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Zhi wo men zhong jiang shi qu de qing chun

A movie that presses all the right buttons.
This movie just turns out to be one of my favorites in 2013. All i know about this movie before watching it is that it is a directorial debut of one of my favorite actress in Chinese cinema Zhao Wei. And her directing did not disappoint. I even wonder if some of those scenes were actual experiences of hers as the scenes were somewhat personal and very real. Its like i'm hearing her emotions through the lenses. I'm so totally impressed with the acting of the female lead and I hope I can see more of her in future movies.

Also maybe i'm just a sucker for stories about youth and first love. Plus the movie deals with architecture which is the field i'm currently in thereby making the film more engrossing to me. That kissing scene where in the girl just opens her eyes in order not to forget the moment and the dolphin scene nailed it.

Last year i saw a movie called Architecture 101, also about 1st love and architecture but this one is just better. If you want to see idols and cutesy love story then this film maybe is just not for you. I say part of this films effectiveness were the newbie actors and actresses. They made this film felt real. Again hats off to the new director Zhao Wei.

Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nu hai

Could Have Been One of My Favorite of All Time.
This is a very nice romantic movie but unfortunately was drag down by some unnecessary / offensive scenes like masturbation, guys walking around naked in front of family members, erections, porn, etc. The director must have thought these scenes were essential and funny but not everyone can appreciate these kind of humor especially in a youth oriented romance movie.

I was disappointed on the first half of this film and wondered why it got such high score on this site. After a week or so I decided to finish the movie and surprise, surprise I ended up liking it a lot. Guess I just wanted a clean romantic movie which I can proudly show to all the people in my household regardless of age.

I give this movie 7/10 rating. Sad because this could have been an easy 9+ for me.

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