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28 Weeks Later

Excellent gripping zombie movie
The movie is a worthwhile sequel to the original 28 Days Later. Never mind the logic of why the military or anybody would want to come back to infected London or UK. There can be logical explanations, but the fact that the director does not take the time to show that, does not make this less of a masterpiece. A good explanation might be the sense of lost of many of those who left families behind. They would be eager to return as soon as they were allowed (having lost all of their loved ones plus all earthy possessions). The movie explicitly mentions that the military has proof that all the infected died of starvation, 5 weeks after the outbreak.

Zombies in this movie are ruthless and sick human meat scavengers. The movie portraits like no other zombie movie the fear of the victims and their desperation. The action in this movie is more believable than in its predecessor, since there is not a single all-mighty hero that comes to save them all. Both, military and "good guys" decisions are not infallible and because of that the film short range shots gain immensely in credibility. When things can go wrong they go wrong, Murphy's Law style. This is not a violent and gory movie, like many other zombie movies. I would say is nothing suitable for your children. Unlike other zombie movies the violence is not laughable, but gruesome and unpleasant like a news report from Iraq.. Also non-violent scenes are loaded with a tension that will make you remember this movie for a while after you are done with it.

Películas para no dormir: La habitación del niño

Haunted house with a witty twist
The movie is based in an episode popular old horror TV-series made by Narciso Ibañez Serrador for the Spanish national TV of the time. Considering that I would say that this is an enjoyable movie. There are some surprises as the story develops and it managed to keep me wondering about the end result. Acting is not too good but it is not horrible either, and the pace is just fine.

In case you are wondering, the horror you would be dealing with here is more of the psychological type. I think it can be interesting also for an American audience, because of the way it is shot. It contains elements that make it similar to the "The Shining".

Fin de curso

Spanish American Pie
I enjoyed this movie. It is not for everybody, cause it is raunchy and a bit gross sometimes. American Pie movies are not serious stuff, so do not come here for any serious movie night. However, in my opinion, the movie, despite its simplicity, is a decent first attempt to make a Spanish teenage comedy a la American Pie. There are important differences. Here the plot revolves around a teenager that wants to go the extra mile for becoming popular in his school. I would say that a suitable audience for this movie would be teenagers and young people looking to have a quick laugh. It is also quite likely you will enjoy it more if you are Spanish or if you understand this language.

50 First Dates

Love overcomes handicaps
I enjoyed very much this film. It is a comedy and many could argue that not a good one.. The movie will not get you rolling on the floor with laughter, but most likely smiling every now and then.

The story is about a lady's man that accidentally falls in love with a girl who suffers a very incredible handicap. She loses her memory every day when she goes to sleep. Now there is a lot of distasteful ways in which this movie could have exploited this premise.. However after seeing it, I get the impression I saw a good movie about the power of love.

If you are in for a romantic comedy without any high pretensions and full of good values, take this one, you will not regret it.

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