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Parabeton - Pier Luigi Nervi und Römischer Beton

Fascinating look on the works of Nervi
Heinz Emigholz shows in his film the works of the Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi who uses Beton as material. Beton was first used by the Romans and Emigholz show us old ancient Roman buildings.Like in his previous films about architecture the filmmaker concentrates his look on the buildings and finds absolutely fascinating perspectives which let the buildings come to life. Visually this is one of the most beautiful shot films you can see. The sound records the atmosphere of the buildings and lets you experience the depths of the rooms. The images and the sound really draw you into the world of Nervi. It is a unique way to experience his art.

The Harry Smith Project Live

Great concert film
This is a compilation of three concerts from 1999 and 2001 dedicated to American Folk Musicm Songs, which were collected by Harry Smith, but interpreted by contemporary artists like Elvis Costello, Lou Reed, Steve Earle or the McGarrigle Sisters. The idea was to show the influence of American Folk Musics on social life and politics. It contains also a film be Harry Smith accompanied by Phil Glass, a real highlight. There is also a short sequence showing Harry Smith himself on the phone and another bonus showing him receiving his Grammy. All songs are played in full length. Technically it is very well filmed (the camera is steady) and the sound is great so that you can really enjoy the artists and their music.

Shine a Light

a must for every Stones fan
Scorsese has made another fabulous concert movie using all modern techniques available. Scorsese had the Stones rehearsing their stage show for some days so he was able to choreograph his cameras. Shot with 16 cameras he is able to be always on the right image to the music. But yet it is not senselessly hectic like a bad music clip but allows you instead to watch the musicians and get a feeling for them. The Stones are at their best, delivering one hit after the other. There are some surprises like a duet by Mick Jagger and Jack White III. Buddy Guy and Christina Aguilera also blend in perfectly with the rhythm of the Stones. In between there are some short clips of old Stones interviews which are quite funny and also some Behind-the-Scenes-Footage.

There Will Be Blood

endlessly dragging on showcase for an actor
I was very disappointed by this movie. P.T. Anderson is not able to narrate the history. Already the beginning of the film is very bad: You see Day-Lewis digging in the hole for endless time. Off and on the dates of the years are shown to indicate the passage of time. But you learn nothing about the character. Although the film is very long, the interesting things are left out. Especially the last third of the movie is very boring. Important events like the marriage are shown very shortly instead we see Day-Lewis being drunk on the floor for endless minutes. Daniel Day-Lewis is very pretentiously acting. If you compare it to Raoul Walsh's SILVER RIVER you know how bad this new film is. Despite his length there is no flesh on the bones, it is an empty movie with nothing to say.

Goff in der Wüste

pure cinema of great perfection and beauty
This is a splendid study about the buildings of the American architect Bruce Goff, once a collaborator of Frank Lloyd Wright. Goff's houses are visions of combining nature's elements with houses and there is a great variation of forms. He adapts his buildings to their surroundings. Emigholz visits the sites of buildings of Goff and films them. Shot in 35 mm the images and beautifully lighted the images create an atmosphere of the location which enables you to get an feeling for the buildings. There is no commentary, the beautiful images speak for themselves and draw you into the world of Goff. The excellent sound contributes a lot to the atmosphere of the locations. Heinz Emigholz is a master of the craft of film-making and creates pure cinema of great perfection and beauty.

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