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Pearl Jam Twenty

Perfect film for Pearl Jam fans!
I'm a fan club member... and just a huge huge fan of the band. Been a fan for a very long time.

This film is as good as it gets for Pearl Jam fans! I saw this at TIFF. And I can honestly say I was never disappointed about any part of this film.

It captures the essence of the band perfectly with a very good and subtle amount of humour.

I'm going to see this again in theatres.. and oh MY I cannot wait until this is released on Blu-Ray / DVD.

A Must see for any Pearl Jam fan... and any fan of rock music for that matter.


Terminator Salvation

I just finished watching this... and my first thought was "if James Cameron were dead, he'd be spinning in his grave" .. then I came on IMDb and the very first review I see is from some guy titled "if James Cameron were dead, he's be spinning in his grave" ...

The movie was OK, but suspiciously beginning to feel like a carbon copy of Terminator 2.

Then came the cgi Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And the movie turned into a steaming pile of dog feces.

What I'll never understand is how the producers and the studio thought this was going to fly. If it made money, then kudos to you. But you literally spat in the faces of any viewer who enjoys the Terminator series and in particular.. James Cameron.

Ironically.. I seriously think the film would have been good and credible if it wasn't desperately and blatantly trying to BE Terminator 2.

If I had an opportunity to be in the same room as anyone and everyone who was a part of making this film I would have one question....


This movie did not need the Terminator 2 rip off moments.. which there were a lot of.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Could not watch after 30 minutes
It's not often that I don't give a film at least a fair chance. But I could not watch this film anymore after the first 30 minutes. Where to begin? The acting was awful. Megan Fox and Shia Le Boeuf should not be allowed in front of a camera anymore. The plot was... I'm not actually sure there was a plot. The attempt at humour... was aimed at apparently no one. To be more specific: the entire dialogue and acting by Shia's characters mother... drove me insane. Zero point whatsoever to her even being in the film, let alone actually having a lot of dialogue and scenes. The Megan Fox Show aspect of the movie was completely pointless. And how many times could they play that agonizing Green Day song!?!?!? I think they played the song 5 different times throughout the first 30 minutes. The song is horrifying to listen to once.. let alone 5 times.

Considering this film was made in a society that allows Britney Spears and Lady GaGa to have success, it doesn't surprise me that this film was SO terrible.

But it is a shame. Just like they did with Spider-Man... they took GREAT potential, and instead of creating Gold, they created feces.

The Dark Knight

Great Film. However - Batman Begins was better.
Went and saw TDK last night at midnight. And while all the build up of Heath Ledger's character did meet expectations, some other areas paled in comparison to Batman Begins. Some of the plot in this installment seemed rushed. The repetition started getting to me a little while into the film. I began noticing lots of the same elements from Batman Begins. Which, generally, isn't a bad thing. But for this movie, I was expecting something a little more fresh. In fact the only thing that seemed very fresh about TDK was The Joker's character. I believe they made a very big mistake hiring Maggie Gyllenhaal for the part of Rachel Dawes. As it pains me to say this, Katie Holmes actually played the part much better.

I'm certainly going to watch this movie a few more times. Hopefully not being in a jam packed scorching hot theater may change my view on the movie. However, overall Batman Begins seemed to flow better, and wasn't congested with various different character plot points. I gave this an 8/10. Later views may bring it to a 9/10.

There is one thing that remains certain, and was abundantly clear throughout the whole film. Heath Ledger did a superb job portraying The Joker. Oscar worthy? Perhaps. I wouldn't place bets quite yet on that. It's a shame he is no longer with us.


X-Men: The Last Stand

Below expectations
(my rating is based purely in comparison to the first 2 Xmen films) Someone on here eluded to this, and he/she was bang on. They attempted to pile 10 pounds of movie on a plate that should have only held 1. One thing I hate about movies sometimes is when they have the potential to be GREAT films, but because the writer/director is trying to do too much, they leave out a lot of what makes a great film a great film.

Case in point: Batman Begins. BB was so wonderfully crafted, that it didn't miss a single beat as far as story-telling and action.

