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A Mouse Divided

One of my favorite Sylvester shorts
I love seeing Sylvester be the good guy (or cat) for once. In this episode, the Drunken Stork accidentally delivers a baby mouse to Sylvester and his wife. Sylvester, initially excited, immediately wants to eat the little rodent upon discovering that it's a mouse but the wife will have none of it. Just before she leaves the house, she tells Sylvester to take Junior for a walk, and he takes it upon himself to make a Baby Mouse sandwich once she exits. Sylvester is about to take a bite when Junior pops out from between the 2 slices of bread and calls him Daddy. This gives the cat a sudden change of heart. But when he takes the little guy out for a walk, he suddenly has to protect him from every hungry cat in the neighborhood, all of which try various methods of breaking into the house and stealing the mouse, only to be foiled by Sylvester. And at the end we get a clever plot twist! As stated above, I love how we finally get to see Sylvester be the protagonist and foil his own kind, when it's usually him who gets foiled. My favorite part is when one of the cats disguises himself as Santa but Sylvester looks at the calendar and it says July. That's one of my favorite gags, seen in several Looney Toons shorts. Anyway, Sylvester ties a stick of dynamite to a balloon which he sends up the chimney and sends Santa cat flying. lol! And we get a 3 second shot of all the cats waiting outside the house, surrounding it. The music score for that short scene was perfect. And Junior, the baby mouse is adorable, especially when he sees the slice of cheese (used as bait by the Stork) and goes "babblebabblebabblebabble ... cheese! :D" I remember watching this one years ago on Nickelodeon and I finally re-discovered it in 2013. It's just how I remembered.

Down and Outing

You really sympathize with poor Tom in these episodes
The idea of this episode is good but they made Jerry just downright EVIL in the Gene Deitch episodes. Plus the trippy sound effects and animation makes it even weirder. Tom and his master are going on a fishing trip, and Jerry tries to tag along too, but Tom tries to put a stop to it. Of course Jerry gets Tom into trouble when he didn't even really hurt Jerry. At the end when they get to the lake, Tom has finally made peace with his "master" (who should really get arrested for animal abuse) because Jerry isn't around, but of course Jerry shows up and gets Tom into bigger trouble and he even CRIES. Other episodes, Tom deserved what he got, but in this one, you really root for him because Jerry is just sadistic and mean. Or maybe it's just the owner. I try to stay away from these when they come on Cartoon Network or Boomerang.

The Middle

Very underrated, innocent family comedy
I really wish ABC would promote this show more, and give the actors credit for their work. They have been robbed of Emmy nominations twice. I honestly enjoy Modern Family but I don't get why that show gets a million Emmy nods every year. Anyway, I've been watching since day 1 and have loved it since. Frankie Heck is the harried car-saleslady mother of 3 kids, living in the fictional town of Orson, Indiana. She is always trying to get the kids to bond, while trying to get by herself, as she and her husband Mike don't make a lot of money and their house is always a mess. Axl, the oldest, is a typical lazy, sarcastic teenager who is almost always making fun of his sister Sue, the middle teen daughter. She is very optimistic and bubbly, but nobody really knows she exists, and can never make anything out of herself, especially at school. Finally we have little Brick, who's nose is always stuck in a book and doesn't really have any friends, but if he does make a friend, they're even quirkier than he is. And they are always trying to compete with their practically perfect neighbors, the Donahues. I think we can all relate to this show in some way--the house is always a mess, the mom doesn't always feel like cooking so she brings home fast food, there's those neighbors who are like the perfect family that you've always wanted to be, and the kids don't always get along. It's not laugh out loud funny but I still tune in every Wednesday. And it is NOT a ripoff of Malcolm. That show was about 4 brothers, one of them being a genius. And they lived in California whereas the Hecks live in the MID-west. And they're middle-income, and this show is focused on the mom, trying to do her best to support her family. This show also has more positive vibes. If it didn't have the word "Middle" in the title, people probably wouldn't say a word, right? 8/10.

The Lucy Show

Very funny especially the first 3 seasons
(UPDATED 4/26/11) At first I was glad to have a handful of the first few seasons with Vivian Vance episodes, thanks to TV reruns and a home video release with 25 uncut episodes with episodes from seasons 1, 2, 3, and 6 (or 5) by Columbia House in the 90s, but now I am so excited that CBS finally released this show in full season sets on DVD, uncut, with tons of extras and beautifully remastered.

