't made a action movie before Simon McQuiod is his first film James Wan?? I don't know 50.50 depends what his idea is they toke so much time with project and how did they go with this idea why could they just go with different idea for movie just have simple idea of having Scorpion as lead role then have Cole Young as not lead just character in movie that's it could have switched opposite idea. Funny thing in movie when you have Milena in movie she is villain where the heck is Kitana how can we have Mileena without Kitana?? Because if her sister Mileena is in movie where in all time is Kitana?? Theirs a bunch of actress they could Ktiana Gal Gadot but I bet they can't afford her she is too expensive she better be like actress Talisa Soto she was soo hot in 95 Mortal Kombat film better found actress someone like that she looks like exactly Kitana if you look at game and her in 95 film that looks like her. But seriously having Mileena in film without Kitana doesn't work really because then in next film what would Kitana do? What is her character then? She would mention about her sister and what just have Kitana on her own not have her with Mileena?? Jeez writers or director been sleepwalking while playing game that's what it is you can't have Mileena and Kitana together in film that works if you just have them 2 together fighting but just having Mileena looked very odd too my opinion when you watch trailer of this movie or anything like that don't expect too much or else it will be a letdown don't

expect everything in this movie, I can't wait until they get Johnny Cage in sequel I wanna see Scott Adkins as Johnny Cage having actor who has experience in martial arts don't have actors that are non experience in martial arts just like with rest of cast expect for Joe Taslim I want a cast that is martial arts it's not meant to be actors who has experience or performance this is meant to be fighting film with actors who has martial arts experience not having non experience actors who don't know martial arts oh we are gonna train them it's not point the point is having martial arts actors like Scott Adkins in movie suits, he can perform he is own stunts having actor who is martial artist it's better to have Experienced martial artist then to have non martial artist for sequel to have Scott Adkins as Johnny Cage would suits in Mortal Kombat movie not because of Martial arts, because he look like Johnny Cage, has same fight moves, has humour of Johnny Cage but anyway this was fun movie I highly recommended to see at theaters it's fun experience also just let you know they do play theme but not original theme sadly they play Mortal Kombat 2021 Theme Song Techno Syndrome type not original I reckon original was better theme.

The Unholy

look it's not bad movie, but it's worth watching
I don't see why its a bad movie everyone said it was worst film ever, don't watch it look I gave it a shot I liked it I seen worse movies like this for explame The Devil Inside, Last Exorcism were worst films The Last Exorcism is like this movie but a lot more different I rather say this is a better movie then to Last Exorcism, people say oh that's good movie I don't understand why?? But my opinion worth of sticking to this movie rather then watching Last Exorcism crap I thought this movie was well made I thought Jeffery Dean Morgan did well as main lead he did great job in movie as lead I always loved Jeffery Dean Morgan you can never go wrong with him he is a great actor as well always loved Losers, The Courier, Bus 657, Rampage, and him as Negan Walking Dead show I also liked his character that's what made film for me worth watching it wasn't just that it was more I liked story and direction they went threw, it was fast pacing and it wasn't that of bad movie it did have flaws but I handle better then those stupid ratings nowadays. I liked creative staff in film camera shots, the way how it was filmed it was creative very shots, special effects the look of demon was very well done funny enough this film was shot last year. On March 14, 2020, filming was suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When filming resumed, due to CDC guidelines there could be no more than 10 background actors on set together at once, forcing director to use "the same people in five different places I doubt it was tough to film during COVID-19 while it was happening last year I hoped everyone was saved during filming a horror movie that has something to do with faith and religion during COVID-19 hoping everyone to be safe.

Story follows an a disgraced journalist Gerry Fenn (Jeffery Dean Morgan) he is also a drinker and specially he drinks and drive witch makes him more disgraced and also he got people fired in agency for some reason because he staffed up look his character is kinda of d*ck for being a disgraced character but it's not like you wanna hate him or say I hope his character does die no you like his character but sametime he is nice person clamming as well. Gerry hopes to revive his career visits small new England town to investigate about this girl allice (Cricket Brown) is a young 18 year old girl with hearing impaired witch means she is deaf as word comes to her after supposed visitation from Virgin Mary she prayed to her everytime then a miracle thing happened to her is now she can hear, speak then when she had a power to heal people she starts performing miracles. She makes a crippled boy walk, heals a man of emphysema, She says that the Virgin Mary talks to her. Gerry has his doubts and thinks that it might be a different Mary talking to Cricket-one that might not be a virgin, perhaps? That's when the Bishop Cary comes to town to verify Cricket's deeds. Gerry investages more about it he starts asking questions like phenomena are in works of Virgin Mary or if it's more sinister that's what you find out in this movie and also her uncle, Father Hagan (William Slather) did

fine in film he does what he does in film. I thought this had many flaws CGI and jump scenes weren't the best at all and many more witch their is too many to explain so many punching holes on movie but what made it enjoyable is Jeffery Dean Morgan as lead he does fine in movie he has Morgan fits his role perfectly. He brings a bit of sarcasm and just charisma to the role. I feel like he would be this photographer. Elwes is actually solid here as well. I like that at first he seems like he could be good, but there is something there you don't trust about him witch other side of his character is a disgraced journalist I thought jumpscenes just don't care about it at all jumpscenes if it scares you that's fine but I thought 1 scary scene scared me rest of it didn't. Talking about cast I read somewhere apparently Jordana Brewster was gonna be in movie but somehow she didn't appear witch it was strange it didn't say if she dropped out or left role or couldn't go out state because of COVID-19 I was wondering what character was she gonna play?? Was she gonna be Dr Natalie Gates as (Katie Asslton) role to me I think that would be her role it seems like it she is 40 years old now and and Katie Asslton is 42 years old make sense but I would prefer to have Jordana Brewster in movie as Dr Natalie Gates I don't know why but I think because I know Jordana Brewster from Fast and Furious franchise and many more films and shows she is known more like Lethal Weapon show, Dallas many more. Director Evan Spiliotopoulos director of film is his first film but he is more of writer for movies then a director I mean it's his first film not his 10th or 20th film but I thought it wasn't his best but I thought he did great job making film but writing and ending was just so many punching holes in film he made storyline of film fun ride and it had so much potential in it but in sametime it's time waster film I wish it was a Netflix film rather then a cinema release this is a type of movie you will see it at Netflix, and theirs not much to movie as well finale wasn't huge wasn't big huge but I think because of COVID they couldn't spend too much time for movie that's why it goes for 1 hour 1h 39 minutes I am suspired why finale of film wasn't huge. For my rating is 6.10 nothing to special or exciting about movie only thing is enjoyable is Jeffery Dean Morgan that's all it is and for poitrinal storyline and for horror type of genre.

Godzilla vs. Kong

I enjoyed it but in sametime movie has too many punching holes
I wanted to love this movie, I wanted to put it on my top 10 list of films I enjoyed film it was fun to watch it was getting to point movie doesn't drag it along like Godzilla (2014) but theirs no plot in this movie witch is good because you want just Godzilla and Kong kicking ass each other not 3 hour plot movie with more human and less Monsters this is mix it shows Humans and Monster both together and no one, no one wants a slow build up it's just too slow and boring I agree from that, that's what film is theirs no plot or storyline that's good but film itself characters humans were boring their was nothing to them and also in character directions were pointless just priceless and pointless so much plot holes and useless things that what killed movie for me I deal with it but I can deal with so much plot holes I can't deal with this movie but In sametime I enjoyed this movie I had fun with it, it's fast paced something happens in film not a long drag 3 hour or 10 hour Avengers Endgame I just wanted a fast paced film with tons of battles and destroying action that's all your their for if your Godzilla & Kong die hard fan I loved Kong Skull Island, Godzilla King of Monsters more then this

sorry to say too many plot holes like for explame. Maya Simmons (Eiza González) character was pointless and unneeded so has to be other villain in this movie you have 1 villain in movie that is Walter Simmons (Demián Bichir) look i love Eiza Gonzalez she is hottest Mexican girl I love she was known for From Dusk till Dawn TV series, Baby Driver, Altia Battle Angel, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Bloodshot, Cut Throat City and many more movies she is in her character was just pointless because she is sent to join with in team with Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgård) and with Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) to know what's going with Kong while he is ship theirs twist of film is she turns bad she is their to kill Kong I am like okay do you think at end of film she is their to kill Kong with her team A top-tier Apex Cybernetics executive oh she has to be daughter with main villain Walter witch was pointless she didn't need to be villain you know what she could been?? Just goodly having other villain to kill Kong was pointless movie just needs 1 human villain 1 villain monster that's all you need for this movie but she is their to kill Kong we all know that Kong is not gonna die in movie we all know that's not gonna happen but something has to happen in a very stupid way we all know Kong was not gonna die at film by Maya Simmons character unless if Peter Jackson King Kong written this movie then she would have won but her character wasn't needed at all their that was point it's not just because I am saying oh she is pretty and hottest girl I am trying to say she was pointless and unneeded what was point of having her entire half of movie to have her as villain and to kill Kong when his not gonna die in movie oh we need someone to try to Kong well you know he doesn't die in movie, described her role as a "very smart woman behind a company." She also described the film as "slightly comedic." González noted having enjoyed the fact that her character was a Latina woman with a high position within a company, and not forced into a stereotype I am like yeah was that smart of you trying to Kill Kong when you can't kill Kong with a ship with 50 cal machine guns is that smart??? I didn't need her character in movie at all I don't know how Eiza agreed to this movie and script and how did it make sense for her for this movie?? Who knows anyway in this movie all you need is 1 villain and 1 monster villain you don't need 2 villains in movie all you need rest of cast to be goodly you don't need to make Eiza as villain and don't need to make her as villain father just make her as lead or just cameo just being a good girl character whatever you wanna call it because her character in this movie was pointless and useless

and human actors were just boring nothing to them expect I love Eiza Gonzalez her character doesn't have to be bi*ch she but her character was but I don't blame her it's writers anyway. I thought main actor Alexander Skarsgård was just horrible bad acting horrible he is like a blank piece of paper that's his acting only movie I enjoyed was 13 (2010) but he is not main role in that movie but him as lead role in this movie was just crap acting and boring he is boring as a blank piece of paper they could used many other actors or just have Eiza Gonzalez as lead have a female that's something different or just have Kyle Chandler as lead like in Godzilla King of Monsters have him and Eiza Gonzalez team up together and then other character Rebecca Hall as Dr. Ilene Andrews A Monarch anthropological linguist witch she was nothing to her character at all she was boring and has terrible horrible acting but have her as cameo but just have Kyle Chandler and Eiza Gonzalez has lead. But no it has to be different role for different actor I don't mind that but casting is missed placed I thought some of other actors were just annoying as hell that what toke me out of movie even more and character direction like with Eiza Gonzalez not just her but other character direction was pointless does every new Godzilla sequels has to be different main actor??? Pointless

other plot hole of movie title doesn't relate to movie IT'S BATMAN VS SUPERMAN all over again this title should been called Godzilla & Kong because if theirs no winner well their was a winner in film but it's not winner winner but you have this main villain monster Mechagodzilla attacking city and killing people billions of people and then Godzilla and Kong is now teaming up even Godzilla won fight against Kong theirs your answer she when you make a VS movie like Alien VS Predator and Freddy VS Jason their was a winner they DIDN'T TEAM UP TOGETHER its one winner hates other challenger that's it not Godzilla and Kong teaming up after fight it's called Godzilla vs Kong they fight one wins, one goes down not they fight then you have other villain monster coming in they team up pointless just pointless human characters pointless having Godzilla and Kong battle each other pointless just so much plot holes see this title should be called Godzilla & Kong that's when you think they will team up together if it's VS one has to win and other has to lose but one wants that, no one has guts to do that sadly to say but in sametime I enjoyed film I never got bored, never got sleepy, it was a on going movie it was just fun to watch and never cared for actors just their for Godzilla and Kong that's all human actors you wanna say forget them your just their for action, monsters, and for fun, and for battle that's all you their for to see this movie I thought music choices were annoying as hell you will hear stupid dam lousey music in film like Elvis Presley music so many other annoying music in movie killed it that's what threw me out of movie, trailer of this movie just wants you to bring you in wants in exactly what I said you understand it, in other hand I enjoyed movie for fun for fun EPIC battles. CGI and sound was amazing but would have been nice to hear some of the original Godzilla theme and cinematography was great and Great action sequences I had with it but sametime to deal with punching holes in movie is something I can deal with but I can't deal with Godzilla (2014) film that's my opinion but this movie 6.10.

