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Date Movie

If you know what you're expecting, you'll gladly see this one...
If your day at job was a bit low, go and see Date Movie.

The movie is a parody. If you don't like them, don't watch them. Same thing goes for romantic comedies. I went to see the movie expecting a cheesy comedy with a copy&paste ending. However, I took my younger bro and my mum with me. You've read that correctly, man aged 27, man aged 21 and a female aged 44 went to see the movie together.

Yeah, the movie has serious low-downs. However, I'd be more than glad to watch it again, since in the end - it's a conclusion of all those copy&paste romantic comedies which I spend shedloads of money to watch.

Suble addings in the background were a really good placed breaks in the movie. The part with Michael Jackson is a real gem, and same thing goes for some other parts, although done in far less tacky/tasty way.

All in all, just another movie. But then again, what else is new?


Sadly, Jarhead is far more closer to the truth..
Watched two military-related movies in two nights. And have to say, if we ditch the whole issue they're dealing with (choosing military as the only option since they have zero opportunity to succeed in life other than being a soldier), the movie is more like a straighten-up teen movie about a harsh prep-school or college.

The actors delivered good roles, but I can't see Annapolis being a better movie than a Jarhead. The structures are different, but similarities still remain - and Jake/Scott deliver a more powerful role than James/Tyrese. BTW, Tyrese totally blew James Franco. His acting was really powerful, but that can't help the movie. If Tyrese got a role in Jarhead in any combo, that movie would be a straight 8.5 and one of best army-based movies ever made.

Second quote was the mistakes they made in making of the movie. I mean, seriously - did the producers knew what is the "naming convention" inside the army? Next thing I know, marines will be called "blue official dress wearing troops".


This was just... comics deserve so much better...
Hard to say that political correctness was the main problem with the movie. Choosing Hale Berry over some "white chick" only went to prove that there are no brave and heroic looking' young blonde haired female actresses.

But Hale, really. So much overacting in an role isn't something any Award Winning actor/actress should ever do.

Sadly, your stocks went down tremendously. Is she the same person that did Monster's Ball? But to say a thing about the movie: I wonder why comic book and video game based movies suck so bad? Catwoman was the remain of the old, make-a-crappy movie-out-of-great-story school, which rivals Batman Forever and Superman IV on the title of: super-bad movie.

No shape and size inside the movie, story delivery is poor, and who would ever think Catwoman would walk into a disco bar and danced along to get attention? I mean, this movie was more a hip-hop video gig than a fully featured movie.

If you wanna see Catwoman, Batman Returns is the movie for you.

P.S. No, neither the producer nor the cast, and least screenwriters - didn't read a single comic book about Catwoman. Nor owned a cat.


A remarkable piece...
If you ever wondered why the passion about Ferraris is, you have to see the show. Sadly, I don't see a DVD release, but it would be a darn shame if a producing company would not put it on DVD...

The story is, in the end - about the passion. Passion for something higher, a dream to achieve more than people around you can achieve. Enzo took the brave step and moved forward with his dream, from being a small-time mechanic amongst the greats like Alfa Romeo and FIAT, to setting up a small shop and going to produce marveleous cars.

Ferrari is a synonym for everything great in automotive industry, not a rich man's dream like DeLorean, Lamborghini or Porsche.

Do you dare to dream?

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