This show stars the legendary Lucille Ball, and Vivian Vance. Ball plays a widow, Lucy Carmichael, who has two children--a teenage daughter named Chris and a younger son named Jerry. Vance plays her roommate/best friend named Vivian Bagley. She also has a younger son named Sherman. They live in Danfield Connecticut. The first season is in black and white and it's like I Love Lucy just without Ricky and Fred. Both Vance and Ball have great on-screen chemistry together and Lucy still has her comedic timing. How did she do it while running Desilu Studios at the same time? Lucy and Viv get into a lot of wacky misadventures--like getting stranded in the middle of a lake on a used boat they bought, working at a malt shop filling in for Chris, getting trapped in a shower stall filled with water, installing a TV antenna on the roof, and becoming volunteer firemen (and setting the fire station on fire!) Also co-starring with Lucy was Charles Lane who played the curmudgeon Mr. Barnsdahl who managed Lucy's money at the bank.

In the second season (1963-1964) the show was now in color (the second and third seasons originally broadcasted in black and white but filmed in color.) Gale Gordon now co-starred alongside Lucille, and would later co-star with her for the next 23 years. He played Theodore Mooney, the president of the bank Lucy later worked at and was always annoyed by Lucy. Lucy and Viv (if not just Lucy) still got into wacky misadventures such as starting their own Kiddie Party business, digging for "embezzeled money" in Mr. Mooney's backyard in the middle of the night, working in a summer camp kitchen, trying to rescue Mr. Mooney's pet bird from a telephone line, digging through cakes to look for Lucy's lost contact lens, and being turned into wicked witches in one of Lucy's nightmares.

At the end of the third season in 1965 Vance left the show, tired of playing second fiddle to Lucy and making the commute from California to Connecticut (where she lived) every week. At the beginning of the fourth season Lucy got re-located to California, where coincidentally, Mr. Mooney did too--much to he and Lucy's chagrin. Lucy's son got enrolled in military school and her daughter went to college. It was also explained that Vivian had gotten re-married and still lived on the East Coast. She would guest star in 3 or 4 later episodes. These episodes mostly involved Lucy working at the bank with Mr. Mooney and meeting various celebrities like John Wayne, George Burns, Paul Winchell, Sheldon Leonard and Carol Burnett. Also co-starring with Lucy was Mary Jane Croft who played a few characters on I Love Lucy and who would also on Here's Lucy. Mary Jane was like Viv 2.0. The fifth and sixth seasons weren't as good as the Vivian Vance years, but they did have their fair share of funny episodes like Lucy making 1500 dollars for new furniture by buying 3,000 cans of baked beans (thanks to a special "return for double your money guarantee") Lucy accidentally getting drafted into the army, convincing Mr. Mooney that she's sick so she can leave work to go to a sale, flying to London, getting hypnotized, babysitting baby chimps, and rallying to save a tiny town from being turned into a freeway. Most of these episodes from season 5 and 6 are on DVD but in public domain so it's the same 30 episodes on all the DVDs. They are also very poor quality. Only two episodes from the first season are included--Lucy and Viv install a shower and Lucy and the Barbershop Quartet.

Also in a season 4 episode, there was a special cameo by Bill Frawley who played Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy. He was a horse trainer. Lucy went to see a horse that her late husband left her and as the trainer walked away, Lucy said "he reminds me of someone I used to know!" This was Mr. Frawley's last appearance on TV in October 1965 before he died the following March.

It may not be as funny as I Love Lucy but it was one of the highest rated shows on TV. 4/5 stars. Buy the season DVDs and you will not be disappointed.

