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Saturday Night Live: Lizzo
Episode 18, Season 47

Few laughs, and Lizzo is NOT an actress nor is she a comedian. Probably worst show since Kardashian.

Enough! Start using actors and comedians as the hosts! There are many talented ones that have never hosted and are more deserving than Lizzo, Kim K, Elon Musk, etc.

Snowpiercer: The First Blow
Episode 3, Season 3

well that was easy
Who knew it would be so easy to capture Wilford? There was not much of a fight to capture him, and he was defeated pretty easily thanks to the rebellion on his own train and the superior minds on the other.

Not much suspense or tension.

The Simpsons: Lisa's Belly
Episode 5, Season 33

not funny
Other than some of the scenes from the water park, this episode was rather unfunny. The Marge/Lisa story arc was completely devoid of humor and was almost like a cartoon after school special: more drama than comedy.

Bart's story arc had no laughs either.

Big Sky: Love Is a Strange and Dangerous Thing
Episode 16, Season 1

too convoluted
Just throwing in twists to drag it out now. Things could not come easier for Ronald if he was getting supernatural help.

Should have ended the season tonight, but it's just getting dragged out.

The Simpsons: Panic on the Streets of Springfield
Episode 19, Season 32

80s fans rejoice
Lisa discovers the somber pre-emo new wave movement with the ficitonal Quilloughby, a not very thinly-veiled dig at Morrissey.

If you aren't familiar with The Smiths, you may not have gotten how good this is, though at parts it dragged on, and the truck parts seemed a bit forced.

Morrissey is a ripe target for his holier-than-though glum outlook.

The Watch: A Near Vimes Experience
Episode 1, Season 1

Did they even read the books?
If you expect this to be like the Discworld books, you'll be sorely disappoionted. I think the people behind this show found a list of characters from the Discworld series, did a very quick google search about them then decided to see how poltically correct they could make the casting and spat out a show. The characters share names with the books' characters, but little else. Cheery is not a dwarf but a transgender woman, and Lord Vetinari is now a Lady. The only character that comes close to the book is Carrot. I have no idea why the creators of this show veered so far from the characters' creator's vision.

American Horror Story: True Killers
Episode 4, Season 9

same old plot points
What we'll see in a Ryan Murphy horror effort: 1) Dominant women, submissive men 2) Bad mothers 3) Bad "christians" 4) LGBT plots

Anyone who has followed this show was not surprised about how the plot turned last night, with Montana bossing around the Night Stalker, and Margaret Manipulating Mr. Jingles. One would think Murphy could change up his formula for once!

South Park: Shots!!!
Episode 3, Season 23

After they hit a home run last week, South Park fouls out in this episode. Instead of political or social or religious satire, it turns into one long-running joke about Cartman acting like a greased pig to avoid his immunization shots. Cartman running around on all fours and squealing like a pig is funny the first time, but not the second, third, or fourth time. The other main cast of characters is virtually ignored, and the plot with Randy was dull and devoid of laughs. South Park could have made more points about the absurdity of anti-immunization hysteria, but they chose not to for some reason and just try for the cheap laugh. Very disappointing coming on the heels of the spectacular season premier.

The Big Bang Theory: The Stockholm Syndrome
Episode 24, Season 12

Very nice send off. Humorous, emotional, poignant, and it finishes the character arcs nicely. Raj didn't get much play in the final, but is that a bad thing? Howard and Bernadette's pettiness and scheming come into play briefly, and we see how far Sheldon and Penny have matured. The only thing that would have made this better is if Sheldon looked up at the Nobel Prize ceremony and Professor Proton's ghost was in the back of the room giving him a thumb's up!

Young Sheldon: A Political Campaign and a Candy Land Cheater
Episode 19, Season 2

Have the writers EVER been to Texas?
So having a Yankees pennant in your room is a worse offense in SE TX than being an atheist who doesn't like football? Really? REALLY?

The Simpsons: Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy
Episode 18, Season 30

laying it on a little thick
Anyone who has been a fan of The Simpsons knows the female characters are smarter than the male characters: Marge is smarter than Homer, Lisa is smarter than Bart, Grandma Simpson is smarter than Grandpa, etc; in fact, there are no stupid female characters. In one of the early seasons, they actually had an episode that showed all the Homer's female relatives smart and successful, and all the Simpson men dumb. Tonight's episode laid it on really think: girls are strong and smart, and the boys are dumb and inept, and getting boys to cry, even if it means getting chemicals in their eyes is the ultimate feminine dream. There were NO laughs in this episode. They used a sledge hammer when a rubber mallet would have sufficed.

Teachers: Wedded Miss
Episode 20, Season 3

great ending to a great series
Excellent send off. This was a great series. Never took itself too seriously, never preachy - just a fun show, and the cast seemed to have fun doing it. The last episode was perfect, showing the foibles of each character. The scenes with Pastor Ted were creepy, not funny to me, though, so I'm docking this episode one star. The rest was gold, and the appearance of Cloris Leachman: perfect! Well done, Katydids!


Cute show
I love how 99% of the show takes place at the school, and plots don't get too convoluted. There aren't too many main characters to gum up the show either. It's funny, family-friendly, non-preachy, and of a good nature. TV needs more shows like this and fewer shows about people who are jerks.

