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Daydream Nation

Painful Adolescence
As painful as it is awkward, this is one movie I will not be watching again. This title wants so desperately to be something it's not, which is profound. While aiming to be the next American Beauty meets Juno, it plays out like the novel of a smarmy teen who just KNOWS that he's smarter than anyone else and that's why he's unpopular. One saving grace is the performance of Reece Thompson, who handles his performance as a tormented, burned-out druggie deftly. On second thought, Andie MacDowell is also a high note as a relatively flat character but refreshingly sweet and supportive mom. Still, I'd give this movie a pass.

The World's End

RSVP for this apocalypse
Though the movie does start out a bit slowly, it is never boring. Simon Pegg plays his typical washed out loser, on a quest to reunite the "old gang" from high school and relive the best night of his life, "The golden mile", which is a pub crawl through twelve pubs in his sleepy town. When they get there, they discover their town has been taken over by robots filled with blue junk and their new quest is to survive the night in order to leave in the morning. The chemistry between the actors is pitch perfect and though the movie could run this risk of becoming brainless and the characters flat, their personal traumas and sometimes (very) deep flaws keep them grounded in reality. The ending, though perhaps not expected, was amazing. If you already like Nick Frost and Simon Pegg this is a definite must-see, but even if you aren't a huge fan or haven't even heard of them, this movie is worth a shot.

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