Boss Level

once you watch this film, it's gonna be a fun ride with full of non-stop action
I loved this film soo much saw it 2 weeks ago loved this film to death this was one of my favorite movies of all time I enjoyed it ignore stupid critics they don't know what they want they hate on great action movies like this?? what did they expect something out from this?? an Oscar give me a break this film is for die hard action video gamers fan this is what film is about tons of tons crazy action I would luv to own this movie on Blu-ray or 4K luv to, so guys give this movie a shot please do stop listening to critics like what they know, sometimes you gotta explore things just because critics hate it doesn't mean you should hate it too if you are interest in film go and see it trust your

instincts I just see films see if I like it or love or hate it that's me nowadays I just judge whatever I can choose. but in other hand this is a BOSS LEVEL: A Radical Action Riot Stuck On Repeat just like Groundhog day, Its john wick, edge of tomorrow, kill bill & taken all mixed into one fresh, funny action movie with occasional funny one liners. great casting, the pace of movie can be improved for certain slow scenes. style of repeat with tons of silly action it's non stop action like video game I love non-stop action movies full on kicking ass this is your ticket to see this movie never miss out theater or else you will regret it acting performances were great, script was simple and smart writing of film very smart writing and it's perfect for this budget film. cast is fantastic Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Michelle Yeoh and also Ken Jeong is in it as well he did great in film he is not much in it but he was funny I reckon all cast did a great job and it was fast paced 100 minutes film I highly recommded seeing this movie. my expectations were more than met. Dialogues, execution, sentimental value,

characters and action scenes. There is nothing I hated, and more importantly, nothing I would never change my opinion on this film I will always love this movie this film is for die hard action fans. I have seen Frank Grillo in a few movies he seems like a bit of a B-Grade Action Movie Guy - boy was I wrong. My opinion never changes and I am happier for films that way. greatly such that you should greatly see other great films and show he is in like Purge 2&3 Kingdom TV series, Demonic, Wheelman, Point Blank and now with this film great film it's one of greatest films he ever did in his career in my opinion he delivered an outstanding performance. Grillo character is a blasé deadpan attitude was very funny - after all he is a guy who was just over it, starting each day, dying, rinse and repeat, that's main character our lead guy I love characters like that I highly recommded this movie with him in it he also worked in Mel Gibson in other film called Edge of Darkness 10 years ago now with this movie it's sold flick with them 2 in film, and now with Mel Gibson he is barley in film he is in it he does what the does as in acting he does great job in this film I got pissed off with Dragged Across Concrete, Force of Nature, Fatman sucked as hell now with this movie is brilliant he play's villain was very good, a typical Action Move Antagonist - some of the other quite unique characters maybe be somewhat clichéd, but still very funny. but don't expect Oscars please don't expect what critics say because they are full of crap big freaking time they don't help me at all that's all I can say. don't expect this to 100% in rotten tomatoes and plus this film in box office made over $349,449 in box office very good this must be in top success films in 2021 look I am reviewer but at least I tell truth about this movie is great if you love action films, non stop, fast pacing, tons of laugh's, this is most fun experience to see it at movie theater it's fun experience if you miss out you will regret it big time I am a reviewer, and a reviewer had done this who really loved film go and see it or else you will regret it big time you will say to yourself man I wish I saw this in theater well get your ass up and go see this movie... if you hate actions and then theirs something very wrong with you....

Run Hide Fight

it's film like Die Hard in a School Education if John McClane had a granddaughter
If you love films like Die Hard well this is something different Die hard in a school shooting scenario it's worth watching, but I wish this was a bigger action film and a theatrical release cinemas release but sadly wasn't, I thought this film had a lot of guts and big huge balls to wall idea to make film like this because nowadays their are school mass shootings they never had touched idea like this before never I can think of another movie did something like this called Toy Soldiers but that's different style of film that's it nothing like Battle Royale if that's what your thinking of you may think it's Die Hard idea mixed with Toy Soldiers type mixed with this film. it's very well done, smart written, this is something what don't have those type of films very often because of

real life school mass shootings. I could be very wrong, very wrong but I think movie is giving everyone message is Run, Hide, Fight if you were in this scenario if you were what would you do? exactly run hide, if you have option to fight go and fight. I think it's trying to motivate people to know what to do if your in this scenario I mean look film is unrealistic but it gives you idea to survive I mean I know and I understand movie is realistic but it's trying to give an idea it won't be in same scenario like movie but in real life if you were lucky you weren't caught by shooters you gotta do something that's what movie is trying to tell you I mean look lead actress Isabel Zoe Hull (Isabel May) has uses her wits, survival skills, and compassion to fight for her life not everyone has that but if your only one or with someone you gotta do something at least to survive. I thought this film was well done very done, I lead it's in high school

type of movie in a Die Hard Scenario with a teenage girt very nice combation and very ballsy film and had a lot of guts to do a film like this I mean it feels like it's real life but I don't live in America if I was it for me movie would feel unrealistic because in many levels if you watch film it gives you an idea to in real life what to do is run, hide, escape or fight if you can that's it but when you look at film it's different when you watch it, it's hard to explain and don't want to spoil it really. storyline Zoe Hull (Isabel May) is a student has a father who is an ex-marine Todd Hull (Thomas Jane) known for Deep Blue Sea, Thursday, Punisher, Hung TV series, is the one who teaches her how to survive uses her wits, survival skills, and compassion to fight for her life to save day from shooters and to villains aren't special aren't rememberable I wish villains would been better but they weren't you got Chris Jelick (Britton Sear), Kip Quade (Cyrus Arnold), Anna Jelick (Catherine Davis), Tristan Voy (Eli Brown) were shooters not much of villains I wish their would be more villains in film more of henchmen make film more bodycount for Zoe Hull to kill shooters but she does but their weren't many I wanted to this to be more of fun action film full on but it wasn't. and other actor who plays sheriff Sheriff Tarsy (Treat Williams) known for Deep Rising is in this film he is their and their not much. why the

hell was the rotten tomatoes score so bad, honestly critics just care about the agenda and not about the actual story, because it was written well and acted amazing, trust me you'll love it don't believe Rotten Tomatoes at all they are full crap. Critics won't like it because it provides virtually no political commentary and places all of its value on the importance of courage and doesn't focus on the broader issues at play besides the ubiquitous issue of self-obsession and social media infamy. Conservatives would like it more if they had touched on the issue of nihilism, but again, this movie isn't for the right or the left, it's for everyone. it's fun movie it has fun action and it's thrilling at right at edge of your seat. The way that this movie addresses school shootings, but in a way that can take you through the experience not just by showing you. it's fun movie that makes you think and is well done. Life is full of hard choices. Who should we admire. That is a big theme of this movie. This is worth your time, but not for immature viewers are comparing it as real life well it's giving you an message if you are only one in this scenario to run and hide I don't understand why the haters hate this film for? I bet directors, writers, producers and studio agree to make this movie without giving a F if critics hated this film or liked film but film didn't do well sadly but film was very ballsy director, writer had guts to make this film I like different idea that someone never made movie like this besides Toy Soldiers.

The Marksman

it's nothing that special it's okay film for time waster
I love Liam Nesson he works in action films great I enjoyed Taken 1-3, Unknown, The Grey, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Non-Stop, Run All Night, The Commuter, Cold Pursuit, Honest Thief now with this film it's less action in trailer it shows more action then to actual film not kidding at all, it's more in trailer and Less in actual film with less action film and more of a bland, road-trip style drama style on run. and yeah story is same topical thing Jim (Liam Nesson) A previous member of the Marine Corp Jim struggles with alcohol, and is unapologetically atheist, which I found interesting for a character in a

mainstream film, a Marksman expert. he was just driving aheading home and suddenly he found a boy Miguel and his mother Rosa, were on run after her brother told her to get out of dodge, one of cartels are after them because they know where the money is hidden, Rosa dies she tells Jim to take her son to Chicago to be safe Jim expected her offer he does it he accept it now he is on run to take Miguel and product him and take him to Chicago. they are on run to get away from cartels that wants Miguel. that's topical film as olden days now if you watch trailer and think oh it's action film full on 1 hour and 48 minutes well it's not, it has less action more of drama sadly I wished this film to be better I wanted what I wanted movie to be more action but trailer has more action then to actual film, that's what begged me for threw out film. I enjoyed Liam Nesson and kid Miguel Their scenes together were quite touching and they got to know each other the chemistry between those 2 were good. The script is good not greatest script but script is fine nothing is bad what I

notice. it's worth checking out if you love Liam Nesson in action or drama films this is worth it but when you watch it don't follow my opinion, make up your own mind if you like film, I liked it but at end of day it's time waster film not something I would want to watch everytime this film could been a Netflix film not an cinema release that's what I really wish for because it's not full on fun action it's drama-thriller bland film it's not bad film to watch I thought it was enjoyable for Liam Nesson and for film, when you see trailer don't expect for full on action like Taken and such it's more of thriller-drama their is action couple of scenes but not much until at 3rd act of film at final moment their is action scene that's it don't expect this to be action film.

Dead Reckoning

Bad film that's all I Can say nothing else is good about this film
I am Die Hard fan of Scott Adkins even I Met Scott Adkins 3 years ago, he is a very person but I don't understand what's with his career that he chooses to be in this crappy films today sadly like with Incoming, Abduction worst of worst No Surrender, dear god now with this film it's like Scott Adkins has to pay bills to just to collect money get this film role that he never cares about, this is the worstest film with Scott Adkins I have ever seen. this is most baddest film I have ever seen don't expect Scott to be lead role or to be anything he is not Yuri Boyka as cruise ship welcome board type no, who would make a teen romance drama mixed with loosely based on brothers that blew up Boston Marathon Bombings I am like what kinda idea is that? how did this piece of crap got a green light for? waste of money, waste of time, waste of cast time, waste of time writing this film, waste of time for Scott Adkins simple as that if you watch this film it's gonna such biggest time waster that is not worth of your time believe me or not don't watch the film just for Scott Adkins I was curious about what the heck is this film all about? this film was filmed back in 2016 because I saw imagines and film set it was originally titled Altar Rock so if this was shot back in 2016 what toke so long to release it? I wasn't waiting for this movie and pretty sure if this never got made I would said who cares I am waiting for Accident Man 2 and more Undisputed films and other projects that he is doing. other cast main young actors India Eisley known for Underworld Awakening, she did fine in film what can I say you enjoy little nudity scene with her in film that was most surprising thing I saw in film what else was surprising

story follows that during Boston Marathon Bombings happened while opening scene you have Scott Adkins sitting at Bar with his long hair like in 3rd Undisputed film or him in triple threat I am getting tried with him with long hair sitting at bar like he wants to kill someone but no red flags when they see him? then in present day Tillie Gardner (India Eisley) her parents got killed at Plane crash then she lives in with her step family with 2 lesbian mums?? I am like weird then she meets Niko (KJ Apa) then you have this romance together then you have Marco (Scott Adkins) playing terrorist then you have this twist where you find out it's his brother, so then you have Agent Richard Cantrell (James Remar) he is FBI agent that wants to find Scott Adkins character take him down. the script, set up of story is surely to blame more director I loved Romeo Must Die, Cradle 2 the Grave, Exit Wounds, DOOM but sadly never got to make a another bigger film he made Maximum Impact then to this bad film

I can't believe it because I wish this director could make another big film again but sadly he is getting slaright to Video demand crap but hey director Andrzej Bartkowiak made his another worst film of all time like with Maximum Impact but jeez I wish he could make another big action movie not like this topical crap. I don't know why this scene has to do with Boston Bombing why can't this film be a different storyline. Imagine the brothers behind the horrific attack in Boston, throw in sappy scenes of teen courtship, a puppy, lots of girls in bikinis witch I like that but I wish that was in a different movie, The FBI, wooden acting and set it all at the beach. This is beyond cringeworthy. I can't even understand who or what type of audience wanted this type of film?? this is a joke full of it. you have fight scene with Scott and James Remar scene nothing to special scene end of day this is the worst film I have ever seen in my life this is other worst Scott Adkins films ever made of all time just like among with Incoming and Abduction worst films ever made including this film as well

