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Nothing thrilling about this thriller
This really could have been 30 mins tops. Long, drawn out, lacking climax or anything really interesting. The film, moving at a snails pace, feels like more of a chore to sit thru than anything else and the ending leaves the viewer wondering why they stuck it out the entire time. I hate to leave such a negative review about someone's efforts, but it just missed every mark.

Gerald's Game

Quite good
I thought this movie was great. Very minimal with the amount of actors / settings involved, but doesnt lack any of King's staple darkness. Plenty of uncomfortable to watch scenes, some eerie creepiness, and a gore scene that feels like you need to force yourself through without shielding your eyes. One thing I really liked about it is that it somehow had that early-mid 90s vibe that King's film/TV adaptations had during that time. It is a bit of a slow burner, but any fan of King's stories knows that it always pays off in the end.


As far as horrorsploitation goes - not bad, but not great
Imagine something like a recipe made with one part "I Spit on Your Grave", one part "I Saw the Devil", and sprinkled with the seasoning of "A Serbian Film" and, voila, you get "Trauma".

The movie, overall, is not bad for its type in the genre of exploitation / horror. For those who have never seen flicks like "Salo", "A Serbian Film" (uncut), or "Irreversible" I'm sure this film will absolutely ruin your day. But those who have experienced the sheer horrors of the aforementioned movies may be underwhelmed.

Dont get me wrong, there are some truly shocking and vile scenes (most of which take place in the first 30ish minutes of the film). The opening where a boy is drugged / jerked off and then forced by his father to have sex with his bloodied and tortured mother only to have her brains blown out during intercourse is one such scene. Another scene that I found particularly upsetting was the flashback to the father as a young man with jar of lube which lead to fingering a baby in its crib at the command of his own psychotic military politician father. And then theres the ever-so-gross father & son incest scenes that take place between the boy from the beginning (all grown up, now the father) and his son who was born out of incest with his own sister (who he keeps chained up in his weirdo dungeon cave).

Some aspects that cheapened the overall effect for me were things like CGI blood splatter (always looks dumb to me), the antagonist John Wick-ing an entire room of guys with guns drawn on him (great choreography, but a little over the top in terms of believability), and the countless times throughout the movie that the victims could have either escaped or killed the bad guys but didnt (I found myself yelling at them more than the villains eventually).

After the first 30 - 40 minutes of the film it plays out more like a catch-me-if-you-can vigilantes on a rescue mission type of film. Only, nobody really wins / lives in the end

So, again, for the type of movie this is it wasnt bad, but it wasnt anything I'd rank as "top 3 most shocking / brutal movies of all time." (Unfortunately, theres far more gross / shocking movies out there...)


Sticks to the formula, but doesnt disappoint
In a world where American horror cinema seems dominated by garbage like Insidious, The Conjuring, and everything else of that same vein; this movie was quite refreshing. By no means was this film ground breaking or "new" in regards to the genre, but something about it just worked. A pretty standard storyline, victims that lack all notions of common sense, and a monstrous villian in the form of a clown comprise the setting of the film. As I said, nothing new, but well done for what it is. Some of the visuals in this movie really bring it together with some excellent shots of violence and haunting creepiness that will stuck with most viewers after the credits roll. Had this been made in the 80s, it may have become quite the icon. I'd say that most devoted horror nerds can find something to appreciate in Terrifier.

The Shallows

garbage *spoiler.. I guess
If you want to watch a GOOD shark attack horror/thriller that has a well crafted story, good character development, and much better acting then watch Jaws. The Shallows is more than not worth your money, but it's not worth the time of the movie. This should have been made for TV, how it got the big studio budget it did is a mystery to me. The movie starts out seeming like it may have a prospect of being decent. Even the first third of the movie has you thinking it might have been worth the price of the ticket. The movie continues repetitively and underwhelming until the last quarter of the movie where the eye-roll worthy action starts. The movie is marketed as "you'll never expect how it ends" which I can't decide as being completely false advertising or a spot on description (I truly didn't expect the film to end as lazy and terrible as it did.) And then the last scene of the movie might as well be an insult to anyone going into the theater expecting to see a horror film. Skip it.

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