The Big Bang Theory

Best sitcom I've seen in a long time!
Seriously, this is the first sitcom I have ever watched entirely during the run. A lot of my other favorite sitcoms have either been off the air for years, or got cancelled after a few episodes. And it's the funniest one I've seen since "The Nanny," another CBS sitcom that aired in the 90s, starring Fran Drescher. The Big Bang Theory is a show about two physicists who work at Caltech University named Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and their two friends Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar). Lenny and Shelly live across the hall from Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory and an unsuccessful actress. The four guys, although geeks try to adapt to everyday life and social situations. My favorite characters are Sheldon and Howard. I love when Sheldon has his little quirks and OCD traits (he can't sit anywhere else except his spot, Thursday is Tai food night) and when he blurts out really long equations and scientific facts. (How in the name of ground beef does Jim Parsons memorize them on top of his other lines? I would need cue cards!) Howard is also hysterical too--I liked when he would do his imitations during the first season, when he would imitate Steven Hawking's computer voice, pretend to be Raj over the phone (LOL!) and also pretending to be his MUTHA over the phone as well. I wonder if he ever will get a girlfriend? I like Leonard and Raj but I think Howard and Sheldon are funnier. Actually Sheldon is my absolute favorite character as he has had a lot of hysterical lines. ("I could be Batman! *deep raspy voice* I'M BATMAN! *normal voice* see?") just to name one, also when he was the Doppler Effect for Halloween (NEEEEEEEEUM!) and in the one where he cleaned Penny's apartment in the middle of the night (deep voice) "if you have time to lean, you have time to clean!" LOL. Also, "oh gravity thou art a heartless bitch," and one of the most famous from the Christmas special, "all I need is my own healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nemoy!" I don't think that they stereotype geeks that bad but I've never really ever met a person like that before--but it's just innocent wacky comedy. I love when Sheldon does his knock (knock knock knock "Penny?" knock knock knock "Penny?")

To sum it all up, this is an awesome and innocent sitcom. The jokes are actually FUNNY and it doesn't heavily involve sex and other clichés like most sitcoms nowadays do. I really like all the references to pop culture and all the things geeky people like to do--play video games, go online, read comics, etc. I like to think of it as this century's Golden Girls--there are a few differences--one of which is on the Golden Girls there were four main characters, not 5, they were all middle-aged (50s and 60s), Dorothy had her mom living with her as a roommate, (Howard does still live with his mom) they didn't have a sexy neighbor, and they all lived together as roommates. The characters are basically the same--Leonard is like Dorothy, Howard is like Blanche, Sheldon is the total opposite of Rose and Raj . . . hmmm. Plus on The Golden Girls, their main food was cheesecake, and on this show their main food is Tai food (or Chinese food)

Watch this show and you may learn a thing or two about physics or any other science. If it's so "stupid" like a lot of other people say it is, then how come it's been getting really high ratings? I know people have opinions but they don't know real clean comedy. Based on the show's unbelievable ratings, I think The Big Bang Theory will be around for many years. 8.5/10!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Would not be Christmas if I didn't watch it
I was not alive in 1965 to watch it for the very first time but I have been watching it every Christmas since I can remember, and let me tell you if I miss it one year it will not be Christmas. This special is a wonderful holiday special about good old Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang getting ready to celebrate Christmas and they're putting on a Christmas play with Charlie as the director. However he is depressed because of how commercial Christmas has become and tries to find out what the real meaning of Christmas is about. But thanks to a speech from Linus quoting from the Bible, he does find out.

