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Meet the Richardsons

Meet The Richardsons
This mockumentary was reviewed on the amazing 'Comedy Slab' podcast, so I tuned into the freeview channel Dave to watch it. I have encountered Jon Richardson on various panel shows and fully admit that his whiny miserable act is really grating, but thought that this show may make fun of that in the style of say 'The Trip'. It didn't.

Including their no mark next door neighbours is a poor choice, ditto the repeated introduction. Lucy's voice is also irritating after a while.

Thorne: Sleepyhead

Thorne: Sleepyhead
After seeing the author speak at a literary festival I purchased a few of his novels from Audible then decided to listen to 'Thorne: Sleepyhead' and 'Thorne: Scaredycat' prior to purchasing the Blu-rays of the Sky1 dramatisation. David Morrissey was a great choice for the central role and the cast were very talented.

The plot, however was all over the shop.

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