Open 24 Hours

its watchable I enjoyed what it was
Decent Horror-Thriller film at least it's way better then Burn (2019) where film takes place only at Gas Station but Burn is more of Thriller but that film is not worth checking out at all it's dump if you want a better film same topical style of Burn (2019) film, watch this at least I Liked main actress Vanessa Grasse I can buy her as badass at least I like her character then to that main character from Burn (2019). I thought film holded up pretty well done made and set up of story liked suspense is pretty good film keeps you thinking what will happen next. also it's a small budget film it felt like this film could hit to theaters in 2018 on that time so it would been something in box office maybe just saying,

this isn't first horror film that takes place at Gas Station theirs a horror film called Splinter (2006) that toke place in Gas Station but that wasn't a horror style like this film it was more like voracious Splinter parasite that transforms its still-living victims into deadly hosts creature horror film but this is more like serial killer kinda like It reminded me of character main villain wears a rain coat with hoody on style I Know What You Did Last Summer but without hook. The plot sounded fairly basic and without seeing the trailer I was essentially heading into this one blind. I was pleasantly surprised and not disappointed at all with the turn out to be good film not greatest film of al time but it's worth watching for time waster not a film I want to see all the time but it's good movie what else can I say? story follows Mary (Vanessa Grasse) who got out of jail, After setting her serial killer boyfriend on fire she starting to have paranoid delusional she is seeing things that aren't real, she has a very supportive friend Debbie (Emily Tennant) I thought 2 girls did fine in film you don't see a enough of their chemistry together but they both did fine. you also have Bobby (Brendan Fletcher) known for Freddy vs Jason, Rampage Franchise is in this film as well he plays fine as well in film. did a decent job has become synonym

with horror films. then you rest of film is gore, a lot of suspense keeps you watching to end of film it's fast pacing I mean, it's main lead is a youngster and so it's made for adolescents but it goes way further than other teen horrors. It starts rather easy and slowly and the viewer is tricked by the fact is it a delusion or real. And so this flick moves further between the two and delivers suspense, creepy moments, jump scenes didn't care I hate Jump scenes don't scare me nowadays with horror films you don't need jump scenes nowadays it makes it look stupid in my opinion and even rather gory moments. The red

stuff is all over top but I like that, I can buy this lead actress chick as badass more then to other Thriller Burn that lead actress sucked. this lead actress has more guts then to lead actress from Burn (2019) Tilda Cobham-Hervey at any day, anytime she can whop her ass no matter what. give this film a shot it's worth watching if you love slasher horror films I am not big on slasher horror films but this is good movie that's all I can say if you love horror slasher films.

Cut Throat City

good film worth watching I like it but it's not great film
It's been awhile since 2018 trailer come out I was alright let's check this movie out then waiting, waiting, waiting then year later 2019 I was like where's movie? has this came out yet? I don't know if this was true or not but film is been on hold for awhile this was in production in 2017 and film would been in shot in 2017 between 2018 because in December 2018 Ethan Hawke joined in cast I am like? yeah film is in hold for awhile because RZA changed his mind with script and cast I am not kidding if you see the very, very first trailer that came out Jul 23, 2018 to this film Ethan Hawke is not in cast in trailer where it was introducing the actors in film? so that means RZA changed his mind, changed script he said let's put new character that is Ethan Hawke that's why I had strange feeling I am not if that's what it looks like to me he re-shot movie then he decided to do it but anyway during this COVID-19 I wish I could of saw this movie in theatre but could not during COVID-19, theatres weren't open I decided to buy Blu-ray on eBay just see a new movie in 2020 saw it on Saturday night I wanted to hate film but I could not I just could not hate it for some many reasons. it's well scripted performance was great, not all actors were wasted they were all barley in it the only actors that are only wasted is TI and Terrace Howard that's it you can't have all actors part of movie but hey fair thing. I got to say this is a good movie, it's worth watching because of characters our lead guys in film I enjoyed I enjoyed it for cast of film thankfully they weren't wasted. Getting into story of film (Shameik Moore) Blink and 3 of his friends living in New Orleans Blink is an Artist and as you see opening up of movie theirs a reading graphic novel that Blink has written and drawing and has Illustrated very interesting to have character who loves art soo much, Blink gets married and has 1 daughter.

Then suddenly their is a Hurricane Katarina is rapidly approaching New Orleans after National Disaster, Blink and his friends are Desperate for money to pay their bills, pay their own rent basically they don't wanna up like bums so they try to get jobs Blink tries to get a job in art industry then somehow he didn't get job and FEMA not helping financially. Blink decides turn into local ringleader he offers his friends an opportunity to mob a local casino and they accept it. so they end up robbing every single store or anything you name in town to own money and get out of town. Lucinda Valencia (Eiza González) known for From Dusk Till Dawn series, Baby Driver, Alita Battle Angel, Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw, Bloodshot in this film she play's as cop she gets a call from Jackson Symms (Ethan Hawke) who is a is a councilman wanting to get business back in town after the hurricane. saying the casino is been robbed I think it was his casino then in threw out film Lucinda is investigating going threw cases finding those robbers and now she is not villain or bad cop at least she helps with Blink she has connections with him and helping out, if you curious about 'Cousin' Bass (T.I.) character he is their and their doesn't get too do much he gives Blink and his friends job then something turns out to be wrong he play's boss of his gangs then they were on run then Blink goes to his grandfather or his dad house that is (Wesley Snipes) Lawrence who is their and their in movie not much he play's old man who is just nobody who hasn't done well in school all that he let's Blink and his friends to stay in his house. I love Wesley Snipes great actor, great action star I haven't seen him since Expendables 3 (2014) in theatre then he cameback then lands back to slaright to DVD films sadly but then he gets back up in theatrical film not a direct to DVD film. and The Saint (Terrence Howard) is the big honcho mob boss at the top of the food chain he does alright in film but not much to say about Terrance Howard because he wasn't much in film what can I say he was only in 2 scenes in film you have scene with him and Blink with his friends that's about it he doesn't do much he does what he does in film, surprised I saw Tyron Woodley plays as the loser because he is a UFC fighter he recently lost in UFC by Coby Covington surprised cameo in film that no one saw it coming if you watch UFC you will be surprised who is in movie. also what I also liked is amazing looking I liked the use of the graphic novel to illustrate the world that the protagonist lives in. The actors made the movie realistic. Perfect camera angles. This movie keeps you engaged throughout. Showed passion, love, and tugged on your emotions. Enough action to maintain your attention, happy moments with situations that keep you guessing. Ignore the reviews it's good movie it's worth seeing filmi would top RZA as director then to Spike Lee Ultimately it is akin to a Spike Lee joint in that it doesn't pander or avoid difficult topics. There's a lot more to admire here than the reviews or ratings indicate! RZA just keeps it simple when he does his movies i will look forward to any RZA movies that anything he does this is highly recommend worth of look of movie 7.10

Survive the Night

I enjoyed film but I know this could been a better film
Now it's not best film or greatest film it's one of those time waster films to kill time off not if you expect BIG action well their isn't big action there are some of it but everything that you think it's bigger action film. Now I know Bruce Willis doesn't care anymore so he makes films that are direct to DVD or straight to VOD but at least he comeback on big screens recently like Death Wish (2018) luv that film to Death, then to Motherless Brooklyn then now he is gone back to straight to DVD films sadly like to this film now last Bruce Willis films I enjoyed like last one I liked was Extraction (2015).I thought it was alright but wished it was done better, wished it could had more action in film it could been on run film just like with Run All Night film but this film was low budgeted so that's why entire middle of film it's filmed at double story house surviving against bad guys. Story plot follows A disgraced doctor Frank (Bruce Willis) who use to be an cop as well he has son Rich (Chad Michael Murray) who is married his wife Jan (Lydia Hull) who appears 6 Bruce Willis films Vice, Extraction, Precious Cargo, Marauders, after 4 years later 10 Minutes Gone and this film Survive the night Stallone films she is known for Broken City, Escape Plan (2013) as Receptionist not as big character until she got her character Jules in Escape Plan 2 Hades, Escape Plan 3 The Extractors, Backtrace. They got daughter as well they moved to Rich parents house to Frank that's meant to be Bruce Willis father and his mother house because they were Bankruptcy.He has 2 brothers that are criminals Mathias (Tyler Jon Olson) and Jamie (Shea Buckner) were 2 robbery's that robbed Gas Station theirs this cold scene ever brother killed an pregnant lady that was so messed up that's not mess that everyone wants to see but at least you wanna hate those cold blooded criminals one brother got shot they drive away then they ditched their car they run to woods that's when they broke into Bruce Willis with his family in house that's what it got all started now with this film theirs few issues like family not Bruce Willis character but others ran escaped then they got put back in house tied up same thing they hit criminals they run escape they get caught again tied up again like 3 or 2 times it pissed me off but I can handle it because I know it's straight DVD film so I know writing isn't best of film. I mean Bruce Willis does some action in film but not everything he does I Liked him driving an cool looking as Muscle car he drives car chase scene they chasing each other drifting car stunt looked amazing shot it wasn't fake like you seen in B films not it was real stunt it looked amazing otherwise you have Bruce Willis hitting those 2 bad guys trying to kill them but I really wished he would kill both of them rather then the son. at end of day if your Die Hard fan of Bruce Willis you will like it or not but as I said don't expect too much what you think like oh extreme action or Bruce Willis gonna kick ass he did but not much sadly I wish this film would be titled Survive to Dawn because Survive the night they survived to night to at very end they survived on morning you might think oh so the film is gonna end at night but characters really survived until very morning. I wanna see more Bruce Willis films so I wanted to see hey lets see what Bruce Willis has been up to he has been back in big screen then he has been bouncing on to Slaright VOD sadly his career has been in big screen like he came back in remake that was my favourite film (2018) Death Wish & Glass (2019) & Motherless Brooklyn bouncers back to Slaright VOD direct to DVD films sadly at least his career is not worse like Van Damme or Lundgren or Seagal or Mickey Rourke or Nicholas Cage look not all of their direct to DVD sucked expect for Nicholas Cage career has gone worse then to Bruce Willis career. some are but with Bruce Willis has been doing good okay direct to DVD films I seen worst of his like Prince, Precious Cargo, Marauders, Split, First Kill, Glass I know that's not a direct to DVD but hey at very least it's big screen film but it's pure garbage. Film has simple story, doesn't have greatest dialogue felt the relationship between both Brothers and the father son bond. I liked mixed idea of this film with Hell or High Water lite meets The Desperate Hours with the criminals as more sympathetic villains. they were cold blooded brothers that's What kept me engaged was trying to guess how things would play out for the family and which side would come out on top in the end. look if you Bruce Willis fan your curious to see what he is up to this film is good but not great this is just for Bruce Willis I would have to say film has it's issues but if you can deal with it I can but I know not everybody could but end of day it did annoy me but it didn't make me to hate film I would even put this in my Bruce Willis collection 6.10 worth watching if your die hard fan of Bruce Willis give it a go.