I love it. It features jazzy music by Vince Guaraldi, (I especially love when all the kids dance, and when Snoopy dances on Schroeder's piano and Lucy asking him to play Jingle Bells in different styles) references to things from the 60s (bubble gum cards, the term "real in," etc) Charlie and Linus looking at different colored and weird patterned aluminum Christmas trees (which are actually still around!) crude yet colorful drawings and animation, and Linus telling the actual meaning of Christmas which is very hard to find these days. My favorite part is when Charlie Brown brings home the scrawny little tree he bought for the play and he "kills it." But then the rest of the gang decorates it (with the decorations from Snoopy's dog house--he actually won first prize in a decorating contest!) and then they all sing "Hark The Herald Angels Sing." I love when they all sing "loo loo loo" and take a breath at the same time. So funny. 10/10.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Simply sweet and full of pure imagination
I have been a fan of the original Willy Wonka since I was 12 years old, which was way back in 2000-2001. It is my all time favorite movie and the newer remake will never replace it, even if the remake is just OK. The movie is about when the crazy candy maker, Willy Wonka sends out 5 Golden Tickets for a chance to win a tour through his amazing candy factory, run by the mysterious green-haired, orange-faced Oompa Loompa elves, and also win a lifetime supply of chocolate. The children who find them are a spoiled brat named Veruca Salt, a loudmouthed TV addict named Mike Teevee, gumchewer Violet Beauregard, gluttonous Augustus Gloop, and Charlie Bucket--a poor boy who lives with his mom and 4 bedridden grandparents in small house. 4 of the children get their demise thanks to their usual behavior, except for Charlie, and is promised to win a lifetime supply of chocolate, but is almost not given it because he and his Grandpa Joe broke one of Wonka's rules by drinking Fizzy lifting drinks and almost getting chopped to bits by a fan on the ceiling and dirtying it when they bumped into it. However, after Wonka dismisses Charlie and Grandpa Joe, Charlie gives back the Everlasting Gobstopper candy that he gave each of the kids earlier. The gobstopper was Wonka's most secret recipe and he finds out that he passed Mr. Wonka's test of honesty and is given the factory because Mr. Wonka couldn't work there forever, and he wanted to find an honest loving child who can be told all of Wonka's most precious candymaking secrets, and take care of the Oompa Loompas. My favorite parts are when Grandpa Joe does his victory dance "I've Got a Golden Ticket," surprisingly after being bedridden for 20 years, when Charlie finds the ticket and runs home, the psychedelic boat trip, Augustus Gloop falling into the chocolate river, Violet Beauregarde turning into a blueberry thanks to some very special gum, the group first seeing the Chocolate Room, (while Mr. Wonka sings Pure Imagination) when Mr. Wonka leads the group through the beginning of the factory (MR. SALT--Is this some kind of funhouse? WONKA: Why, having fun?) the Wonkawash scene and the very end, when Charlie, Grandpa Joe, and Willy are in the Wonkavator. I know I have more but that's all I can think of. All I can say is, this movie is pure magic, and full of pure imagination, for young and old. So what if it doesn't have fancy computer effects like the 2005 remake? This movie is all real. The 1971 version will always be the best to me, because it's simple, fantastic, magic, funny, and Gene Wilder IS Willy Wonka. Maybe this version isn't true to the book like the 2005 version but this version is special in it's own way. It will remain my favorite movie of all time, with The Muppet Movie probably being second on my list. To end my review, I will say my favorite(and final) line from this movie. "Don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted—he lived happily ever after." That line sums up the sheer brilliance and innocence (OK maybe a few parts are a little dark and scary) of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Le ballon rouge

Beautiful and Timeless
I remember I was in 4th grade when I first read the book. And I always wanted to see the movie. Then in 2002 when I was 13, I went to the Met. in NYC and lo and behold, they sold VHS copies in the gift shop--and the movie showing on a small TV! I remember being mesmerized--even though I was 13. 4 years later, I obtained a copy of this movie from that same gift shop. I watched it at my Grandmother's house, and I was so enchanted--even at age 17. But who cares? Everybody loves balloons, and every once in awhile, your inner child starts to show.

This 34 minute Technicolor film is about a lonely French boy named Pascal, who finds a big red balloon, which follows him everywhere he goes! Unfortunately, the tougher boys in the city have other plans for Pascal's new friend. They steal the magic balloon and eventually "pop" it with stones. (It didn't pop, it just kinda shrunk and the rubber got all weird and then this kid stepped on it.) Poor Pascal is lonely again, but then the most amazing thing happens--the broken balloon summons every single helium balloon there is in Paris, and they all float down to Pascal and he floats away in the blue sky.

Shows what kind of magic film had before all this CGI and computer crap. This was real live action--nothing done with fancy computer technology. (Even I don't know how they did the final scene with all those balloons floating around Paris.) And this movie also teaches a valuable lesson--there are bullies in this world who try and rid you of special things. Nothing good will ever come out of those bullies. Pascal was just an innocent little boy who found a special balloon, and all those kids were jealous. Who seriously would want to take some lonely boy's friend away? 10/10. And whoever hates this movie, seriously has no heart.

Life with Lucy

Not Perfect, but better than today's "sitcoms."
Considering I was not born yet when Life With Lucy first aired in 1986, I really never got a chance to watch this show until recently when I acquired a DVD of it off Ebay with the 8 episodes that aired, one that did not air, and the cast party video. ABC really should've given Life with Lucy a chance and improved on the writing. It looked like a promising sitcom. The only thing is, a lot of the jokes were just not funny, (especially in the saxophone episode which was OK but with a lot of stupid jokes) and it seems like after every joke or gag, there is a huge applause from the audience, which I think is definitely canned. One example was Lucy ironing and the ironing board wouldn't stay up so she got Kevin (the grandson) to hold it up. I thought that was just not funny at all. But other than that there were some good moments. I have a few favorite episodes, like the pilot, the one where they get a new computer in the store to do inventory, and the one where Lucy's sister comes to visit. Also, Lucille Ball was 75 and Gale was 80. And since Lucy died in 1989 (a month before I was born) the show wouldn't have lasted long anyway. I would've definitely watched Life with Lucy during it's run--but I would've had to be born in the late 60s if I wanted to be a big enough Lucy fan in time to watch this show.

