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  • "USS Vandegrift FFG 48 which is a Parry class frigate."

    No, the USS VANDERGRIFT is an OLIVER HAZARD PERRY class frigate, and the word "Parry" doesn't have anything to do with it. Besides that, the Secretary of the Navy is a proper noun, and it is capitalized, instead of the uncapitalized way that he wrote it.

    The TV series was awful, but that still does not justify writing "Parry" instead of OLIVER HAZARD PERRY. The real Oliver Hazard Perry was the largest naval hero of the War of 1812, and he won the Battle of Lake Erie, giving the United States control of that Great Lake during the war. Oliver Hazard Perry was also the father of the naval hero Matthew Perry of the 1850s.
  • "Twenty years after fighting the French in the French and Indian War", is stated above in another comment, as when someone returned to fight for the British in the Revolutionary War.

    Considering that the French and Indian War was in 1763, twenty years after that was 1783, which was the year that the Treaty of Paris was signed between Great Britain and the United States, which fully- recognized the independence of the United States! The Revolutionary War was long over with by then, ever since Cornwallis had surrendered to George Washington and his army at Yorktown in October 1781.

    Hence, that "twenty years" is way off. Fifteen years would give 1778, which was in the heart of the Revolutionary War.