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The Greatest Civil War Film of all Time
If you haven't yet seen this film, prepare to be moved! James Horner composes arguably his best score (some think now that The New World or perhaps Braveheart top it) and it compliments the film in ways few other pieces can do. I should note that Morgan Freeman should have gotten the nod for best supporting actor here too, although Denzel did win for his role in this film which was much deserved for an excellent performance. Glory is the saga of the 54th Massachusetts regiment, a group of African-American soldiers who enlist to fight as Union soldiers for the chance to prove their worth in the chaotic times of the Civil War.

Set against this tumultuous backdrop, the uniqueness of Glory lies not only in the subject matter at hand but the way Edward Zwick delicately develops the the balance of racial prejudices between the characters. Zwick is a master of character drama in a historical setting and uses his knowledge to enhance the script and the direction of the film, ultimately leading to one of the finest war films of all time. To say this is only a war film though denies Glory of its right to stand as one of the great race relations and character dramas ever recorded. For, without giving anything away, it is clear that each of the fine performances delivered on screen represent the characters whom in real life, whether black or white, so passionately wanted to preserve the Union for all Americans.



The most underrated movie of all time on IMDb?
6.6??????? Are we kidding here people...Mel Gibson comes off his Oscar Winning film Braveheart to star in Ransom with an all star cast and gets so little credit. It sickens me. Gary Sinise now ranks as one of the most notorious villains after his role as Jimmy Shaker in Ransom, one of the best performances I can remember in recent thriller history. Gibson lights up the screen and is backed by Ron Howard's brilliance and yet so few people appreciate his work. He has proved he can direct (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Splash) and Ransom only solidifies this stance. Ransom will keep you on the edge of your seat for 2 hours, culminating in a showdown between Gibson and Sinise that won't be soon forgotten. Also, the lack of plot holes in the movie make it even more believable, mostly because of the brilliance that is shown in its simplicity, i.e., Gibson will go to any means possible to get his son back, period. Check this movie out asap and do it justice by giving it a higher rating than 6.6!

A Midnight Clear

A modern of the best acted films produced to date
First off, If you haven't yet seen this film, I recommend you do so ASAP. But, considering A Midnight Clear is underrated and relatively unknown, anyone reading this message has most likely already seen the film. Not only is the acting brilliant and emotionally charged, the premise is excellent as well. Set in 1944, this small intelligence group is forced to report on any pending, incoming German attacks, something that turns to mystery and evidently reveals the true horrors of war. Combined with an innovative director and a wonderfully tragic score, I must say A Midnight Clear is one of my favorite war movies, second only to Glory in my opinion. Others on my list would include Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Braveheart, Black Hawk Down, The Bridge Over the River Kwai and Schindler's List (if that can be considered a war film). To say that this movie tops all those others is an incredible testament to its greatness.

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