Insane film just very Insane if you can handle messy gore horror films
Drugs, Metal, Sex, Violence is all in it with 80's retro style with picture and music score in it just like with VFW same director this film is alongside because Joe Begos showed Bliss at 2019's Fantastic Fest in Austin, alongside another current film of his, VFW but at least VFW is not a horror film but this is a horror film this is film that is pretty watchable and when I brought film on Blu-ray with 2 pack with VFW because I really enjoyed and liked VFW great movie 2 movies in 1 disc very nice touch on Blu-ray pack I never saw or heard of this film so it was a blind date film I never saw trailer never saw heard of it but when I finished VFW watching it I said I am curious what the heck is Bliss, when I watch film I was like what the heck is this movie like what stranger things? is this like horror teenage like with It Follows because that's like type of movie like that but it was very weird strange experience this was my blind date film it was insane if you want to see trailer DON'T it will take away all of it from movie to know what it is if you want to be spoiled watch trailer go for it but it's better to watch film then trailer it was insane if I saw trailer to this film I would like this a lot less but when I saw film without trailer because I haven't heard of it when I brought 2 pack film VFW and with this film Bliss it was Insane blind date I was like WOW what a crazy experience

story follows Dezzy (Dora Madison) who is an artist also I loved art she prints like hell type of thing like fire and demons kinda like video game type of art you would see as game cover DOOM Eternal very nice art picture and who is living in a very lowlife style as in drinking, going to heavy metal concerts, doing drugs, I don't know if she is into guys or girls or if she is bisexual idk but then when she goes to her dads or her friends place guy gave her drug called Bliss she is a heavy drug attract but her friend Clive (Jeremy Gardner) I swear the way he talks he sounds like Zach galifianakis from Hangover movies he talks like him so anyway Clive introduce her a new drug some type of drug she will experience horrible but she doesn't know that yet towards end of film so she takes it she gets weird terrible feeling she is overthinking things drug is screwing her up making her into mental it's making her a lot worse witch she should never taken risk the stupid thing her friend Courtney (Tru Collins) tells her about drug but she takes it without not knowing what it does but Dezzy should have asked her or know more about it rather then just taking it because she is addicted to drugs doesn't mean you take it just try something it's new food or new Bourbon to taste this is a drug that could have killed her but she decided to take risk. she it's driving her completely insane drives her mental insane she is threw out film it's just her going crazy going super insane like if she can't Couldn't Get Past The Fake new Drugs. then that's when it hits fan over top gore far over top she turns into a vampire well not vampire with teeth so I am guessing when you see film your gonna say how is this a vampire film? well theirs no teeth but their are feeding on flesh blood just horror never stopped then you find out about twist and ending and entire 1 hour and 20 minutes it's short film was just insane gore crazy staff happens I thought performance was good lead actress did great but I don't find her annoying what other people say I don't know how she is annoying but not me saying best performance or me saying it's best movie or greatest movie ever I would say VFW a great movie, a better film because of cast and characters the way how it's filmed and VFW is just better movie that's all I can say but with Bliss it's not a step down it's not a film I wanna see often but it's a time waster film but in a same time it's enjoyable if you a person who loves insane gore and 80's style There are a lot of bloody boobs. And there's no apology for any of that film never ever apology like theirs no mercy in it. film is not about the plot, not about any kind of twist. It's about the character and the imagery and how it's watchable leaving you curious to know what the heck is going on and know what is gonna happen if you want to see this movie don't watch the trailer if you do it spoils and takes everything away how did I see this film blind date is because when I brought 2 double feature pack with VFW I could not get VFW on single Blu-ray I wanted VFW on Blu-ray so I should to myself look if I didn't like Bliss then I would ignore film just watch VFW it's one disc but lucky didn't see trailer or never heard of film I just saw it blindly in a crazy insane experience like in a Impending Doom of hell if you see film you will get what I mean

there's not really a lot that happens in Bliss. There's a lot of setup, especially for a horror movie, and you have to wait a while for it to pay off 2 feature pack with VFW, so I didn't care ended up seeing this I like it but not best not very original but it was something bit different because you think oh it's drug that is messing her up or she takes it becomes a cannibalism her eating people she is vampire because she toke drug and turned into one but expect they don't have 2 big long teeth. in my theory is if she never taken that drug that turned her vampire she would finish it and sell it then she would have got tons of money and not living in a low life style with no money. anyway it's 6.10 it's time waster film but same time it's enjoyable The lead performance by Dora Madison is sure and strong, the cinematography/editing/sound design is creative, effortful and adds to the atmosphere a lot. Mad props for the soundtrack & original score with rough acting, not best performance but acting was talented if you want film like this watch Mandy (2018) I watched that like 10 times because it was soo unforgettable more watchable I am not saying this is forgettable film but end of day you make choice you either love it or like it or hate it simple if you like it, like I did you wouldn't watch it millions of times but give it a shot just in case if you didn't like this film watch Mandy (2018) that's more intense then to this film. but I got to say Joe Begos did a great job with film with all that Interesting Arthouse Take on Creating and Addiction turns you into a kind of vampire type.

Force of Nature

what kind of Nature of giving crap opportunity to Mel Gibson to be in this movie
Yeah I know it's 2020 with tons of movies got delayed from COVID-19 so theirs movies from direct to DVD films or Netflix films but with this direct to DVD film sucks and Mel Gibson career has gone worse and doing tons of worst film last films I loved was Expendables 3 and Blood Father sadly he did another worst film Dragged Across Concrete (2019) then to this what kind of Nature of giving crap films to Mel Gibson today age. he is big star known for Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, many more films but he is one of actors who deserved another chance I Know he has been in messed up things in his life but he is one of people who deserved another chance to be in big movies but he got kicked out and dismissed from Warner Bros sadly. he has been back in films like Expendables 3, he directed Hacksaw Ridge, Blood Father but then after that he has done worst slaright to video films or went to demand on VOD like with trash rubbish bin Dragged Across Concrete. this is worst Mel Gibson film I have ever seen and this is what he has been given why can't he be lead role and have better writers and better director I wish Mel Gibson was in lead role film in Russell Crowe film Unhinged Mel Gibson in anger and full on rage he is great on that he should be in that not Russell Crowe. but come on they gave him this trash film that he is not star so poster is false advisement he is not star in film so that sucks more and film was just eh not much action not much of survival film at all movie like this just watch Hard Rain with Christian Slather and Morgan Freeman film that is miles better then this movie believe me. this had misplaced actors meaning cast doesn't feel right, cast doesn't suit if Mel Gibson wasn't in movie I think 99% of people would not care but he is in it people thought he was lead well people you got your ass tricked because Mel Gibson is sadly 15 minutes of movie sadly to say. but least his performance had energy

and still has performance not like in Dragged Across Concrete what he has been given as wooden block of wood performance that's not Mel Gibson at all I have seen much better performance with Mel Gibson in better films when he had anger and full on emotion and rage full on rage, but with this film he has a little rage in film not much to say about this performance but in other hand his performance is pretty good but it's what he does best he always tries it. now I Like story where thieves are on heist during hurricane in apartment building but sadly film sucked in many levels theirs main actor Cardillo (Emile Hirsch) who is known for Girl Next Door, Speed Racer, Lone Survivor, Autopsy Jane Doe, Once Upon Time in Hollywood he play's a cop and he is suicidal. his boss tells him to go out their help people during this insane hurricane weather you have a character you don't care about is Griffin (William Catlett) character who is selfish guy you hate him slaright away in second you hate his character he is stealing meat a bunch of them then random father who has kid, father was saying look I have a kid it's not fair that Griffin has tons of meat and not to share anybody then he tells Cardillo that Griffin is stealing all meat not sharing it with anybody then Griffin gets arrested for Assault on father then he gets arrested you know why later of film why he has tons of meat all that.

also you have Jess (Stephanie Cayo) partner with Cardillo she does fine in film and you have (Kate Bosworth) as Troy??? I am like that's guys name Troy never even met a girl named Troy but it's only for movie she play's Mel Gibson daughter (Mel Gibson) Ray witch what he does best that he can do but he is not given much to do. villains is eh yet again David Zayas known for Expendables (2010) as villain, Dexter and many more movies he has done other worst film called Body Cam now with this movie dear god it getting worse for his film career. then Cardillo and Jess and Troy and Ray and Griffin are stuck in building during hurricane while robbery's with John (David Zayas) and his men going at building going door to door looking for money at towards middle of movie you have little action but don't expect too much what you expect for action is not much and Mel Gibson not much in movie that's all you get sadly this became the worst film I have ever seen in 2020. let's put it this way the film has a few entertaining moments, but it's very forgettable and it blends in with a hundred other movies. However, Mel Gibson was the main attraction that I was eager to watch this film. Mel Gibson was shown a bit Anger and Angry acting in film not much he does little action in film as he kills little bad guys but for rest of movie Mel Gibson I just coughing and stubborn old man. Besides he has short role in the movie. predictable twist. I had a difficult time even finishing the movie as well this most forgettable film ever like you forget tomorrow and say what movie did I just saw? that's how forgettable the film is don't see it because Mel Gibson is in it and as main role he is not Main Role believe me it's just a cameo in movie he is only in it for half of film. I thought director Michael Polish who has terrible Nature of Action films and who should not direct an action movie ever again of his terrible Nature of action films he has never made an action movie at all believe it or not he has made bad movies tons of it his Nature of films and his ideas as in action movie has terrible taste of Nature of Action films. Michael Polish has Waste of time and energy of making his terrible Nature of his films people say oh how bad is Bruce Willis direct to DVD films all that at least Bruce Willis direct to DVD films are a lot better then what Mel Gibson direct to DVD films like with this crap. people don't ever think about seeing it or think about Mel Gibson because he is not main role in film he is tiny short cameo only for 15 Minutes..

Trauma Center

Decent time waster film it's worth watching
It's not one of greatest films I would watch it all over again but hey at least thankfully I wasn't disappointed of film I had fun I enjoyed it it was Unstoppable Action-thrilling film it was Intense and watchable as well, I personally think it's not that of bad movie at all to honest the only thing I was Bruce Willis lead instead because I haven't seen a single Bruce film when he was a lead role since (2018) Death Wish film and Terrible film Glass (2019). I love Bruce Willis, I grew up watching him along with other Action stars & often check out some of his straight to DVD flicks & sometimes it's a terrible cheap mess like with Prince and Precious Cargo and First Kill & other times it could be a little "Gem" & here with his latest effort it sits more on the Gem side just like with this and Reprisal, 10 Minutes Gone, Survive the Night, Hard Kill those ones were a little Gem same goes with this movie but their aren't big blockbuster big films something you don't take too those direct to DVD films too seriously. sadly he gets second role films rather then being lead sadly I miss him as lead role movies just like my favorite Remake Death Wish (2018). I liked the one-location setting in the Hospital & reminded me of mix Combination of Die Hard with lead chick mixed with Halloween 2 (1982), I love films that are based in a single location, also like Carpenters 70's Classic "Assault on precinct 13" now

this film is nowhere near as good as those two films or Die Hard films or any other bigger Budget films unless I would say any of those direct to DVD films are better then Glass (2019) but it's an easy watch with some good suspense bits & a cool atmosphere as well I wish it was a darker thriller witch it would be cool if it's a mystery serial killer in it in a Bruce Willis film that would be sick chasing a lead girl around while Bruce character Investigates it would be a lower Budget with Die Hard and with Halloween 2 (1982) but anyway it is what it is, the acting wasn't bad it wasn't sloppy and it wasn't bland either so acting was good nothing wrong with script. story follows a witness Madison Taylor (Nicky Whelan) saw someone got murdered by crooked cops a former UFC fighter who is now an actor (Tito Ortiz) Pierce and Tull (Texas Battle) who appeared in 4 Bruce Willis films like awful Marauders, 10 Minutes Gone, and this film, Hard Kill recent film. Madison got shot on leg for trying to save guy who got shot then she got shot on leg then Lt. Steve Wakes (Bruce Willis) found a dead guy he is investigation and in really simple & easy role, he has just come off of a long double shift & is thrown into a conspiracy of corrupted cops & and girl got shot on leg Madison to ask about dead guy and 2 crooked cops she knows nothing about then suddenly building was under lockdown from some pandemic and 2 cops broke in Hostpal looking to kill Madison because she is witness and she is on run while being injured witch that would be very difficult running and walking with a injured leg after being shot but she has no time to rest because 2 crooked cops are after her she has to survive

It's shot well & the cinematography has a hazy Smokey look like a low-budget Horror. Aging old-school Action hero, Bruce Willis has small but important part as an exhausted looking cop he is investigation looking for crooked cops that killed guy he is in case while Madison is getting chased by crooked cops at Hostpal and yeah Bruce did some damage in film he was involved in some action in film so yeah he does some things in film. "Trauma Center" is a basic Low-budget & B-movie Thriller but it is made well & is stylish looking with some good suspense-filled scenes with the cat & mouse stalking through the empty hospital, it's a decent cool Thriller fast pacing and it's watchable non-stop action this is type of movie you will see on Netflix. At least Willis wasn't bored or falling asleep in this one film just like with Prince his skull was burning as hell like he doesn't want to be their, like with Vice he looks like sleep bored tried, I remember other awful Bruce Willis films got terrible and horrible got worse with Rock the Kasbah he looks like I don't want to be here oh dear got Precious Cargo horrible, then when he got in Marauders he looked bored like if he was sleep walking then with First Kill he doesn't want to be their anymore in set then after that he did rest of direct to DVD films he did Death Wish remake was big hit then after other theatrical film released at theater 3rd terrible Glass film then after he did alright good direct to DVD films just like with this film I really wish they hire him in better bigger films again but sadly.

with this film NO annoying shaky cam or constant fast editing that destroys so many of these low budget action thrillers. The single location was well utilized to maximized effect. The director elevated the look/tone and style in a great way. The acting was decent as well, this is time waster film that is decent to time waste with believe me it's worth of seeing this film 6.10