I don't care what other people say. This show was fine and should've stayed on the air for a year or more if they had improved on the writing. But now I know why it didn't do so well and got cancelled after 8 episodes. It really did seem like such a sad ending to Lucille Ball's career and she deserved so much better because of the laughter she gave us for years. 7.5/10.


Best Days of my Life--I could relate to Doug!
Whoever hates such an innocent show like Doug is out of their mind. It was the very first Nicktoon to ever debut on Nickelodeon on August 11th, 1991. But it doesn't have any special recognition, like DVDs or airtime. All Nick cares about is releasing garbage shows every second. And they won't let Doug stay up on Youtube, despite the fact that it airs . . . NOWHERE and has NO DVDs??? How retarded is that? (I can't believe the videos that actually stay up there.) ANYWAY, I used to love Doug when I was a kid. The day it first aired, I was 2 years old, so I obviously don't remember. But as I got older, me and my older sister made it a habit of watching Doug every Sunday night, and on weekday nights at 7:00. The show is about a 12-year-old named Doug Funnie, who lives with his parents and older sister in Bluffington. He has several friends, like Skeeter--a blue Weirdo (an obvious reference to Gonzo, lol! Even has a similar nose.) He is also in love with Patti Mayonnaise and has a wacky next-door neighbor named Mr. Dink. Doug usually starts off the episode writing and narrating in his diary (it's a JOURNALLLLL!!!!!) and will usually narrate throughout the show. Doug also has a very Snoopy-esquire dog named Porkchop, and is usually bullied by Roger Klotz, but there are instances where Roger seems like Doug's friend. I love this show, and I can relate to Doug. He usually panics over little things, is a little geeky, and doesn't like to hurt other people's feelings. I felt really bad for Doug in the Christmas episode, when Porkchop was almost put to sleep over a big misunderstanding (he supposedly "attacked" Beebe.) He had gotten Porkchop for Christmas when he was little, and then imagined the thought of spending his Christmas looking at Porkchop's grave. But at least everything was all right at the end!

Doug is the best Nicktoon ever and should've been released on DVD some time ago. 10/10.

A Muppet Family Christmas

Perfect Christmas Special. It is NOT Christmas if you don't watch this!
When I was 11, I first saw this special (on the VHS release that is). And that was back in 1999-2000. I couldn't stop watching this special! Then I acquired the DVD in 2001. Then I found out my mother taped it when it aired on Nickelodeon in 1992. I was shocked to find out that the DVDs that I had been watching all this time had been edited because the music rights had been only secured for television, and not for home video release. If only they could acquire the full rights to all the songs and re-release the original special that only aired in 1987 and 1988. How could they just think about money, rather than this priceless Christmas gem? ANYWAY, I love "Muppet Family Christmas." It features practically every Muppet known to man, from Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf, Miss Piggy, Animal and the rest, to the cast of Sesame Street. Even Doc, Sprocket the dog, and the Fraggles make an appearance! Most of the Muppets in this special don't even exist anymore. Fozzie decides to surprise his mother at the farmhouse for Christmas, who was going to spend the holidays in Malibu. It's not only Fozzie who shows up, but all of the Muppets! Soon a blizzard hits. All the Muppets are safe and warm (and definitely crowded) inside the farmhouse except for Miss Piggy, who has been doing last minute shopping, and hasn't gotten there yet, and Kermit had been worried sick. But Doc decides to go out in the blizzard and search for her. Then Kermit and Robin discover a Fraggle hole in the basement, and it leads them into Fraggle Rock, and they meet some Fraggles. The Fraggles tell them about their Christmases, how they've been exchanging a Fraggle Pebble 37 times. They give it to Kermit, who gives it to Robin, (who later gives it to Grover.) Miss Piggy finally arrives, and makes her entrance (and slips on the icy patch, which had been a running gag throughout the whole show) And the Muppets sing a medley of carols, which sums up the holiday goodness of this wonderful special.

