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Santa Claus

I am not kidding when I say, this movie made me cry. That's how beautiful this movie is.
I'm not joking, this movie is without a doubt the most beautiful Christmas movie I have ever seen! I know a lot of people think its bad and cheesy, but I don't think that. It is a classic movie and without a doubt, a movie that will change your life.

Being a believer of Santa Claus myself (that's right), I find this movie gives the most wonderful portrayal of Santa ever! Always so jolly, always so happy, always so kind, and even remembers the true meaning of the Christmas season (the birth of Jesus). Watch as Santa tries to foil Pitch the devil's evil tricks, helps a little rich boy fulfill his wish of just being with his parents, and giving a sweet poor girl the doll she always wanted.

Weird elements come into play such as a magic telescope with an all-seeing eye, a wizard, and even a kooky nightmare dance, but the story and messages it shows come in crystal clear that is sure to make anyone happy. It is such a beautiful movie, I cry every time I see it and I'm not kidding about that.

Whether your young or young at heart, this movie is a must to see every Christmas, regardless of what other people think.

Highly recommended and may all of you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and a Happy New Year!

Harvey Beaks

A new era has begun for Nick... and it's thanks to Harvey Beaks!!!
There have been many good Nicktoons in the past few years (TUFF Puppy, Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners (that's right, I said it! That show needs a chance)) including ones still continuing like SpongeBob and The Fairly OddParents, but then there's the one; the one to change the guard, the one to be in one of the greats like SpongeBob, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Doug, Fairly OddParents, and Rocko, the one to usher in a new era, and that show is Harvey Beaks. The show is about the adventures of Harvey Beaks, a sweet bird who's always ready to explore with his wild and crazy friends Fee and Foo. They tackle the biggest challenges, seek out adventure, and learning lessons along the way. Created by C.H. Greenblatt of Chowder, the show has a lot of heart and oh so much sweet and funny. Once you see it, you'll understand why Harvey has become an instant classic with the young and the old. Cute characters, wonderful stories, beautiful music, there's no question about it, Harvey Beaks has become the greatest Nicktoon in a long time and like Disney had with Frozen, Harvey Beaks is guaranteed to make Nick a popular network again as it once was!!! 10/10, highly recommended!

The Thief and the Cobbler

Miramax Cut is great, but the Recobbled Cut is even greater!
26 years in the making, The Thief and The Cobbler has truly become one of my all time favorites. From Richard Williams, the 3-Time Academy Award Winner who dazzled us with his shorts The Little Island, and A Christmas Carol, his directed debut film Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure, and his animation direction on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, comes the ultimate masterpiece in 2-D Animation. Taking place in a golden city, the story tells about a cobbler named Tack who falls in love with the beautiful Princess Yum-Yum and a sneaky little Thief (a man of few words but many thoughts who shall be...nameless.) who tries to steal 3 Golden Balls which protects the city from destruction and death. When they fall into the hands of Zig-Zag the Grand Vizier he plans to take them to the evil King One-Eye, his army, and war machine. The Miramax Cut and Recobbled Cut are my favorite cuts of the film. I love the Miramax Cut because in my opinion it's one of the watchable edited version anyone can watch. I loved Jonathan Winters work as The Thief, but the only thing that bugged me in this cut was the talkative Phido and talkative alligators and the fact that it's 73 minutes long. But besides that, it is pretty watchable. The Recobbled Cut, the ultimate restoration to the original by fan Garrett Gilchrist is too my favorite version. Not only is it close to Richard Williams' original version, but it's my favorite version to watch over and over again! Garrett's fan edit is truly amazing and with his updated Mark III with a new 35mm showreel source and with a bonus disc, there's a good reason why you should own it! It's a damn shame that Ricard Williams' original version never saw the light of day. I recommend you buy either the Miramax Cut and the Recobbled Cut from Garrett Gilchrist since they both watchable and laugh-out loud funny! And let me tell you, the animation is so breathtaking, so unbelievable, so lovingly, so imaginative, it's no wonder why it took 26 years to make. Let's hope one day, Williams' original version finally gets released to the public.

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