Hard Kill

it's not perfect it's just a fun action to kill time its worth it
Sometimes with reviews takes those direct to DVD films to seriously sometimes because I thought to myself when I saw movie it wasn't that bad at all I have seen tons of bad very bad direct to DVD films like this and I have seen worser Bruce Willis films like this believe me worser Bruce Willis films were The Prince, Rock the Kasbah, Precious Cargo, First Kill, Marauders at least I enjoy it for cast and actors but still film sucked, Once Upon a Time in Venice, Glass is not direct to DVD films but at least this film is better then Glass that was related to Unbreakable and Spilt at least his direct to DVD films are better then Glass it sucks to see Bruce Willis career in direct to DVD I would love to see him in bigger budget films but he has like been in theatrical film release Death Wish (2018) my favorite film but then with Glass sadly it's last one then to Motherless Brooklyn I want to see him more in Theatrical films release in theater then his direct to DVD films. I would say I liked this film better then Survive the Night just because it's faster peace and more action is happening witch Survive the night is mix of action more thrilling. story follows Derek Miller (Jesse Metcalfe, Desperate Housewives, Escape Plan 2 Hades) who use to be soldier now he is a mercenary then suddenly a mysterious billionaire who seeks out ex-Special Forces operative turned mercenary Derek Miller The work of billionaire tech CEO Donovan Chalmers (Bruce Willis) he hires Mercenaries to

protect it tech CEO you have other Mercenary's. like Sasha Zindel (Natalie Eva Marie), known for WWE reality series Total Divas, she did not bad as actress I wouldn't say the best but she did fine but because she is hot but she wasn't at least pointless, annoying or anything like that. Harrison (Jon Galanis) and Dash (Swen Temmel), assuring them of a generous payday for an assignment he promises will be "strictly VIP protection. they go to for protection while visiting an abandoned factory suddenly hell broke lose a terrorist group kidnaps Donovan daughter Eva Chalmers (Lala Kent) just to get CEO tech that has millions of dollars in it system. and yet again for 90 minutes slaright it's action goes forward I thought acting was good and it wasn't over top Bruce Willis doesn't do much which I was disappointed with as growing up as a kid, I loved his movies he does some damage in film but mostly threw out film it's Jesse Metcalfe and Mercenaries shows them more then Bruce witch I thought I was disappointed but at least I know it's not Bruce Willis film but he is always second cast of film I Wish they could just put him as lead role film not always but they cast him put him as second lead role of film you could had Bruce Willis Helping Mercenaries not just have him in less action then you have him saving his daughter look what about this for action they take his daughter then Bruce Willis teams up his team then he teams up with this team killing bad guys him doing more damage and going to rescuing his brilliant daughter.

the tiresome action movie gun battles and other violent mayhem, staged unimaginatively by director Matt Eskandari despite how much practice he gets. It's occasionally punctuated by such lame dialogue scenes as Chalmers and Eva engaging in a heartfelt father-daughter chat or The Pardoner taking the time to explain the reason for his unusual moniker. During the latter, Willis, as if standing in for the viewer, listens with a bored expression on his face clearly Bruce Willis wishing he is interacting with Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber instead. The Pardoner, by comparison, is such a one-note villain that his chief distinguishing characteristic is his manipulations of a Rubik's Cube - although that's somewhat more arresting than Willis' character-defining wearing of a heavy woolen scarf. Clearly, screenwriters at least I like Matt Eskandari as better director not a masterpiece or great director but he is not worst like with Steven C Miller and why? Steven C Miller who worked with Bruce Willis twice in Marauders, First Kill those sucked but at least I really liked Extraction (2016) film that Bruce Willis was in and that was Steven C Miler film I liked that but problem with Steven C Miller he is sucks at action, he sucks at writing, he sucks at camera work and camera just keeps on shaking like if I am watching Bourne movies soo much camera shake in while action is happening and you don't know what's going on in action during either fight scenes. but I liked Matt Eskandari as director I liked Trauma Center, Survive the Night, and I prefer this film then other 2 but those 3 films that Bruce worked with Matt is not worst thing at least that's better direct to DVD films then to Steven C Miller work. now this is a film that you don't take soo seriously about this movie don't expect perfect performance don't expect a big budget action blockbuster it's not if you love Bruce Willis he is not lead role but he is in all movie and fast paced of action to kill time it's not that Hard to watch film if you don't take those type of films like this too seriously I really enjoyed film not because of Bruce Willis I give this an 8.10 for action and it's really fun and at least it's films I would wanna see it again no offence I know everyone hates it just because they hate it and rating oh bad movie doesn't mean you should obey them trust your instincts don't worry about critics oh you you like crap films or crap films don't take so much crap about them think for yourself that's very simple give it a look it's just 90 minutes slaright forward action film what is their to lose?

The Outpost

if you love True story war movies this is for you I highly recommded
This film is not biggest hit but normally if true story movies like this or others hits slaright to theaters I don't get why this film could have a theater release but shamefully it didn't but I know why because of COVID-19 but I still don't get why this film is not a hit still alongside with Black Hawk Down, We were Soldiers, Lone Survivor, American Sniper, 13 Hours. and Many more out their then this is film for you to watch I prefer this film better then remake of Midway that came out this early this year I know this Japanese invasion American war but this is Afghanistan war film, I thought sometimes you don't know about true story films that happened but now when it's made into a movie you now know film and reality

I thought acting is good not the greatest or perfect but pretty good acting nothing wrong with acting I thought it's bit slow and some of scenes are unneeded like could of been taken out but it doesn't take me out of film but this film is far too slow but hey it's true story film no issue with that but just like with 13 Hours it's not long film the piecing is a lot quicker could done something like that. The storytelling around the lives of each soldier are built differently like you got cast is Scott Eastwood aka Clint Eastwood son as SSG Clint Romesha, CPT Ben Keating (Orlando Bloom) and CPT Robert Yllescas (Milo Gibson) aka other related father son actor Mel Gibson son. story follows 53 U.S. soldiers and two Latvian military advisors who battled a force of some 400 enemy insurgents in north-eastern Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom and deep in the valley of three mountains in Afghanistan, battles to defend against an overwhelming force of Taliban fighters in a coordinated attack, but in first hour film nothing really happens besides soldiers are just doing their own thing and messing around that's all then war doesn't happen until like for next hour then that's when everything hell breaks everything and I thought action war scenes were enjoyable fun, thrilling keeps you wondering what will happen next, It follows a similar line to 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, which I liked a lot too. Realistic action, gunfire, explosions, etc. that you expect to see in a war movie. The added aspect of realism was the trauma that you can see in the actors portrayal of their characters eyes that can only be a glimpse into what they experienced. Watch the movie, read the book, or vice-versa. Just remember the names who were very brave, helped fight war, fighted for their country men deserved a medal of honor and tons of awards just like with this film I wish this film could got delayed rather then slaright to VOD if this came out of cinemas then this would been a hit and maybe Scott Eastwood could been known and award for medal for this movie but anyway it's what it is

it's crazy how The movie does a good job of capturing the nerve-racking tension of being posted at Combat Outpost Keating. The high mountains around the camp provided the perfect perches for Taliban snipers to pick off the soldiers. outpost so dangerous that they had to put on their gear just to go outside to use the bathroom man it's like getting out of bathroom after taking a dump or anything like that or if you in their someone fires a shot while your in their I know it's not funny but wow that was reality it's crazy that something we haven't even heard of before in real life story just like what you gonna see in this movie. in this film what real life soldier said says Clint Romesha that played by Scott Eastwood if you curious How often was the camp attacked by Taliban insurgents On average, we'd get hit three to four times a week that's really insane. what I read about film the true story film the reality that's how I should say rest of film is true but little isn't true but hey that's how movies do they tell whatever it's true or not in it. film didn't shot in Kamdesh but they film and shot at set created at the base of a mountain in Bulgaria, not far from the city of Sofia. The entire Outpost Keating was recreated. The other two mountains that surrounded the actual outpost were inserted with CGI of Crouse film is based on company that made tons and tons great action films one of my favorite company's of time millennium films who did Expendables franchise, Hunter Killer, The Mechanic, Rambo V Last Blood many more to name I reckon it's great film company I luv and liked their films including this one I highly recommded watching this movie please give it a chance and give it a watch find a great time watching it's brilliant 8.10 for film and memorial of those brave soldiers who fighted their country and who fighted war will not be forgotten

The Tax Collector

1st and second act of film was good but in 3rd act there are a lot of missing screws
I have been a fan of David Ayer I have loved his films many of them he is a great director I Loved his creative work, he is soo great at crime films, action, war films he is a guy who deserve direct a lot of films deserve it an Oscar one day down the road if he makes a powerful film with story in it like with End of Watch and Training Day, Street Kings those type of movies everytime I have loved his movies with gangster hoody LA type of films but he has been known for writer in U-571,Training Day, The Fast and the Furious, Dark Blue, S.W.A.T, Taking Lives then he start directing films Harsh Times a film no one talks about but it's worth watching you gotta see Harsh Times, Street Kings a masterpiece film, then he done a huge strong powerful film End of Watch loved it, Sabotage, Fury, Suicide Squad, Bright a Netflix film that is Hood Film genre

mixed with Lord of Rings Fanasty type. he is known for Action, Thriller, Crime Hood Genre type of film with Mexican Cartel or Blood & Crips type of style I have always loved his work in films like that I really do love all of his films but with this film I would not put it as my films I like or loved in my list in 2020 or Ayer top films because this was average film there are things I like about film and there is some things I didn't like about film because towards middle it sabotage's everything of something you won't expect. I wanted this to be a other version of Harsh Times with 2 friends that are Tax Collectors that's what I wanted but I can't believe how in earth David Ayer messed this up badly no wonder this film gets a 4.7 sadly I thought this film would take things simple, and it's film will be how it was like with David Ayer work in his previous films I thought it would be like Training Day or Harsh Times type of genre but in expect those 2 are Hustlers, Hustling people for money to earn it back. he just needs better writing because their are no other writers David Directed and Written this film he needs bit of support to have better writers hire Kurt Wimmer or Max Landis who worked with David Ayer they are writers from Street Kings & Bright because I will be curious to know what other writers would think and how they turn this film differently then to David Ayer idea if you getting my point. . Ayer can't just keep this film very simple why does it have to be that hard to know how to keep characters alive the ones they don't deserve to die and could made better choices and choose wisely to keep characters alive and write film and fix up

story follows 2 Tax Collectors witch meaning the collect Tax from other Gangs, people anybody that has money that people needs to payback to those 2 Collectors they Hustling everyday to people to earn money that people need to payback from. David (Bobby Soto) and Creeper (Shia LaBeouf) he plays a different type of character he is like gangster scary type of guy that you don't wanna mess with this is something I wish he could of played character like this in another film but in this. David has a family 2 kids and wife Alexis (Cinthya Carmona) he has Uncle who runs a car wash Uncle Louis (George Lopez) David is a very successful man who is rich guy has family and has a close friend creeper they work their asses off to collect money to start to middle first and second act of film was perfect the cinematography, location feeling type of film where it's filmed at a hoody type of gangster film like with Ayer films is Fantastic, and acting performance is perfect Shia acting was soo great he plays a different type of character with gangster look on him suit, tattoos, he is one hell of creepy guy tape of look that just you don't wanna mess with not because he is called creeper but in another way he is like devil type of character he plays way how he played it was 10 out 10 in Transformers type of role or Holes or any of other movies he play's either prick or nerd that's always like that I like Shia LaBeouf as actor as well I enjoyed some of his films, but him in this film was something a lot more different gangster type of role to it I loved his character. film was great to start to middle 1 and 2 act seeing those 2 guys acting performance out standing that's was worth of acting. then to villains Conejo (Jose Conejo Martin) plays a evil gangster type who uses Black Magic spell he uses. he wants his money to earn back from those Tax Collectors upends the business from those Tax Collectors Gata (Cheyenne Rae Hernandez) plays a villain chick witch I liked her role she was an interesting type of character I wanted to see more in film and get to know her more often but it's more on main villain Conejo. when s*it hits fan Uncle was trying to take down Conejo with his men then later you find out his dead with his head in box so then I am like why David could get his family his wife and kids tell them get out of town deal with other gangs or cult whatever they were but no I don't mind car wash action scene it was pretty good action scene worth watching for action keeps your head up then in 3rd act this is where David Ayer F up everything I Don't even know how in earth he is happy with 3rd act of film??

eventually suddenly film destroys everything Creeper gets killed off for no reason I don't see why, I don't see why should Alexis should get killed off as well I mean like they could written this film a lot better too me it's either Ayer rushed this film soo much what was he thinking? did he think it was great idea? I don't freaking know how in earth he agree to this direction of film how in earth did he destroy 3rd act of film? Shia and Cinthya Carmona should been kept their characters alive but sadly no because writers wanna screw up and destroy film because they are dry and out of ideas film leaves you dry to 3rd act then David wants revenge because his wife, his uncle, his close friend dies that was Shia LaBeouf I just don't know why should Shia Labeouf character and Cinthya Carmona character alive I don't see them getting killed off in film for no reason wasted Shia Labeouf character I thought he stole movie not Bobby Soto he did fine in film but I thought Shia should have been lead keep his character alive and Cinthya character alive but no writers wanna take it very difficult idea where they are out of ideas. so after David wanted his revenge he hires Bone (Cle Sloan) who is in Blood gang he explains everything what happened he agree to work with David to take down Conejo final action showdown nothing too special then ending wasn't bad ending it was just flat when you see it your gonna say what the heck what else happened?? this could been written better this film is written & Directed by David Ayer he could hired writers he kinda rushed the story and script of film he f up everything in 3rd act of film he could written it better or if he doesn't know what else he can write or if he goes dry hire great, good writers of film they could write this better David Ayer always keeps his films very simple but in some reason he could not keep this film simple I don't know why but in my guessing he was out of ideas that's why he decided to destroy 3rd act of film he could done a lot many things better of this film could been written better 5.10 things I liked about characters, performance, action, cinematography of film, location feel to it but rest of it where it screwed up with a fault ending of film killed it. this is a film I could watch it as time waster not something I would watch it like 50 times in row this film had half of good things then to middle too many missing screws witch it doesn't look too great.