I am lucky that my mother taped this, probably the last time it ever aired on TV during the holidays. Had I not watched that tape, I would be watching the edited version! All the edits still do make the show make sense, except for one--when the Muppets are watching home movies of their very first Christmas together, (look out for a special live-action Muppet Babies cameo,) it shows them singing Santa Clause is coming to Town, and right after, Animal bursts through the screen. Yet in the edited version, it cuts right to Animal bursting through the screen, and Doc saying "boy, that was fun!" How could it be fun if it was like, two seconds??? LOL.

Fortunately, if you're lucky, you will have an old VHS tape with the original airing (or the 1989 "almost uncut" edit.) Back in the wonderful Jim Henson era of the Muppets. He even makes a cameo appearance!

Canned Feud

Good idea, but really mean mouse
This was a good idea for a Looney Toons short, BUT that mouse was so mean to poor Sylvester, when he was just trying to eat something. It would've been better if Sylvester won at the end.

We find that his owners have taken off to California, leaving Sylvester locked in the house alone, with no milk. (He also tries opening the door but to no avail--how can the door be locked from the inside?) He then believes he'll starve to death, until he finds an entire cupboard of canned tuna fish. And all he needed was the can opener. Of course, that evil little rodent has stolen it, and will not give it to Sylvester. The mouse tries everything to make him miserable, when all he wants is cat food. How would that mouse feel if Sylvester was keeping him from a huge refrigerator of cheese?

At the end, Sylvester stuffs loads of dynamite in the mouse hole and blows it up, and the can opener is amidst the rubble. He grabs it and runs to the cupboard to find it padlocked, and that mean mouse has stolen the key. Why did the writers of this short have to make Sylvester lose at the end after all he went through?

I do agree--some shorts, Sylvester was being a jerk, and got what he deserved at the end, but in this one, you can't help but feel really sorry for that cat. (Same with Tom and Jerry.)

Like I said, good idea, but that mouse deserved to get eaten by Sylvester. 7/10.

The Muppet Movie

One of my favorite childhood movies
This is a movie that will brighten up your day, for sure. Kermit the Frog, is just an ordinary frog in his swamp, when a talent agent stops by and tells him that Hollywood is looking for frogs to be in movie (lol). On the way, Kermit meets Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and his chicken Camilla, Rowlf, The Electric Mayhem, Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. But also trailing Kermit is the proprietor of a restaurant chain, Doc Hoppers French Fried Frog Legs. All things considered though, Kermit and the Muppets make it to Hollywood.

This movie is recommended for everyone, young and old.

It has some wonderful musical numbers, like "The Rainbow Connection, "I'm Going to go Back There Someday," and "Movin' Right Along." The Muppets also use many forms of transportation in this movie. Kermit rides a bike, Fozzie drives a Studebaker, and another car, Gonzo takes flight with a bundle of helium balloons, (which is one of my favorite moments by the way ;) ), and Kermit and the rest of the Muppets finally go the rest of the way by the Electric Mayhem's bus (Dr. Teeth, Floyd, Janice, Scooter, and Animal); who meet up with them in the desert after Fozzie's car breaks down.

Even some Sesame Street Muppets make cameo appearances (i.e. Big Bird is walking along on the road, on the way to NYC to break into public television). The end is also a very heartwarming moment. Every single Muppet created is in the final scene, along with a final "Rainbow Connection" reprise.

But those poor Muppets worked so hard on their movie set, then it all comes crashing down, and the camera explodes in a huge ball of sparks. You'd think everything is ruined and destroyed, But the rainbow comes shining through the roof at the end, and it all sums up the magic of this film, and you know everything will be all right.

Perfect 10/10. Watch it, and you'll be enchanted by the fun and sadness of this movie.

Of Feline Bondage

Perfectly funny!
This is one of my favorite 1963-1967 shorts. Tom is chasing Jerry when Jerry finally gets a visit from his Fairy Godmouse. The fairy gives Jerry an invisibility potion, and gets his revenge on Tom, by chasing him around the house with a pair of "walking" scissors, giving him quite a haircut! As the invisible potion wears off, Tom gets HIS revenge on Jerry, and the two have a good laugh, as Tom looks like he's bald, and wearing a wifebeater and shorts, and Jerry is wearing a bikini.

