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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Only a wizard could answer this one....
Some users have blamed David Yates for this bad movie. As the movie is part American I would say the one responsible for all the nonsense (apart from the producers of course) is the screenplay writer :Steve Kloves. This being said, this film seems to miss all the essential notions from the book. Although adapting a book is never easy, this film shows no effort at all has been made to bring the real story to the audience. If you do not know the story from the book, you may even sit there wondering what it's all about because there's hardly anything that's explained properly at all... The only true nice scene is the one from the quidditch game... well choreographed. The rest is a total waste. How are they going to explain away all the inconsistencies they've created when the next film comes, this is truly a question only a wizard could answer !


This strange tale will trigger deep thoughts on famine and our consumer society...
This most weird tale will let you into the extraordinary life of a man who finds his most unnatural feature (which is most painful to him anyhow)is likely to be of use to the world at large. It's a colorful story for those who wish that less was more and that feeding the hungry was something so natural that one would be willing to sacrifice many things to achieve that goal... A tale of food and of suffering... A tale with a religious as well as an irreverent side to it... Great actors, great special effects and great story too. A bit unsettling but really educational... Not for the faint of heart.... Some viewers might be shocked when entering the core subject of the matter but still it's an excellent movie.


Alex meets Alice in the French city of La Rochelle and he falls madly in love with her...
Alex meets Alice in the French city of La Rochelle and he falls madly in love with her... Only Alice seems to be the mysterious kind and when she disappears, Alex finds himself on a sort of mystery quest. With Eva and Leo by his side, he will stop at nothing to find Alice and solve the mysteries around her...

This series is meant for teen viewers so I'm not the best person to comment upon it being much older myself... However, it can be said that the lead actresses ( Joséphine Joubert, Mouni Farro) are truly an amazing sight and the landscapes are breathtaking (part of the story is set in New Caledonia) and the soundtrack is quite haunting...Alice (Joubert) is a French beauty of Caledonian origin and when he first sees her, Alex (a French young man)can't help but fall in love with her. His best friend Leo also falls in love with Eva who is allegedly a friend of Alice. When Alice disappears, the boys seek Eva to get answers to their questions. A love story as well as a story of friendship, mystery, ancient exotic culture.... There is more in season 2 which finds our 4 friends going to Vanuatu on yet another quest filled with mysteries....

Kaena: La prophétie

Kaena, a fight for freedom....
Kaena has been produced both by Canadians and French so to those who might be wondering, Canada being a bilingual country, this film has been made both for English and French audiences from the start. Kaena is a lovely orphan who lives on her own. People from her village toil incessantly in a desperate attempt to satisfy their God's thirst for a certain material, which they're having more and more trouble to produce. Kaena being somewhat on the edge of that society, having no authority above her is the only one who is not working and therefore she can afford to take some time to think. Thinkings gets her to doubt what she has been taught about Gods and fearing for her people's safety she sets out to discover the depths of the threat that these Gods have been enslaving her people with. This film is a journey to the truth and a quest for freedom. Will Kaena find what she seeks? Will her people be saved from the wrath of the Gods? If you wanna know just go and watch it because despite what some may think of the outfits of Kaena or of the designs, all you will see is a great show of colors and of emotions. Those who have been seeking humour in that film have been misled because this film was intended to bring the viewers to a state of emotion and to reflect upon some struggles humanity still has to face. Far from being a movie for the kids, it is suitable for teenagers, young adults and older viewers alike. I have seen it in French but since i'm a native speaker it was no problem for me but the choice is up to you.

Nèg maron

Friendship can lead very far
Well, this movie is many things : the story of a friendship, the story of inequalities in a society still bleeding from the wounds of slavery, the story of a mother's trial to raise her family.... So many things that all cannot be listed here. However, the interesting thing is to discover two young singers from the island of Guadeloupe (French West-Indies) making their film debut in a very convincing way. Both Daly and Admiral T are touching, moving and also entertaining. They bring to screen the spirit of French west-Indian youth with it's current state of mind, it's boredom mixed with suppressed anger and also imagination... The story is one of a struggle, the struggle of growing up first as a man, then as a family... The wonderful scenery is very poetic but it's also quite realistic in the portrayal of poor areas and of the life people lead in it. The one very interesting feature of the film is that the dialogues are mainly in French-based creole language (same creole spoken in French Guyana, Martinique and also St.Lucia for example) and it is rare enough to be of interest. IT's a language created by slaves for themselves and it is only now that the people who speak become proud of it to the extent of putting it forward in films. This is the first film with creole dialogues that will reach an African-Caribbean community scattered over the world since the film is in theaters in Paris as well as in Guadeloupe, Martinique or French Guyana so far... If you are interested in the lives of Black people in the French Caribbean islands this is definitely the film for you.


if for Donna's eyes only, it's worth a watch!
The story is that of Journalist Nicky Wells. Just the day prior to her wedding, her fiancé disappears at sea and is pronounced officially dead on the very wedding day. This story is very much about the difficulties of mourning after a sudden loss and there are also elements of action linked to the occupation of our main character. Lies, threats, kidnapping,terrorist attacks, are key ingredients to that movie but also for Donna Mills fans, it is a great watch since you get to see a good deal of her and her big baby blue eyes. As usual, Donna Mills is classy, sexy and great.If to you that's not enough, well, there's also Derek de Lint starring quite an unusual character ( very different from the one he plays in the series "Poltergeist, the legacy") This movie does the trick for a rainy Sunday in front of your TV.

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