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Have you ever heard the word "MUST" ? It comes from this kind of movie.
(I wish I wrote this in french because I will not be able to mean all in English) This movie is simple but accurate. Sometimes the subject don't need to be complicated, the emotions are enough. The life of a family searching for happiness but who sometimes find misfortune in the path. The characters are all representative of many generations. Nostalgia will get most of people. The actors are all great especially Michel Côté, Marc-André Grondin et Pierre-Luc Brilliant. Video and audio editing come from genius. The music is O_O (read the Trivia and you'll understand). I have nothing more to say than this movie will give you what you awaited for. You have to see it ... again. Félicitations Jean-Marc !!!


Every human being can truly learn from that movie.
Every people in North America "need" to see this movie and learn from what it teach us. This movie is about humanity and how bad can be peoples who don't trust other peoples around them. Society is only a good thing when peoples help each others. Don't let anger or any other feeling to disrupt your judgment. In other words, don't crash into peoples, just let them touch you. It took a Canadian man to make the best American movie. Thanks Paul ! And for all the cast & crew, NICE JOB !!!

P.S.(For those who don't share my opinion.)

Just listen the movie again and again until you really learn something, because there is something to learn and you can't denied it.

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