The Big Bang Theory: The Conference Valuation
Episode 17, Season 12

Bernadette is a horrible character
I don't know what's worse, Bernadette or the canned laughter every time she spouts off something mean. She is a terrible person and terrible character. Are we supposed to laugh at her because she's so mean? To make matters worse, TBBT writers decide to make Penny mean to co-workers as if we needed two Bernadettes. PLEASE, finish the season with as little Bernie as possible!

The Big Bang Theory: The Confirmation Polarization
Episode 13, Season 12

if you didn't hate Bernadette before...
Bernadette being a mean, manipulative termagant is not funny. It never was. The first few episodes she was in, she was not that way, but for some reason, the writers made her despicable. The parts with Sheldon were good, but the parts with mean Bernie were not, so 5 stars.

Daredevil: A New Napkin
Episode 13, Season 3

Did not see that coming! What a great twist with Poindexter in the finale. Great fight scenes, and though it veered a bit from the comics (DD paralyzed Bullseye in the comics), the episode was very satisfying!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Then
Episode 10, Season 8

Most anti-climatic AHS ending ever
Most people guessed episodes ago that Mallory would beat Michael, but going back in time to just fix everything is such a cop out. Who knew it was so easy to kill the Anti-Christ? Just run him over with an SUV! Seriously? This is poor writing. Going back in time to fix everything is so weak! Might as well just have someone make a wish and have everything work out.

Daredevil: The Devil You Know
Episode 6, Season 3

OK, so Dex is a great FBI agent, but he is also as good or better as a martial artist than Matt who was trained by Stick? There is no backstory to explain how Dex got as good as he is. We're just supposed to buy it and not question it. Does he have super powers? Did he train in some secret gov program? I understand he had Matt's suit, but Matt should have kicked Dex's butt in this rendition of Daredevil v Bullseye. The writers should have done a better job with Dex's background to explain how he became so skilled in combat and weaponry. Also, Dex goes from a loyal FBI agent to a psychopath literally overnight. Come on!

American Horror Story: Sojourn
Episode 8, Season 8

We interrupt your horror for some comic relief
This episode was so lame. The satanic church scenes were pure comic relief and so out of place. The dialogue was inauthentic, the dig at the NRA was unnecessary political preaching, and the scenes with the two tech guys with three year old boy haircuts was more comedy that was just totally out of place for the series. The whole episode was just to show how Michael got Mrs Mead back, and that could have been a 5 minute flashback in another episode. The season is going down hlll.

The Big Bang Theory: The Imitation Perturbation
Episode 6, Season 12

Best episode in quite a while!
I can't remember when I laughed so much at a TBBT episode. The imitations were hilarious, and love it when Bernadette gets called out for being so mean. Bernadette being mean is never funny. I hope the laughs continue like this for the rest of the series.

American Horror Story: Traitor
Episode 7, Season 8

the only thing left to see
Is how Mallory defeats Michael. It's painfully obvious how this will end. Every episode between now and the finale is just filler. They gave away the ending weeks ago by showing how powerful Mallory is. They might as well just do the finale next week. If you remember Coven and Cult, when there's a battle of the sexes in AHS, the women win.

American Horror Story: Return to Murder House
Episode 6, Season 8

Best episode of the season for the first 50 minutes
Best episode of the season! Starts off great. Great to see all the characters from season one: the last season that did not have political or social commentary shoe-horned in. Loved seeing Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange. But then....they handed over the writing to some 17 year old Goth kid who just started dabbling in Satanism, and he put in Anton LeVay and a black mass! WHY? It was totally unnecessary! Also, why don't any of the characters ever stop and say, "Wow, you look just like Lana Winters!" Or "Wow, you look just like Zoe Benson!" This is the problem with using the same actors/actresses to play multiple parts without altering their appearances. Too much suspended belief that no one notices all of the resemblances.

American Horror Story: Boy Wonder
Episode 5, Season 8

Becoming more obvious how it will end.
If you haven't guessed how this ends, you have not watched seasons 1-7. Mallory is going to defeat Michael and become supreme. Watch Coven and Cult if you do not believe me. It's obvious. And what's with the Stevie Nicks music video? Was that really necessary? The trip back to Murder House should be interesting despite the fact there's not much suspense how this will all end. Also, they have yet to explain how Cordelia and Ms. Venable are related as they look exactly alike.

American Horror Story: Could It Be... Satan?
Episode 4, Season 8

We now know how it will end.
Last nigh's episode was The Craft meets Harry Potter meets The Exorcist. It's Witches v Warlocks now? We know from Coven and Cult, the women always win. No way given how characters and plots have played out during AHS's run is Ryan Murphy going to have a battle of the sexes and the the men win. I'll wager a Coke Mallory becomes the new Supreme at the end of the series as she defeats Michael, warlock supreme, and the witches start a new utopia with them in charge.

American Horror Story: Forbidden Fruit
Episode 3, Season 8

Deus ex Machina
SPOILERLS: Really poor episode. It started out great with a magical battle, then devolved. We knew all of those characters were not going to die in just the third episode, so no shock when they did die. Apparently, the witches from coven are close to omnipotent and can walk or fly on broomsticks from New Orleans to the shelter without suffering effects from radiations, and they just come in and start resurrecting people, which is a lame way to get around the deaths. The only thing more lame would have been if someone had been able to reverse time and stop the poisoning. I guess now we can expect the witches to take over and the men become relegated to servants like at the end of Coven. I'm not looking forward to next week. I'm giving this season just two more episodes.

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