X3 seemed ALL over the place. Scenes that could have been EXCELLENT were rushed. Stories that could have been dug FAR deeper were rushed. Character development was almost non-existent. I can't go into details because I don't want to ruin the film for anyone... however I must say this: The problem with this movie was there were TOO MANY MAIN CHARACTERS AND TOO MANY Plot lines. They also spent too much time.. WAY too much time showcasing special effects. Now, I understand that with a movie where Mutants have special powers.. it's important to show them. But in moderation.

In an ideal world, this movie will be recut and extended on DVD. It had the potential to be the best X-Men movie thus far, and turned out to be the worst.

Chicago Cab

I'll start by admitting that I am biased in the sense that I am a Pearl Jam fanatic. The songs are what drove me to watch this film, but like Big Fish, I wound up LOVING the movie itself. This movie is truly a hidden gem. I compare this movie to Eternal Sunshine... this movie is centered on only a couple things: simple, yet close plot and character. Paul Dillon blew me away in this movie, and it's rather awkward that he isn't in more movies. When you watch this movie, and you see him for the first 5 minutes, myself, I thought 'typical cab driver'. And that is the beauty. Because the entire movie in my opinion begins with a generalization. A generalization of all things, a cab driver. (film making genius if you ask me) So then we see this rather vulgar looking man perform his day to day job which entails hearing peoples problems, and for brief moments becoming a part of them. Now, like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the end of the movie showcases a person in its purest form. When the driver feels terrible about charging the girl (Julianne Moore) and the black man says: "you're a cab driver" it hit me like something beyond this world. The driver was struck with a sense of grief and emotion. That what makes his character so SO good. He tries so hard to be a good person, and learns who he is all in a day's work. Putting myself in the shoes of the driver in the movie, throughout that day, I would feel so bizarre at the end of the night. I think my mind would be full throttle and going at 100 miles a minute. And then we think about the beginning and how we figured this guy was just another lowly cabbie. Very compelling. Watch this movie. :) Cheers


a heaven sent movie for any real life clerk
I am very biased on the 9 rating i gave this movie. I could have even given it a 10 for I am, and for a long time has been a clerk. This movie to me was as moving and compelling as Passion of the Christ was for some Catholic people i know. In fact, in some moments, it even brought me to tears. The film is about a guy who works in a convenience store. He comes across the weirdest and most annoying customers that, ironically, don't shy too far from those in real life that I, myself have come across. This clerk is visited by his girlfriend and regularly visiting by his distraught and careless friend who is a clerk at the neighboring video store. If you aren't a clerk, and you watch this movie, remember this: This movie is as true to form as it gets. Some people claim it to be one of the best comedies of the past decade. I say it's the best Documentary of all time.

Chasing Amy

why only a 7 you ask?
I gave this movie a rating of 7, solely because it really doesn't add up to 8 rank comparability. But don't take that out of context. Chasing Amy, volume two of the ever cult popular New Jersey trilogy by Kevin Smith looks at the life of two comic book designers who are best friends split apart by ones love for a lesbian. As if that's not enough to make you want to watch it, it also has Jay and Silent Bob. This movie is loved by many people and rightfully so. As far as the story goes, it stands alone compared to it's counterparts Clerks, and Mallrats. This movie is sickly funny and intriguing. Ben Affleck plays one of his more solid roles in this movie. Though his hair is awful. And Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams play exceptionally good supporting roles. A must see.

Cast Away

Incredibly interesting.
Robert Zemekis and Tom Hanks pull off this magnificent film seemingly without much effort. The movie stars really one man, and takes place really on one island. So what makes it so good? For starters, this movie is very original. At first, who wants to see a movie about a guy stuck on an island? No one. BUT then you ask... who wants to see a movie about a man who struggles against his environment forces to make friends with a volleyball and desperate to escape to see his long lost wife after five years... well everyone! Tom Hanks should have been at least up for an Oscar for this performance. It was truly remarkable. Not only was this movie very good, but it was also popular. Wilson volleyballs will never seem the same after watching this movie. :)


an instant classic.
Highly regarded as one of the best films of all time. This epic story starred in, directed by, and produced by Mel Gibson follows the true story of William Wallace and his crusade to liberate Scotland from English control. To put it plainly... this movie works on so many levels. I cannot think of another movie that uses its actors, sounds, music, and setting better than his movie. (well, maybe Lord of the Rings) but this was made in 1995:) It's epic war scenes set the standard of what war scenes should encompass. This movie was known for its bloody, graphic fight scenes. But it's story is one that is truly unbelievable. It won many Oscars including Best Picture in 1995, and if their was an all-time Oscar awards... this movie would definitely be among the nominees for Best Picture of All Time.