Project Power

very good film a much better Superhero film then to Old Guard
It's about time for Netflix to release a better film like this film was pretty good film it's heaps better then to Old Guard, the Old Guard is a superhero film that is based on comic book people praised on a boring trash forgettable film, this is a much miles better comic book film didn't I luv this film? NO but was it good? YES it was entering, it has a lot of potential in it the performance and cast was good Jamie Foxx did hell of job in this film I always loved Jamie Foxx Collateral, Jarhead, Miami Vice (2006) Remake, Kingdom, Horrible Bosses 1&2, Django Unchained, White House Down, Sleepless one of my personal favorite underrated film of all time you gotta checkout Sleepless, then to this new film Project Power and can't wait for upcoming Spawn reboot starting Jamie Foxx

other superhero third time he is playing. I would say this is a lot better role for Jamie Foxx then he had in trash sequel Amazing Spiderman 2 when he played Electro / Max Dillon give me a break his role in this film is a lot better role in film then to Amazing Spiderman 2. then his 3rd one will be reboot of Spawn even better I can see him as Al Simmons / Spawn. critics thankfully got praised on performances of the cast, action sequences and visuals but funny thing is criticized the screenplay for not taking full advantage of its premise? so people who loves superhero films didn't give give fully advantage on premise of this film? give me a break. but no Old Guard gets more praised not even 1 Negative thing about it some people gave it a Negatives but not enough for it to bomb Old Guard. this gets 6.0 witch I don't buy it sadly but old guard got 6.7 close and 81% on Rotten Tomatos but for this film 60% on Rotten Tomatoes?? this must be joke wish it was a joke. what was so bad about this film? I actually had fun with this film this is not related to comic book film this is like It wasn't a comic or TV series in the past, it's a brand new creation from up-and-coming just like with Brightburn, Darkman, Unbreakable, Hancock, Push, El Chicano I am not sure if Crow 94 film was based or not based on comic but their is many more of their with superhero films that weren't based on comic book films but end of day it's still great and creative film, were villains were good? not really but I would say better villains then to Old Guard, but performance and cast suited very well? yes I abouslte agree with cast, Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordan Levitt I loved and been a big fan of Looper, Don Jon, Killshot, Premium Rush, Sin city Dame to Kill for but he wasn't best character in sequel. I like creative idea if you take pill you do or transform anything you can imagine users unpredictable superpowers for five minutes it's not Red or Blue pill that's Matrix different subject. the story was simple it doesn't try to hard as it can it's just simple basic film that's all it is. Robin (Dominique Fishback) is being a dealer and trying to rob people she got nearly robbed by customers seeking Power. She is rescued by NOPD Officer Frank Shaver (Joseph Gordan Levitt) going after guys who are robbing bank I liked how he times after he got shot in head but nothing happens then he finds out hits the streets of New Orleans with those power pills Frank is in situation of man hunting for the distributor "Biggie", tracks down Newt. times where Joseph nails his role his acting and performance their are times I had no issues with his role I think he nailed his role perfectly I can't see anybody playing his role or Jamie Foxx role I just can't.

Art (Jamie Foxx) is looking for Robin he kidnaps her but not in a bad way so he can be with her and find his daughter Tracy, born after the experiments, exhibited powers without ever taking the drug. villain Biggie not Biggie Smalls Notorious B.I.G but different character Biggie (Rodrigo Santoro) he was one who made pills of Project Power Biggie claims that Power represents "the next evolution of the human species with the pill's powers derived for animals. also I liked other villain Wallace (Tait Fletcher) known for John Wick, Equalizer, Blood Father, Accountant many more movies you name he was in he had role in film not like him as extra or him did noting in film he has character in film that he play's a henchman from biggie you have good fight scene with him and Jamie Foxx. I was so surprised that MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) was in film just at opening witch I didn't know until I looked his character up. I was pretty surprised that this film was creative but based on comic book it's true it's not based on comic book. and yes this is a lot recommded then to Old Guard witch was boring slow, with this film it's watchable it's interesting it's different performance Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordan Levitt did great in film you can tell they are having fun in this film the set up of film it's creative some of cool staff you never seen. and Old Guard is R-RATED but it's soft R-RATING piece of crap it make itself PG-13 film. but with this R-RATED Superhero that isn't based on a comic book just like Old Guard. this film really hit fan of R RATED and it suited for R-RATED film but it deserved a lot better just like with Wheelman, Bright, Point Blank, 6 Underground, Spencer Confidential but not Old Guard gets one massive pass but not this I rather watch this film all over again rather then seeing Old Guard or Agent Marvel of shield thank goodness it's not TV series for 2 hours I rather have this as movie, give this a shot while been under lockdown during Pandemic it's worth watching if you luv superhero films give this a look believe me it's isn't bad film if you got Netflix give it a shot you it's a lot worth watching please avoid other crap films like Old Guard trash boring 2 hour long film, you want superhero films that you want to see different creative type like you never seen before check out this film it's really worth watching it's similar concept to other film called Push (2009) if you have seen or not check it out

The Old Guard

I was gonna like film but then I lost soo much interest because film was odd guard
I love Charlize Theron and yes she is pretty all that I liked her in Reindeer Games, The Italian Job, Æon Flux, Hancock, Mad Max Fury Road, Fate and Furious, Atomic Blonde but for this movie had so potential not a lot of it but then halfway of film was just eh it I lost track of film it got boring as hell time waster with less action in film idea of film was good cast expect for Charlize Theron and Chiwetel Ejiofor but rest of cast is not rememberable I don't know even know rest of cast villain was boring lame boring villain most forgettable villain The antagonist had a cartoonish evil character. cast is forgettable I don't know rest of cast expect for Theron and Ejiofor this is like other Version of Highlander but in very lame not rememberable film it became so forgettable from middle to film, I liked Charlize character but she could not save the film at all This B-movie directed by an amateur does not know how to make action superhero films and how in earth is this getting sequel? if your want action films on Netflix watch Wheelman, Point Blank, 6 Underground, Bright, Spenser Confidential, Extraction not fan of Extraction but hey rather watch that instead of this boring long burn terrible film. music and soundtrack doesn't even fit in film bad music choice person who did music has massive bad taste of music of choice in film that even didn't fit in just This amateur has a horrible soundtrack you only will find pleasing when you never had the chance to develop a taste that's what it turns me off and people off movie. I am sick and tied of Charlize Theron boyish haircut that makes her even more unlikable than a missing limb and baldness her boyish hairstyle doesn't even suit her style it's better she has long hair or short hair from Atomic Blonde, in Fast 9 she has short Blonde hair she looks like wanna be Justin Bieber haircut type jeez would someone tell Charlize Theron to stop having Boyish haircut it doesn't even suit her. other characters in film Charlie group weren't interesting they were boring and character development is boring as hell. story follows Nile (KiKi Layne) who is American soldier got her throat slit by terrorist I am like why don't you look what terrorist has near him but no she is too

nice with other people in Afghanistan she got slit you gotta be careful even if she is American Marine you never know who you run into when an your solider in Afghanistan. then somehow group of covert team of immortal mercenaries Andy (Charlize Theron), Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts), Joe (Marwan Kenzari), Nicky (Luca Marinelli) centuries old warriors with regenerative healing abilities who use their vast experience to help people. they want their identity to kept a secret suddenly Nile who got recovered without any scratch she shares a disturbing dream with the other immortals Mercenaries, who are then alerted to her existence. how in earth shares unexpected dream to Immortals to group? I don't know how in earth does that happen never got explained Andy tracks down and rescues Nile before military personnel can abduct her for testing in my first Question infiltrate an American base in Afghanistan all by herself and steal a humvee and not be tracked? The humvee doesn't have a GPS system? The army doesn't care that one of its soldier is kidnapped? film forgets that, film didn't tell why that's what confused me that didn't explain anything in film it never has I don't know if I am missing anything or not but that didn't tell in film it never has it never tells how old are those immortals? they say very old but how old. but suddenly Nile exposed Immortals knowing who they are, for rest of film was boring as hell to middle I luv action and some little gore in a superhero film and it is superhero witch I don't know if it's an comic book based on or not. this film had potential but then it loses potential this film director is amateur she has never made action films at all, this Netflix film didn't even deserve an Netflix film it deserved it one those direct to DVD films I don't know why and how in earth people in critics has praise for the action sequences and Theron's performance

I am like action? what action let's talk about action it was good? my answer is action was just forgettable I do not even remember action just like in marvel films when you watch film note down what great or good action scenes were their? to me I remember plane scene and ending scene what else I did not even fell sleep I got soo bored while action was showing it was nothing interesting about it at all , and some of action scenes that Charlize did was good but people give this praise for action sequences? this film had boring action very forgettable action like if I ask you what was good or great action? note it down people praise on Theron performance???? dear god did people miss Mad Max Fury Road when she played Imperator Furiosa one metal arm she was badass in film she also has great performance in Atomic Blonde? but no people praise on Charlize Theron in Old Guard but not Atomic Blonde or Mad Fury Road or what about Monster when she plays an serial Killer and film monster large number of awards and nominations, in particular for Theron's role, including the Academy Award for Best Actress, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture did anyone watch The Devil's Advocate she smashed and smacked her role in that early in that film did people forgot about that? were they a sleep when they were watching those Charlize films in past? but woke up and saw this give this a lot of praise because on Theron's performance what a joke people give praise her performance in film for this boring forgettable film look I liked her performance but she could not save this film at all not even 1 inch's she could not save film. but people give this praise for the action sequences of this film? GIVE ME A BREAK action scenes were forgettable their weren't interesting or creative like people don't give praise on 6 underground that has so much creative action scenes it was insane it made to see film slaright away and right away that has characters that were rememberable and action as well the action and stunts were amazing and tons of crazy creative action like you never seen before, like with bright, Wheelman was crazy action in film and with Extraction was okay but I wasn't fan but least action was fun but not like crazy like with 6 underground. people are praising at wrong films like with this? when people praise on something write about action scenes what was good about it? what are action we never seen like with 6 underground I can compare action Netflix action like 6 Underground and with this people praise Extraction but hey I understand why but I never and never will understand why people praise this film and praised on action??? action never praised on me never it was forgettable just like with Marvel films. Terrible writing, terrible effects, terrible directing, terrible soundtrack, action was forgettable, some of scenes were unexplained one last thing it's predictable film. this film was had idea but it blew it this is like other film called Highlander much better film then to this crap film if they had different director, different characters not Charlize Theron character but rest of other characters should be written better, jokes weren't funny, villain was lame boring forgettable needed different actor for it, Charlize Theron didn't smash her role in this film she smashed her role in Devil's Advocate, The Italian Job, Æon Flux, Hancock, Mad Max Fury Road, Atomic Blonde. this film 1 star lame, boring people just because it was Netflix film it is for free don't even waste or burn your time on this movie life is far too short....