This episode has a perfect ending, and a great plot. I love their facial expressions, and their new outfits I recommend you watch this episode!

Sesame Street

Used to be wonderful!
Sesame Street--where to begin? Many different celebrities have appeared on the show throughout the years. I think that's what makes the show fun--all the celebrities making appearances. SS was very different back in the day. Some Muppets that used to be on were Forgetful Jones, Kermit the Frog, Prairie Dawn, and a few more I can't remember. There used to be a lot of segments with the Muppets sitting inside a gray room teaching children how to count, and learn the alphabet. One of my favorite is from 1972 with Kermit and a little girl named Joey. Kermit was trying to teach Joey the alphabet and she kept replacing the letters with "COOKIE MONSTER" which frustrated Kermit to the point of leaving, but then she said "I love you" and hugged him. I think some of my favorite segments are from the 70s, with Grover as the waiter in the restaurant much to the chagrin of this guy named "Fat Blue." Then there was an early one of Ernie trying to count some balloons. Then there was one of Cookie Monster in the library. Then there were some with Kermit and Cookie Monster. Then there was one with Ernie not being able to fall asleep and decided to count things in his head but they ended up being very noisy. Some of my favorite songs included "Telephone Rock" and "C is for Cookie." I haven't seen too many full episodes from the 70s but these are the only songs I know of. And there was that baker who kept dropping all the pies as he went down the stairs.

The 80s was probably my favorite decade . . . however there was some sadness. In December 1982, Will Lee (who played Mr. Hooper) died, and they made an episode teaching children about death and incorporated his death into the episode. Big Bird didn't understand at first and thought he was going to come back, but was told by the adults that he's not coming back which upset Big Bird plenty. On the positive side, the 80s SS had some really great songs, such as "Monster in the Mirror" (WUBBA WUBBA WUBBA) "Wet Paint," (used to scare me at the end when the screen would melt) "The Word is NO," "Healthy Food,"-a rap song sung by Cookie Monster and various healthy foods, "I Dance Myself to Sleep," featuring Ernie and the Boogeywoogie Sheep (I loved this one as a kid, lol) "Do De Rubber Duck," "Holy Moly 8 Balls of Fur," "Cereal Girl," and "A New Way to Walk." There were some great segments as well--such as "Teeny Little Superguy," and Kermit directing "Oklahoma," I don't know if this was the 70s or 80s but there were the segments of Bert and Ernie fishing, and exploring a pyramid in Egypt. In 1985 was the debut of the current star of the show, Elmo, the little red furry monster we all know and love with the orange nose. He was cute at first as a background character and in the occasional segment (he was in one with Julia Roberts, and another with Whoopie Goldberg) but in the 90s, he became the star. May 1988 featured the wedding of Maria and Luis, and May 1989 featured the birth of their baby daughter Gabby. It's fitting because it aired a few weeks before I was born and my sister who was 2 at the time watched SS so my family was excited. And they taught children about how babies are born.

The 90s . . . in May 1990, Jim Henson, the creator of SS and the voice/puppeteer of Kermit, Ernie and others passed away. They did find a replacement for their voices but it just isn't the same. The early 90s is the SS I remember the most. In 1992 Queen Latifah sang a rap song called "That's the Letter O" which is a favorite of mine. In 1996 Elmo became a huge star and the hot new toy at the time, "Tickle Me Elmo" went on the market. In 1998 Elmo got his own segment "Elmo's World," which takes up the last 20 minutes of the episode. I still think they should've just made it a spin off. The 90s was also the debut of Baby Bear, Baby Natasha, Rosita and Zoey--if not, they debuted in the 80s. I stopped watching in the mid-late 90s but I had cousins who were babies/toddlers at that time so sometimes I caught an episode here and there. We also used to watch the videotapes that were released--my aunt would run them for my cousins and that was fun. I can't remember any segments from the 90s because they mostly re-ran the old ones.

