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Line of Duty

Jumped the shark with the final 20 minutes of series three
Was with this from day one and the first three series were amazing. Brilliant story lines and in series two and three Keeley Hawes was simply outstanding. Sadly the ending of the third series was ludicrous and since then the writer has believed his own hype and the plots have become increasingly stupid... Hopefully series 6 will get the show back to some sort of normality...

The Life of Rock with Brian Pern

Brilliant spoof of pretentious 70s rock types
This is one of parodies that gets funnier with each subsequent viewing. so many hidden jokes which are not all spotted first time around and as other have said the comic timing of Michael Kitchen is simply superb. The ending out the last episode of the third series is genius. i literally fell off the chair laughing.WELL recommended


Forgotten classic
This was so funny I would class it in the same bracket as I'm Alan Partridge (series one) and Twenty Twelve in the modern comedy series. The characters work so well together with the only downside being character of Martin Brown-ironically played by the best actor (Fenton-stevens) in the series so much so the character did not return for the final series... Each episode tended to focus on a different topic which meant the jokes remained fresh..

Watching again 25 years after the show first aired it could be argued the show had dated slightly but comedy of this type does tend to although IMHO it remains superbly funny. It was probably best to end after three series which at least meant the show bowed out whilst the quality was at its best. WELL RECOMMENDED


Twenty Twelve was brilliant-the follow up less so
Twenty twelve (also reviewed) was IMO the best comedy since the first series of I'm Alan Partridge. When i heard this semi follow up (the two main characters return) I was apprehensive as to whether the dynamics would remain in a different setting with different characters. Having seen the first two episodes my apprehension was confirmed, This time the script writers poke fun at the inner workings of the BBC and while it remains funny in parts the characters this time round seem too stupid to be remotely believable. The Hynes character whilst pretty much ott in twenty twelve but still funny to watch this time is a parody. Vincent Franklin is badly missed in this follow up. Will watch the final two episodes in the hope of seeing better things but wont hold my breath at this stage

Twenty Twelve

Absolutely Brilliant
The finest comedy show since the 1997 first series of i'm Alan Partridge. Similar to Partridge you can watch this show again and again and see things you missed first time around. Magnificent casting with my vote as the best of the lot going to the NO Nonsense head of contracts Yorkshire bloke Nick Jowett played by the wonderful Vincent Franklin. All the cast play the parts very well very well indeed and there are a few cameos thrown in for good measure.For anyone who hasn't seen it please watch it you will NOT be disappointed. I believer Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes are reprising their roles in the follow up about the BBC. I wonder whether that will work without the rest of the cat of twenty twelve.. We shall see.........

Yes, Prime Minister

complete rubbish, Goodman miscast and Haig overacts AGAIN
This show should never have been brought back.The original series was superb with wonderful performances from Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne supported by Derek Fowlds. this is just a farce with Henry Goodman miscast and completely ruined by David Haig playing exactly the same character he has made a living so doing since the thin blue line nearly 20 years ago. The man chronically overacts and makes the character look stupid and inept. At least in the original The writers got away with the Hacker character in the role of Prime Minister. There is no way on earth you can believe David Haig is the PM. Please let me remember the program for what it was.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Coogan struggling to recreate the 1997 series of I'm Alan Partridge
The First series of I'm Alan Partridge was IMO the greatest comedy series ever seen, Series two less funny and the recent effort on SKY less so still. Now the to the film. wont go other the plot as others have done suffice to say that Coogan himself said he overacted in the second series of the TV show but sadly for him hasn't stopped him overacting again in this film. Which takes the shine off the film somewhat. Some very funny lines but like the sitcoms of the 70s made into films tends to lose its way as the film unfolds. I certainly didn't think it was anywhere near as funny as certain reviewers on here and i suggest now is the time to kill Alan off.

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