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Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

I Boycotted the Oscars because this won "Best Picture."
I will keep it simple for everyone to understand. I like to think of myself as being a fairly intelligent person and I do like movies that make me think and movies that have complex meaning or script. However, I do admit that I also do like to see movies that require no intellect and that can simply be watched for pure entertainment but I think most people can relate.

I could not even watch the first 45 minutes of Birdman. I watched it and thought, "OK this will start making sense and I will love it." This movie was confusing and unentertaining. I keep saying, "Just another couple of minutes" but I had enough of it and stopped watching it. When this movie won "Best Picture" I was surprised and disappointed with the Academy. Ever since this movie won, I have boycotted the AW's and I will NEVER trust they judges reasoning for picking such a lousy movie as best picture.

Total waste of time and total disappointment. Save yourself the time and watch a slap stick comedy for better entertainment.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Why all the bad reviews? Just sit back and enjoy this action/comedy!
I read some reviews that trashed this movie and I'm wondering if these are the same people that thought that Birdman (worst movie ever) was the best a couple of years ago. OK...I get it and I understand why people are hating on this movie. The movie is violent, predictable and has a script that is full of foul mouth language. But the beauty of the movie experience is that when you walk into a theater, turn off your brain and enjoy this movie for what it is. I laughed out loud and enjoyed this from beginning to end. Yes it is full of unrealistic stunts, bullet dodging and perfect aim by the "good guys" but that is what makes it enjoyable. Of course it is it is full of "F" words but that is what makes this movie fun.

Samuel L, Ryan Reynolds and Selma Hayek (who played a surprising role) are fun to watch. Trust me don't go in thinking that this is some type of Jason Bourne or Jack Ryan spin off because it's not. Just sit back and watch it with the intent on being entertained by this funny action/comedy. There are some references to some old movies so you have to be keen and recognize them.


A WWII movie with no German soldiers? FAIL!
I will keep it short and simple. Boring, Boring, Boring. There are some good parts but overall, this movie was slow and at times was a little confusing. The British accents were so thick at times I think there should have been subtitles. The Germans have the Brits pinned down on a beach but there was not a single German solider in the movie. FAIL!

German planes are bombing the beach and killing Brits but when they showed the dead soldiers, they were fully intact. Ummmm....You were killed by an aerial bomb that literally launched you 20 feet high and somehow you have all your limbs and no blood? FAIL!

Wait for Red Box! Trust me....It's a total disappointment!

This movie will probably win best picture or some other undeserved academy award just like Birdman won best picture.


YAWN...Another reason I should NOT watch "Oscar" nominated movies!
A few years ago I vowed to boycott all "Oscar" nominated movies after Birdman won best picture. Birdman was complete piece of crap and I had lost all respect for the Academy Awards. I should have remembered that before I started watching this movie. Jackie is not as bad as Birdman but it was flirting with it. I thought to myself, before sitting down to watch this movie, that Natalie Portman would carry this movie and I would love it. YAWN...This movie is boring, slow and left me wondering what the point was. I get it...Jackie Kennedy was in mourning about JFK's death and wants the world to grieve with her but seems to have problem with the notion that "life goes on" for the rest of the world. In the movie Jackie gives an interview and is a control freak and demands to edit the what an interviewer will publish. Don't get fooled by the R rating of this movie. It has a few "F" words and semi-graphic head shot of JFK at the end but that is it. If you are waiting for some type of amazing re-enactment of JFK's death or anything that happened in Dallas back in 1963, you won't get it. This movie had so much potential but it flops and leaves the viewer with a sense of "What the hell did I just watch?" This movie was so slow that and I couldn't wait for it to end.

Lesson learned, AGAIN! No more Acamdemy Award crap!

Independence Day: Resurgence

Godzilla Movies from the 50's and 60's are better Sci-Fi flicks than this Crap!
When I was about 6 years old I used to love watching the Gozilla franchise on a local TV station. The Japanese was edited and the characters magically all spoke English. Now as an adult, when I watch these type of old Godzilla movies I laugh and shake my head because it's poorly made and the acting is just horrible but what does a 6 year old know? I know I'm not the only adult who will admit loving horrible movies as a child.

Well I felt like that today when I took my 6 year old son to see this movie. I actually wanted to walk out but he wanted to stay and put me through 2 hours of hell to watch this crap. Everything is bad from the script, effects to the horrible acting.

This movie is not even worthy of Red Box when it comes out. Will Smith was smart to not have any to do with this movie. When my son is old enough I'm going to make him watch this movie from beginning to end and remind him that I sat through this crappy movie for him when was 6 years old!

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