The Bourne Supremacy

Delivers what was expected
The 2nd edition of what is going to be an action trilogy. The Bourne Suprmacy follows up on its prequel The Bourne Identity in perfect fashion. What makes this movie excellent is that it kept the same ingredients as first movie. Much like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, if you liked the first one, you'll want the next one. The Bourne Identity captured Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) trying to figure out who he was. He accomplished that. In this movie, he tries to put the pieces of his slight memories together to figure out just what he did. Incredible action sequences and a very interesting story gives me the impression that when this whole trilogy is finished, it will be among Die Hard, Matrix, and Indiana Jones as one of the greatest action trilogies of all time.

The Bourne Identity

Modern day action at it's best
Probably one of the best action movies to have come out since action was mainstream in the 80's. In this movie we see Matt Damon break out of his cute dreamboat shell and into an action movie specialist. This movie also contains a very special gem, Franka Potente. Mostly known for her role in Run Lola Run, Franka's character in this movie made her into one of the most mysterious, sexiest actresses in Hollywood. (in my opinion) Why she isn't cast in more role is beyond me. This movie is basically about an ex-assassin who is is struck with amnesia after a mission goes wrong. His mission now is to find out who he is. The story couldn't be better. The action couldn't be better. And the on-screen chemistry between Damon and Potente is hot, very hot. A must see for anyone into action flicks. This one ranks way up there when it comes to this category.

The Beach

either love it, or hate it.
I loved it. And anyone that dreams of far away realistic adventures would love it as well. This movie is clearly aimed at an age range of 16-30. Excellent music, brilliant story, and The Beach itself make this movie superb. Although the acting isn't much in this movie, I don't think it had to be. I'm not a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, but I can't see this picture without him being the lead actor. Same as Titanic really. This movie can be very trippy, and to some rather dull if they don't like the modern day sense it has. In summary, it's about a traveler in Thailand who has a need for something more. He doesn't want to do what every other tourist does. He finds out about an island which is said to be a myth. He meets two other travelers and they make their way to this island where they are greeted with an absolute paradise. The imagery alone makes this movie amazing, but the story within the imagery could not have been told better. A must see for anyone who dreams of spontaneous adventure.


Killer ending
John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson star together in this drama/action/thriller. Sure, it's not quite as good as when they starred together in Pulp Fiction, but this still delivers. This story is basically about a platoon of armymen and their Sgt. (Jackson) on a training mission that goes wrong. People wind up dying or dead and the military calls in an expert to assist in the investigation (Travolta). The story takes a few unsuspecting turn of events leaving you wanting to watch more. Connie Neilson, Giovanni Ribisi, and Harry Connick Jr deliver good supporting roles. What makes this movie great though, is the ending.


Solid acting, moving story.
Robin WIlliams and Robert DeNiro. A seemingly unusual on-screen duo for a drama movie come together to create some of the best acting in film history. Williams plays an anti-social doctor who, in desperate need of work, takes a job as a doctor at a chronic hospital facility. As his job goes on, he relentlessly tries to figure out what is wrong with most of his patients. One in particular is a man named Leonard (DeNiro). He uses the compassionate stories of his patients to encourage people to fund his quest to find a cure. A very powerful story with superb acting make this movie a must see for anyone. To a lot of people this movie is a sleeper, so if you haven't heard it, don't let it discourage you.

Any Given Sunday

perfect football movie.. perfect cast
Al Pacino, James Woods, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Lawerence Taylor, LL Cool J, Elizabeth Berkley, Charlton Heston, John C. Mcginley... the list goes on. Take an unbeatable cast, add Oliver Stone then multiply it by some of the best football action sequences ever... and you have arguably the greatest sports movie ever made. Truly a movie made for the big screen or a nice home theatre. The opening scene sets the pace for what becomes a roller-coaster of excitement as the movie follows a fictional pro football team through its inner and outer struggles between players, coaches, and ownership. This movie has it all.