Ghosts of War

it's not worth watching until you get to end of film
Just saw this terrible film it's horrible and time waster film it's not worth watching after you finish this film, now I like idea of film in a world war II horror film style but with ghost I am like eh okay how would that work? if you want films like this I suggest to watch Overlord and Dog Soldiers but that's not world war II Dog Soldiers but at least they are soldiers fighting against evil werewolf's but with this film it lost soo much potential, the film is watchable to be honest you start to get into it then when you get to middle to end theirs twist witch I wont spoil but it was freaking stupid it was an backstage type like this film wannabe Westworld like you think it was western then it turns out to be SC-FI in modern day style like everything is backstage. fair out this should

been a fully world war II of those lead characters going threw all this haunting nightmare situation and film ghosts of war like that doesn't work in world war II film that work in different films but like explame if you take Saving Private Ryan meets The Amityville Horror type but it doesn't fit idea I don't see world war II solders going threw haunting house with ghost I see more idea like if it's monsters or vampires or zombies just like with overlord that was in world war II with monsters in it that worked better but world war II in ghost film style with SC-FI type of style ruined when film went to the twist it felt like I was watching different film twist really ruined film it killed it. it's like making world war II film style of Saving Private Ryan mixed with Exorcist that would be an stupid idea for film. now story follows you have five American soldiers Chris (Brenton Thwaites), Kirk (Theo Rossi) known for Sons of Anarchy, Luke Cage upcoming army of dead Netflix film, Eugene (Skylar Astin) who really looks like Joseph Fiennes character in Enemy of gates did director watch that and said let's make him like that because Enemy of gates is World War II film Russians against Nazi's type I swear he looks like him type up Joseph Fiennes his character Commisar Danilov look them 2 up you can compare them you will be shocked wow. Tappert (Kyle Gallner), Butchie (Alan Ritchson) and also cameo actor Billy Zane is in it as well but not much in film he is their for paycheck that's it.

American soldiers fighting war going threw battle, they walking to find place to stop by and take rest they found this huge mansion they stayed in then one night some of soldiers seeing and hearing ghost around house they are getting haunted by ghost, so entire film you find out everything what happened how house got haunted about family who got killed by Nazi's then entire film has it's potential in halfway film then after halfway it messed up everything you find out twist then it turns into different film it like if someone changes channel it's like I am watching different film ending was empty it lost soo much too much of potential it's like end of day if you movies like this I suggest Overlord and Dog Soldiers or dead snow I know that's silly one but hey at least it's better then this film then to this crap this film is like you watch once you hate then you move on that's all it is this director only made 2 films 1st film he directed was Butterfly Effect that was like 2004 until then he never made film until now with this terrible crap film director Eric Bress hasn't created nothing in between now and then and hasn't learned how to create a good ending yet. that's why no one wanted to work with this director is because with this film you watch it's soo bad just like with this director could not write or direct i wonder why he has now made 2 films Interesting movie with a good amount of action and mystery. Good story with lots to expect but falls a bit short overall but Eric Bress screwed and messed up ending of film that's what made everyone got pissed off even me I am not only one here who is pissed off about this dump film There is no END, not even open ending. It just abruptly stops. Run out of ideas, no funding, no whatever.... it just stops. believe me you don't wanna be fooled with this film makes you think entire film is world war II film but it's not I am telling you this already theirs backstage twist of film that will hit you like stomach leave you with bad ending, stupid silly dumb twist plot of film stay away of this dumpster flick.


if you love women in Martial Arts style film I Never Recommend you this at all
The all film got interesting I love films with action female films either it will be action or martial arts I love that I women that are into Martial Arts and that taste of it but this film? no not really because I thought it what really ruined film was ending I thought fight scenes were good and gory I like that but I can watch Lady Bloodfight Amy Johnston that's Underground fighting tournament film as other Version of Bloodsport but better then this crap film director doesn't know how to make action fighting films he can not direct at all he sucks at making action films and fight scenes sure it was well made but it wasn't that too exciting about it I like some of ideas of film like black screen with hand writing for explame says Sabrina vs Jamie love that idea gore scenes like while 2 girls fighting nicely done but I can watch other female martial arts films also I can watch UFC or Bellator MMA for it

for female fights realty type as in this film it was just pointless and ruined so badly, villains sucked they completely forgettable and didn't do anything in film expect for Phoebe (Rebecca Marshall) was good crazy villain chick in film I like her in it. film was not boring expect for other 2 villains were but film was lazy that what title is called Raze ''Lazy'' film I wish this was done and held a lot better if it was different director different writers for film I Like women cast I Liked Zoe Bell who worked as stuntwoman in Death Proof and Hateful Eight, Once Upon Time Hollywood. and also who has worked with this director again in other film Camino rest of among of her other films that were direct to DVD or films made for TV she does a fine job in acting, she can handle her fight scenes as well I loved her Martial Arts Techniques as well she does it all herself no stunt doubles In it expect for other actress who had stunt doubles where it's

located in this little small hole they 2 girls fight each other and kill each other I love that idea in film but nothing can hold up at end of day even the girls can't even hold this film or save this film for me I am type of girl who loves girls in fighting Martial arts film but can girls hold and save this film for me? NO it has a lot of issues in it like boring villains main ones like Sherilyn Fenn and Doug Jones Lame villains they ruin film I wished they could used better actors as villain they could used different actors for villains not them I thought they were boring not entered by them I was entered of women in film fighting that was about it I like story plot idea like group of women held captive and forced to fight one another to the death, under the threat of harm and death to their loved ones in underground tournament There are some fairly brutal moments throughout the movie, but again, this does absolutely nothing to make up for the horrible lack of a proper ending for this film it's 90 minute film I liked Zoe Bell but her character was big let down because she doesn't save anybody like that final chick who does Jiu Jitsu doesn't save her or call 911 but somehow writers just made look Zoe Bell a weak character in film and made this film very weak it's fun 90 minutes action gore film didn't find this an horror film at all they say it's horror film but nothing was horrying nothing was horror film this felt like more of action film screw this piece of crap film don't even bother it is one of worst action female fight films I have ever seen with this empty hand ending and main character that sadly Zoe Bell play's is weak character made her look like idiot but I never blame her I blame directors, Producers, Writers for film not Zoe Bell or other actress this is film you should never think about and avoid this crap believe it's not gonna go in direction of what ever you like film it will make you hate it the only thing it will keep you watching action, gore, girls, fight scenes that's it

Cry Havoc

just avoid this film time waster crap from start to end
I know what type of movie it is I know what was I getting myself into I did like Death Kiss (2018) it was traditional of Death Wish film same actor looking like Charlies Bronson type but actor named Robert Bronzi but with this film I like idea that Robert Bronzi is in a horror film type nice cinematography, type of style of film, location was nice place to film in Forrest it didn't look cheap so as gore was good not faking looking but rest of action was cheap like gun shooting, fight scenes didn't look to real felt Cliché in 70's type of fight scene

this was really poorly directed poorly ending left it as cliffhanger film 99% focus on blond journalist girl (Emily Sweet) that's it and less of Robert Bronzi saying to everyone have you seen this girl carrying photo to everyone including girl is tied up witch it is stupid what about cut her free then ask her what you wanna ask? but no this film is far too dumb to do that. you have him in action kills couple bad guys that's it with a little small revolver 38 crap he uses director or someone could give him an shotgun or machine gun? is this film that was soo cheap could not get different type of guns? so completely cheap all henchmen's uses same guns nothing different. the killer type of look looked great scary type of guy played by (J.D. Angstadt) as Havoc cooling looking mask and everything on material that has been made, weapon looked cool and specially killer really looked like from video game Dead by Daylight this is what it felt like it looked like Dead by Daylight if you played it you know what I mean survivors got to survive if they get caught they get killed killer has to look for them it reminded me too much like Dead by Daylight game in forest with tall scary killer Havoc could be built better. threw out film start's off An ambitious reporter (Emily Sweet) is given an exclusive interview with one of the FBI's Most Wanted. She travels to a secret compound to meet the wealthy Voyeur (Richard Tyson) who is suspected of having paid to secure the release of the psychotic serial killer known only as "Havoc" you have scene of them 2 reporter Tyson character and she is finding out about himself about Havoc the only thing they do is they kidnap girls and run away from Havoc and survive and make a bunch of Snuff film (Robert Bronzi) was an rogue cop or ex cop whatever you wanna call it goes out their to look for a girl that got kidnap but you find out later at end of film it's his daughter (Spring Inés Peña) looking for his daughter threw out film at middle of film was just pointless dumb not boring but characters make bunch of stupid silly decisions, your not gonna like ending and it ends empty believe me this film is just reporter is running away from killer then in middle of plot was just pointless and useless and final showdown with Robert character to Havoc killer was nothing fight just Robert trying to punch with his boxing skills but Havoc is not felling pain then he is throwing him then hits him with rock then that's not gonna spoil it but film is terrible ending didn't explain nothing, explained at all or what happened to character nothing ending is like not even completed not even ending

film is for the blood and gore lovers witch I like gore staff but this is an film witch is nothing special at rest of it I like Robert Bronzi but not enough of him he has nothing to do in film sadly what can I say, there are loads of attractive females with bare breast I like that but that can't hold film bare breast I like that I can go strip club for that this film has Nudity I like films with Nudity but can't hold film or save film I know this film is trying to be traditional 70's or 80's horror film trying to be touchable but it fails he is the fantastic spitting image of Charles Bronson, and my only wish must be that some serious film giant gives this man a chance in a well written and directed blockbuster film not this junk cheap made film crap I like idea of film it was watchable but to the middle and end was stupid this is like your curious about spitting version of Charles Bronson the actor is Robert Bronzi who does a great job of acting this film you will watch it then never see it ever again believe me you don't wanna see this again

The Debt Collector 2

this is How first film should been start to end Adrenaline rush action
When I first saw 2018 first film Debt Collector film it was alright and didn't had action in it, it did have action but not a lot film sadly slowed the heck down and it had stock footage of cows yes people freaking stock footage about cows the all film of first film is about cows I am like what the heck is this film? I mean like who in earth makes an action film it has stock footage of cows all the way until the very end of film I am like did Jesse V Johnson hop on cow? it had a worst ending was terrible empty hand stupid silly ending with Irish man eating with his daughter talking about cows? talking about cows using stock footage witch I thought it looked stupid I thought I will hate Debt Collector

2018 for my all life because of stock footage of cows and bad ending for crying out loud, then when they made sequel I am like what??? didn't they die or are they trying to do an crank type unreal escapable film franchise where they die they come back from dead. now all sudden Jesse V Johnson wants to do a better sequel witch it was a better sequel it was 10 out 10 times better then first film it has barley action it lots of it full fast paced film it is full of nonsense but hey it's movie they toke it seriously to make it better Adkins said Here's the thing. I was disappointed with how we ended the first movie and once we made it and edited the film together in my opinion and I don't speak for Jesse Johnson as I think he has a different take on it but to me I thought we made a mistake and that we shouldn't kill the two characters that's why they made second film is because they wanted to make a better sequel I don't blame them 2 at all see a bad ending why would like to have bad ending? what's wrong with good ending if they have good ending I reckon I would liked it a lot if they cut out stock footage of cows. this sequel was a lot better, better action, tons of action, tons of fight scenes, door to door kicking ass throwing balls to wall I am an die hard fan of Scott Adkins I even met him 3 years ago at Boyka Undisputed Premiere he is an nice guy a shy person but I liked him nice guy.

