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The White Lotus: Recentering
Episode 4, Season 1

Cringe Comedy at its absolute best!
This is definitely the best episode currently.

Without spoiling anything, we see in this episode, character friendships/relationships are possibly threatened.

A new character appears and the fued between Shane and Armond hits a boiling point.

The series is coming together. It seems like Episode 5 will shape how the miniseries finally ends.

The Walking Dead: What Comes After
Episode 5, Season 9

Walking Dead is back!!!!!!!
Jesus Christ! What an episode

Spoilers Below-

So Rick is not dead and we finally have an idea of what the helicopter storyline... It is confirmed that that we will see different movies and series of The Walking Dead. Gimple said of past characters and future characters. But back to the episode. We got to see sneak peaks of another time jump. We get to see Judith grown and we get more characters from the comics, and the whisperers! Yes! The Walking Dead is back!!!

Harvey Beaks

Harvey Beaks is a Animated Television Show on Nickelodeon Harvey Beaks follows the adventures of Harvey, Fee, and Foo! This show was so funny and it was a breath of fresh air to the bad shows Nickelodeon was airing. I have watched the Series Finale of Harvey Beaks Online. The series finale airs December 29 2017. I gotta say I will miss this show. Nickelodeon treated this show like garbage. Greenblatt put his blood and tears on this show and they moved this show to NickToons (The Death Slot). Greenblatt even posted on his Tumblr he was disappointed the way they treated them. Guess what, HE WAS FORCED TO APOLOGIZE!!!

Anyway, I hope they can still play reruns on NickToons or release this on DVD!!!!

Grand Theft Auto V

Get ready for disappointment!
This game is over hyped. The story is not great at all. It is actually very repetitive. All you do is kill, steal, chase. They also removed the six star wanted level. They lowered it down to five. If you stand near a cop, they will arrest you. Same for pedestrians. If you stand near them, they might call the cops or punch you. RIDICULOUS! The story was too easy. I finished it in less than a week. This game is too realistic. No casino, No eating, No gym, No bowling, No drinking, Less interiors, No jet pack, Nothing to do after your finished with the story. This game is a disappointment. On the bright side, There is a big map, and online. But that is it.

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