Excellent tale... could of been better
Amistad is based upon a true story of a group of African slaves who set themselves free and wind up in America way back in...18th century i think. Their struggle then continues in the court system of early America. Djimon Hounsou breaks out with what i thought to be an Oscar worthy performance. He plays the ring leader of the group of slaves. The cast also includes Matthew McConaughey, Morgan Freeman, and Anthony Hopkins. What lacks in acting by MCConaughey and Freeman is made up for with the performance of Anthony Hopkins. This graphic, and spirited epic is a must see. It's inner moral is to look at the inside of a person, not the outside. The trial of these Africans starts as a question of what they are. But is transformed into a tale of finding out WHO they are.

Almost Famous

musically pleasing...
This movie is the ultimate ride for anyone who has a passion for rock and roll. Though I am biased because the band focused on in the movie (Stillwater) includes in real life Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, this review doesn't slant. The story is basically about a young man who gets an opportunity to interview a band for an article in Rolling Stone magazine. Most people believe he is much older as he continues touring with the band. What makes this movie great is that it is much overdue. The story itself is intriguing and in every way entertaining. EXCELLENT roles by Kate Hudson and Billy Crudup. Along with a great supporting cast and killer music, Cameron Crowe delivers huge for anyone who loves Classic Rock!

50 First Dates

Good comedy, good environment
You have to be a fan of Adam Sandler's movies to like this flick. The setting and the story is what really does it for me. I like the entire Hawaii setting, the music, it's all very nautical. And the story is uniquely brilliant as well. Makes for an excellent chick flick comedy with an interesting ending. Basically it's the story of a local in Hawaii who picks up cute tourists but is afraid of any commitment, so he tells every girl he meets silly lies to not have to talk to them anymore. How funny is that on its own? Then he runs into a beautiful local girl on the other side of the island (Drew Barrymore). I definitely recommend it. Very cute, very funny.

Big Fish

One of the best films in the last 25 years
Big Fish...

What made me watch this film in the first place was solely based on the fact that Pearl Jam got nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. That's what got me to the theatre the first time. What made me goto the theatre two more times after and purchase the DVD the second it became available was the greatness of the movie. It's not often that a love story so deep comes along. This movie encompasses two types of love, between a father and son, and a husband and wife. But it's not a sappy romance. How Tim Burton did this, proves how genius he is. Though the movie itself seems so far-fetched, it could not be more real. If you've already seen this movie, and like it, you'll know what i mean. For those who don't know whether or not to watch it brings me to the next point. Someone who doesn't even like the story to this movie, could still love it. It's one of the few movies I can tell people has some of the greatest imagery. Sure, movies these days have cool effects and stuff, but with Big Fish, you will be captivated by the use of colour and parallelism. From the town of Spectre, to the cool carnival, everything is so magical. Now onto two very important things that give this movie the 100% rating i gave it, and why it was nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes, Acting and Sound. Surely, everyone knows Ewan McGregor. But it's his supporting cast that make this film amazing. The chemistry between Billy Crudup (William) and Albert Finney (older Edward Bloom) is amazing. Though they have few scenes together, the ones that they do have together are very touching, and again extremely realistic. Jessica Lange (older Sandra Templeton) and up and comer Alison Lohman (Sandra Templeton) suit their respective parts perfect, and they both compliment each other by their characters. They we have the always funny Steve Buscemi (no one could have played his part better) and Danny DeVito who is also incredible in this movie. Helena Bonham Carter also provides a very unique role in this movie... her mystique and subtle beauty suited this movie perfect. Then came sound. A great original score, a fantastic soundtrack and an amazing, and I'll say it again AMAZING original song by Pearl Jam made this whole movie come together in perfection. Elvis Presly, Buddy Holly, and the Allman Brother to name a few of the old school music in this movie are an excellent choice to showcase what time periods we look at in this movie. All in all, Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, and the casts best pictures in my opinion.

Just a side note: Billy Crudup hasn't appeared in many films, but to mention two of his other movies (Almost Famous and Sleepers) seems appropriate. He's casted in some great movies if ya ask me. :)


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