The 2000s--there were some major changes. Not only did Kermit the Frog and several other muppets disappear, but Children's Television Workshop was renamed to Sesame Workshop (and the little CTW on the SS sign was turned into 123) they had the same segments on the show every day--Journey to Ernie, Supergrover's Adventure, Number of the day, Letter of the Day, Spanish word of the day, and of course, Elmo's World. They even added that into the older episodes like the late 80s/early 90s. Also in 2005, it was rumored that Cookie Monster was being renamed to Veggie Monster because SS thinks his cookie-eating habit is one of the factors for child obesity. I think that is really dumb and nothing happened to us! They just made him eat healthier and even game him a new song called "Cookies are sometimes food." That's about it . . .

I hope if I have kids one day I will show them what SS used to be like. I know we're not the target audience anymore but it really was cool back in the day.

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy, too!
This is one of my favorite comedies on television. Not to mention, it was one of the FIRST sitcoms to ever hit the airwaves in the 50s, and to use 35 mm film, and three camera technique. Desi Arnaz was a genius coming up with that idea.

Ever since I first saw it in 2003 (I had seen it before, but I never knew much about it) I was hooked! If it's Lucy in a chocolate factory, chugging Vitameatavegamin, ordering 2 sides of beef and getting locked in the freezer, baking a monster loaf of bread, or stomping grapes in Italy, this show is timeless and never gets old. Whoever says this show is stupid, you probably don't know how popular this show is! Watch it and you will definitely change your mind.

High Steaks

Please, avoid this one
This episode has haunted me to this day-Poor Tom! Like some other comments, Jerry is pure evil in this and other episodes-Buddies Thicker than Water would've been way better if Jerry didn't scare Tom back outside- Some parts are really unbearable to watch-Tom being "grilled", Tom being filled up by that pop bottle (what the heck? He didn't do ANYTHING!) and Jerry purposely getting Tom's tail stuck in the grill when he's grilling (?? what did HE do? He was just minding his own business basically throughout this whole episode!) and he ends up nearly drowning in the pool. That mean owner grabs him by the neck (can someone call animal cruelty? An animal nearly drowning and then being CHOKED?) and being tied up. In the end, Tom deserved that steak after all he'd been through, not Jerry. If was a H-B cartoon, then it would probably be way better.

Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?

I love this one. Jerry is making a potion which makes him move at lightning speed and eats all of Tom's food before he can lay a tooth on it. Tom thinks of all the possibilities (a fly with a rocket pack, a ghost . . .) and films whatever's going on. He sets out a cake as bait and plays the film in slow motion, revealing the thief. Soon the potion wears off, and Jerry makes more, only this time, Jerry grows into an enormous size. The result is too funny! I recommend you watch this one. I love the way Tom laughs in this episode.

Chuck Jones did a terrific job doing these episodes. They remind me of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I wish it was on Cartoon Network more often.


Great back then, but now it's got flushed down the toilet
Boy, I'll never forget sitting down and turning on the television--and there were the best Rugrats episodes ever. Now whenever you turn it on, all you see is Dil spoiling his diaper (do we REALLY need the sound effects and the POOPIE?) That is NOT funny, it's disgusting. I can't believe how bad this show has gotten.

1991-1994--Has five kids--Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica. There were some great episodes like Kid TV and the Santa Experience, and No More Cookies. Those episodes were clean and fresh and crisp, especially the animation and the music. And the plots were great--Chuckie's fear of going down the slide, the kids trying to hide the cookies from Angelica after she eats too many, Tommy and Chuckie trying to set traps so Santa can't come in (Home Alone?) and the babies trying to make their own TV shows. It was almost like Muppet Babies (another show that I miss).

1997--After a few years hiatus, the show came back, and animation and music is different. These episodes weren't too bad, it basically had the same plot. Spike finds a litter of Kittens, Tommy gets bad hiccups, and Angelica tries to stop lying. But the good times didn't last. In 1998, the unthinkable happened--Didi got pregnant. Now, the beginning of the movie wasn't too bad,-up to the part when the wagon goes out the front door-then it got bad. I recommend you don't watch the middle when they're lost in the forest. Not fun stuff, people. The end was good, though-when they were reunited with their parents. Then, in January 1999, thats when Rugrats got all dried up and tasteless. The episodes were ruined by Dil. Now, I was 9 years old going on 10, and I was in love with this show. I can't believe I actually liked these episodes! 2000-2003 Tommy is right--changes are bad! Grandpa moves out--for good, Stu gets sent to Paris where they meet Kimi and Kira, and Grandpa ends up with a new wife, Lulu. Now the episodes are just horrible. WHY, nickelodeon, WHY???

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