I loved all Scott Adkins films Special Forces, Undisputed 2,3,4, Ninja 1&2, Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning 4th, El Gringo, Close Range, Hard Target 2, Savage Dog, Accident Man after that it got worse a lot worse like first Debt Collector average film then Incoming dear god even worse, Abduction (2019) TERRIBLE Ernie Barbarash doesn't know how to write or direct a action film for crap, Triple Threat yeah their and their not great but I rather watch that film rather then other 2 crap then Avengement (2019) IP Man 4: The Finale good film then to this sequel witch was much better sequel, you can't skip order from first film because you have to watch first film to get to this sequel film start's off Frenchy (Scott Adkins) working as Bouncer at bar then he lost his job because he didn't take fight outside and bar got destroyed his boss fire's him, Sue comes along (Louis Mandylor) to re-connects with Frenchy to get him back in job to debt collecting. if your wondering how they survive apparently Sue got to hostpal got shot in lung I am like? he got shot more then 20 times but he still is alive? then Frenchy if you know at end of first film when he crawled himself to car he could not put the key in hole and he dies well in first film when he dropped keys he died Frenchy said I had to drive myself to hostpal witch you don't see him starting up car he died at driver seat I am like that doesn't make any sense at all how about this they both bleed out died then Ambulance came in toke them they both alive and well they both go to

different hostpal that would make a lot of sense if you seen first film then watch this you will know what I am trying to say that bit doesn't make sense but hey it's movie I am not taking this too seriously it's unreal and it's escapable film it's fun to watch, Sue Calms Tommy askes Frenchy a favor to do last job. you find out later that in a twist witch I won't spoil it at all but it turns out to be something you never see it coming they go to Las Vegas to collect money you have this woman Britt (Mayling Ng) an Martial Artist, Fitness Champion representing Singapore in the USA in 2013. she is known for Lady Bloodfight, Wonder Woman (2017), The Scorpion King: Book of Souls, Acceleration she did fine in film but not much because she was in it for 5 minutes then middle of film she got her ass kicked by Louis Mandylor character runs away, then action went on non stop it was high voltage full on knocking doors down to door going threw all rough and tough situation's one point where Frenchy and Sue going to a boxing club Sue gets his ass kicked then Frenchy comes in beats up guy break his arm then they won they got their money rest of action I don't want to take it away you have to watch first film to watch this no skipping order because they mention a lot of things from first film better sequel even I would watch this above first film the final showdown of this sequel last scene had tons of action way better action way better then final showdown from first film sadly that didn't had anything like this sequel and this had a good ending I don't understand what's wrong with good ending I like the Frenchy & Sue in film I wanted them to make it out alive then drive off to next job to knock more doors down taking more money of more sequels happy ending is actually a good thing believe me why is it a bad ending is always good thing? why can't we have a good ending like this sequel if you one of those people love bad endings like first film this is not ending for you because I never and don't understand why can't we have good ending what's wrong with that? if you want to see more sequels this is how you make this film not first film to have sloppy dumb ending I am glad that Jesse V Johnson learned his mistakes. this is great better sequel it should been first film now I know people hate good endings but hey ask yourself what's wrong with good ending? why do we need always have a bad ending why can't have bad ending all time oh it's real life? well it's not real life it's movie not real life it's not true story realistic crap, it's movie a freaking movie stop comparing real life and movie their 2 different things movie is entering you make it for people to like love it form start to end enough of bad endings sometimes different doesn't mean it's good movie. I Highly recommended watching this 90 something minutes of action full on fighting, shooting, door to door kicking ass film Scott Adkins performance is improving give it a look it's 10 out 10 times better then first Debt Collector Scott Adkins even said this should been called Debt Collector 2 not Debt Collectors I totally agree with that, this is a worth watching sequel give it a look if you hate first film this will make you walk out of room happy then ever

Fantasy Island

if you Hated Truth or Dare you will hate this a lot more
Another blumhouse AKA Bumhouse worst film since Truth or Dare, Dear lord how in earth Blumhouse is making tons of worst films ever I liked The Hunt that was Blumhouse I don't hate every single Blumhouse films. I thought this was worst film I have seen in 2020, I wish it could been released a lot later then you have Hunt released on sametime as this film at theater I have got this film for free on DVD sent by friend of mine so I decide to check out film because I had it for free so I saw it I ended up hating I like idea of film, cinematography looked nice didn't look so cheap I like the look of Island as well cast I like Lucy Hale she is hot since Pretty Dirty Little Liars series, I can't believe they chosen her rubbish trash films like this and Truth or Dare I am come on I know they can choose her better films not this crap I can't believe it why is she in dumpster films nowadays sadly, I liked Maggie Q one of my favorite Asian girls Naked Weapon, Die Hard 4, Nikita. Michael Rooker I

liked him as well, Michael Pena play's a worst character in film worst villain I hated his accent way how he speaks was soo Annoyed and he looked bored out his mind. Kim Coates play's killer in film witch I thought eh wasted. I hated rest of characters were pointless didn't care for them, cast I liked Kim Coates, Michael Rooker don't have too much hopes up because they get wasted and used but I liked Lucy Hale, Maggie Q in film as leads that what was watchable. the all film is massive time waster, boring, it's not scary the story can't keep things simple it changes to other and it tells you other story to other witch it annoyed me but I bet people who saw in this theater got pretty pissed off when they payed 2 something dollars for ticket to see this piece of crap. trailer when I first time seeing it it didn't do anything for me and I knew it was a bad film I can tell by using Ariana Grande - 7 rings witch is false advisement in trailer that's why it made go like this like a stupid film I wished this was an Netflix film or slaright to DVD VOD Digital not the Hunt because I understand why because COVID-19 with Hunt but who in earth thought releasing this film in theater would be a great film. the film Has potential it's watchable to know what heck is Fanasty Island but it has silly lines, stupid characters, it gets boring after would, time and time it gets weird and strange but in a very Lazy writing and it ruined plot so badly at twist ending the twisting of film doesn't know what it wants to be sadly this film had a sloppy plot writing film doesn't

feel like Fantasy film felt like time travel film when you watch it you will get what I mean. director who made tons of rubbish films of all time I didn't mind Never Back Down then he started to do horror films witch he sucks doing like Truth or Dare if this advisement director from Truth or Dare witch movie that everyone craps on will crap on this that's why it has producer of Halloween and Get out if they ever mention anything about this director then no one will go see film so they are tricking people to go see this film. I swear just don't ever think about seeing this because all over for Lucy Hale because you will not like twist at end of film witch it makes you hate film a lot more I don't recommded this film at all avoid this if you hate Truth or Dare this is an same director who that made this junk he got jobs for making more films this is what he made? I wish this guy would never make a film ever again in thousands of years later. horrible missed cast as well I like cast them playing in film eh they can't even save film story follows Mr. Roarke not Mickey Rourke, Mr. Roarke (Michael Pena) with the stupid accent plus he can't play a series role in film he looks like a guy he can be in comedy films a lot more he has a stupid accent dumbass white suit he is completely bored out of his mind of this movie you have Melanie Cole (Lucy Hale), Gwen Olsen (Maggie Q), Patrick Sullivan (Austin Stowell), Brax Weaver (Jimmy O. Yang), J. D. Weaver (Ryan Hansen) came to Island for something they wish for anything like say I want a bunch 20 virgin girls then it happens if you made up character then it comes to life that's what it is and also it can bring you back time as well I started to like Melanie character she is being bullied at school also she was an bully she goes to torture room she tortures this girl she bullied Sloane Maddison (Portia Doubleday) is tied up on chair Melanie gets to torture her but then theirs doctor Torture who tortures people so Melanie somehow saves this chick when it gets to twist what was so point of saving her when you watch it you get what i mean, Maggie Q Gwen who wishes she needs an family but it comes true but end of day their not real at all. she wishes to ask something else like go back to time to save that guy at burning apartment building but she didn't and no one could saved him she feels bad for it I am like no one could saved him at all sadly so I don't understand why she feels like bad for

threw out rest of film was pointless dumb, it keep changes to other story to other witch it was SO annoying as hell I hated 2 brothers were annoying wasted cast like Michael Rooker & Kim Coates were not much in film to honest this hell of time waster film boring as hell film people went see this witch I don't understand why? It got 7% on Rotten Tomatos witch I think it should get that rating of that film hated ending for some reason villain Michael Pena doesn't die or he is not that of bad person he is bad he gets people killed he will do it all over again and again. this director beware of him Jeff Wadlow who can't write, can't direct that's why his films are flopping and getting trashed in dumpster pile of crap that's why he doesn't have his name on Advisement of poster or on trailer so if people see From Director Jeff Wadlow Truth or Dare now made this film people will not go and see it but it has Producers from Halloween & Get Out so that he can cover his name and film he is known for so that he can fool people to go see it and then they got fooled can't get their money back so that's why movie flopped so HARD that's why I don't trust this director I luv Lucy Hale but Jeff leave her alone let Lucy work with other directors please leave her alone stop getting her involved in this crap where films get's flopped like Truth or Dare and this among with other crap upcoming projects Jeff Wadlow should be given anymore jobs to do not anymore 1.10 don't waste your time or think about watching this crap if you hated Truth or Dare

2 Graves in the Desert

it wasn't bad film its watchable but not great or worth watching over again
Yeah I know why this film gets hates it got 2.6 rating everyone hates on this film but it does have potential I like those 2 brothers are very similar concept as gecko brothers From Dusk Till Dawn (Michael Madsen) & (William Baldwin) having a simple roles of themselves driving threw Mexico border while acting, kidnapping 2 people Blake (Cassie Howarth) & Eric (Iván González) tied up in van back of car boot. threw out film it's just Michael Madsen and William Baldwin driving laughing drinking driving threw out film but they both got a lot of chemistry together they are pretty laughable they got a lot of charisma and they were likeable but sametime they are bad guys I wished those 2 actors were in a different film not just driving threw out film on trunk I wished this was different film not in this threw out film it's just locked in the trunk of their

vehicle leaving Las Vegas. After a bit, we discover they both have "cheated" Mario out of money. There are some minor flashbacks and some contemporary action, but for the most part, it is two people in the trunk talking each other on IPAD or Tablet and theirs not much to talk about film because that's what it is basically that's what threw out film, I thought acting is good I liked all actors specially beautiful Cassie Howarth in film she did fine with her bad attitude and her tough female role she had but I wished this film could been better, something more to it rather then locked up on trunk talking and having flashbacks when you watch film you might like it because of those

2 guys but it got 2.6 rating saying it's really bad what did they expect? when they saw film if you saw trailer what it is then you know answer I am not kidding when you watch trailer it spoil it completely that's why I didn't watch trailer for film if I did I might hate film because trailer wasn't much trailer tells you everything believe me the only way you might like film is to watch film blindly because trailer tells you everything that's what I recommded for you to watch film in that way oh else trailer will spoil everything. acting performance of Michael Madsen & William Baldwin played a great part of film of their performance so much jokes to laugh at they had a great chemistry brothers type of character threw out film BUT I really wished this was different film not a film when 2 are just driving and they kidnapped 2 people in trunk show entire film in trunk while Michael Madsen & William Baldwin driving and drinking talking on IPAD I mean this could been in a different film NOT IN THIS I can't believe it at all I don't hate this film at all it's not worst but it's worth it of seeing Michael and William performance it's not film I would watch all over again and again once is enough to see this film that's it all I can say is read watch film avoid trailer that's all I can say.

Body Cam

just watch Deliver us Evil & Demonic if you want films like this this most painful film i have ever seen
Avoid this piece of crap boring film that nothing happens in film it was more of thriller then horror film, this films made no sense whatever it happened the story is all over place this film had potential in it but threw out film was just boring as film that went to horror to thriller it's almost like directors or writers rushed this film to when they saw Black & Blue they say let's make this like Black & Blue with a horror and thriller genre in it, this was just boring and actors were bland as hell

it's less of horror film but if your looking for full time horror theirs nothing like that what did I expect when I watched film? maybe better actress? better writers? better direction of story because in one moment I was expect lead actress to go with on chasing ghosts rather then having a dumb twist you will find out at end why was spirit was their for? I get so tried after watching it the halfway it's boring, and it's too bland as hell story follows on When a routine traffic stop results in the unexplained, grisly death of her colleague, a cop Renee Lomito-Smith (Mary J. Blige) realizes footage of the incident will play for

her eyes only. she sees an supernatural that she goes full on case now she has an partner as cop rookie Danny Holledge (Nat Wolff) and (David Zayas) known for Expendables, Dexter, skyline, 13 remake he did fine in film he play's captain in film but threw out film went to horror then turns into a thriller threw out film wasn't scary it lost so much potential it lost track the twist is at end 2 cops were dirty and captain as well because they killed an innocent person caught body cam I am like this could been a thriller film not in a horror film, then spirit saves Renee life so I am like? is spirit was her son? why did it save her life? did spirit know who Renee? doesn't make any jack sense at end of day the film lost so much potential like you will lose interest towards at middle of film slaright away just skip forward film believe me nothing happens at middle of film theirs nothing much to say about this film I like idea of film it's idea like

Deliver us Evil and Demonic same concept of main character dealing with paranormal, evil, entity cops is going threw all this evil crap just watch those 2 you will thank me later even Demonic had a shocking twist like you will never experience before then to this film, this film is like you see it coming miles away it ruins twist moments, this could not handle potential it loses it so easily done don't bother watching this film it's completely stupid it's not a found footage film it's more of cinematic then a found footage film if this isn't an found footage film why not find other title rather then body cam. i wish this was found footage film full on horror. 2.10 it's not total worth it pass on this film

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